That was amazing!

Or you’re just silly and not trying to understand her point. People aren’t robots.

I have never thought about this!

Has anyone even considered the logical ending of automation and its effects on humanity. When no one can work because every job is taken by robots and AI how do people accrue money. Do governments just hand out money to people and they then buy goods? Where do governments get that money. Do they just print it? What va lue will that currency hold unless you have a world government printing it. If this doesn, t happen then how do companies survive if no one can buy their products? If there are no jobs then what should the education syllabus be. Are we to become a race of historians, art majors? Would humanity stagnate given the need to not strive. Will an idiocracy come to the fore. Can you imagine how teenagers will react to education given that apart from reading and writing the need to learn is defunct

No on in my family sounds like Trump. We have no ties to organized crime. We don’t scam and cheat people. We aren’t insane. We aren’t ignorant. We aren’t lying assholes.

I don’t dot my ‘i’s..??

His videos make me want to help everywhere and do something, but we all have to make a change, this is our earth we need to make it OUR HOME

I have a English 10 profincial exam tomorrow… hopefully I’m gonna pass….

Good luck and good health.

On the other hand, turning the car, would make the driver ethically responsible for the one resulting death.

Wow what an awesome video…there is only 24hrs in a day but most students us 26hrs. terrible…


English is universally accepted as a required 2nd language for the new generation. The internet is 90% written in English, movies, songs, games, products, high education text books so you don’t even have to try to “soak”. If there is someone from my generation that i cannot communicate in English with, what does that tell me of how they grew up.

These 5 minutes were more informative than a 110 minutes PBS documentary “The Buddha”

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