If a person plants an apple tree in his back yard and uses the apples to feed his family was there an increase in GDP? Should the person have to declare the value of the apples as income and pay tax? If I trade my hockey stick for your baseball glove was there and increase in GDP? should I pay tax on the exchange? What if I sold you the hockey stick and you sold me the baseball glove and we both made a capital gain?

Superb sir

When I see a kala Indian trying to look White….

But all the same bless you


I love that wolves by 1d was playing in the intro

Finallllyy a channel that talks about the British exam system rather than the american one! So useful Thank youuuuuuu keep making these!!!

Why is everyone bitching about the price? The lowest is $40. Considering most AAA games cost around $60 ($50 if on PC) with this being developed by the same fuckers that made TA and Supreme Commander 2 I say that $40 is a damn good price. If you are complaining about the $200 for the best package then don’t buy the $200 version, or the $90 version, or even the $60. Honestly, if I had $200 to blow on this game then I totally would because I’d love to see this game expand even further.

This seems pretty simple. i wanna play this

Hi! Good day! Is it okay that I use your instrumentals for a video that I’m doing to sell the products of herbal medicine, from a company CF WELLNESS.

So should have been included. Absolutely outstanding performance – the accent changes over the life of the film and character from Cockney to Posh English accent, and he does an incredible job of it.


This is the boring video

Starcraft? You gotta be shitting me. AoK defined the genre and was the ultimate achievement of RTS. Counterunits meant you actually had to use strategy instead of mindlessly going through a clickfest rush.

2. Many of these modules don’t even run on logic or words. So trying to reprogram those modules with words or ‘clever phrases’ is never going to work if they are causing you problems.

Other languages need to be spot on or you’re just speaking jibberish to people. Hurray for English.

So, after the Dosteovsky video, could you do Joyce or Nabokov?

Thank you so much!!! This makes way more sense!

He speaks more IGNORANT than anyone I know. However it is not his speeches that concern me as much as what he actually DOES NOT DO! He is not an effective leader abd he is a conman liar. The FACTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES.

Very well explained and very helpful. Thanks a lot ACDCLeadership

You don’t Need any Prior Skills or Experience and You can Begin Work Immediately!

Wowwww! Where were you when I spent sleepless nights writing essays for my AP Eng/Lit classes lol. But now That I’ve found you, I will never let you go.. Lmao on a more serious not, Thank you Sir James, for you just made my psychology paper a whole lot easier to write. Definitely hitting that “Subscribe” button.


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