“Now let’s master the joy of living”

11: Coming Up For Air

As someone who has been developing his own conlang for a while now, this is definitely a series I’ll be keeping my eye on (although I’m just stuck at the “word-making” stage – I keep resorting to just mashing letters together and seeing the results)

I will play this at my funeral

What is polycarbonate sheet?

Young thug is a musical god, a genius, regular people can’t understand it

Speak English in America, country boy lol.

All of world population growth in the next few years will be from Africa. ALL. So explain to me why importing more africans into (what’s left of) the western world is conducive to your environmentally-minded agenda.

Also we are not prepared to face the robot world unless we find John Conor.

Can you all shut up about being early

And the answer is no because the people obsessed with racism are usually racist the people obsessed with sexism are usually sexist

You should totally make subtitle for everyone to understand…..

You’re very welcome 🙂

“Anthropology as a field has been far from courageous

I wonder if those born in war zones or abusive families have as much trouble believing in aging, sickness and death.


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