I wish I had a mentor like him…!

Many modern thinkers deprecate any question which science has no means of answering (at least in terms of the traditional ‘scientific method.’) As the quote above points out, you necessarily have a moral stance — the question is are they your morals or are you acting in the service of another’s agenda?

Thank you.

Can you post the slides for this talk please.

Kaptain got flo

Any theories that do not seek to solve these problems, are just wasted banter in the end of it all

You mean to tell me you made an entire video just to tell us…..NOTHING.


Where do i get full lecture

Ravish Ji shat shat naman!!

I wanna know if we can use what i think… to express opinion

I’m a guy birch but thanks for showing me the essey

Does the “Hover Plate” work?

The shows very existence is a super meta-commentary on our reality.


Nope prefer the dull look, makes it less DC movie looking


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