Who’s chopping those onions 😢

I’m glad people in the comments aren’t just taking what she’s saying for granted but I think she is right. I don’t think gender is biological. I don’t think that physical differences or trends in behavior determined by sex should segregate people into gender because I think this ultimately limits our world view and what we see as acceptable behaviour.

“the most smartest”. probably smarter than you too.

Only 2% of the population is bi-polar? I know of three people with it in my area alone!

Yeah that last comment kinda ruined it. Leave religion out of this stuff.

I didn’t know this is such a sad channel.

The interviewer should say “You dodged the question. For some reason, you don’t want to answer. Let’s go on to something else.” She then has the option of remaining silent or claiming she did answer already. If she claims she did answer, follow up with a yes or no question.

Doesn’t Asia hold the mortgage on north America? why don’t they foreclose, and as we disappear, move some of their industry and population back to our fertile pastures, and existing infrastructure, rusted as it may be, we can work our debt off. and start over in a couple hundred years. WAIT A MINUTE!!!!

This is fucking boring ass sob story garbage

Great video, powerful message.

Course you did 😉


Thank you, Stephen Fry, for this informative video on a subject most of us do not understand. God speed on your journey in sharing with others.


Mom’s spaghetti

We need science 👑

So cool!

D. Finance Concentration

Its crappy

Great stuff. The random cuts to people unrelated to the story while another person is talking are a bit distracting/strange.


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