It is realistic. if they did not plan to make it like that for realism, then they did it without knowing.

What if that one person is one of your family members? Would you still steer the wheel and kill the one instead of five?

Other(include windmills, solar panels, etc.)


People who find his teachings awesome..are actually dumb.

Buddhism is simply a philosophy that acknowledges that there is nothing satisfactory in the world. He said “all existence is unsatisfactory”, not “suffering exists”. That all things are empty. That there is a part of you that is unconditional. That emptiness is itself empty.

Wonderfully explained

Sir please can you explain classical Employment theory say’s law of market in hindi language

The management of the chain of supply. I like that…helped me a lot…thanks

It is everywhere in pop-culture.

Yello boiis

TLDR: Nietzsche was not a nihilist despite his popularization of the term.

Ummmmmm doesn’ t apply to me at all

That`s just the idiocy cherry on top of the stupidity cake, that consists of these students answers.

Behind any attempt at “making responsible.”

You are a star! Thank you!!!!

A more significant issue may be that queer academics and social scientists are now overtly producing


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