Just think about the way people buy stuff, when stuff are fresh on the market, there is still demand although consumers know if they wait a year the price will drop.

@MOr5i i would just give a general answer like school/college/university. if you’re not my age then you could say something in the certain job field that you want to be in. but then i would say “but i can never know for sure what i will be doing in 5 years because you never know what opportunities will become available to you or what skills you will learn that will make you available for many other types of jobs” something like that.

I partially disagree. I draw sensual enjoyment from words and appreciate the evolution of language. I don’t expect perfect grammar at all times. I certainly don’t always adhere to it. I still feel, however, that we need to adhere to some basic rules. Glaring mistakes can be distracting and off-putting. Think of it like an attractive person who has a bad kissing technique. How is one supposed to derive sensual enjoyment from that?

We should buy this guy a car

Issue redundancies.

The very essence of humanity is the mind. The mind is who we are. Our rationality, our soul reason. That is who we really are. We are shaped and molded by external variable, yes… but two people with the exact same experiences might have different ambitions and choices, they might have different tweaks about them that make them them. That comes from the mind. THE REAL US IS OUR MIND. That is what makes us special, and that is what gives us purpose. Our mind and rationality.

I still don’t know why the formulas for an area of a circle on the thumbnail are there for.

Its actually sex shaming, that thing feminists moan about when women are called sluts. the opposite is to call men virgins. they play directly into the thing they’re supposably opposing which is one of the many examples of why feminism is pretty much entirely nonsense nowadays.

Am I the only one who can’t find The Crucibe?

And there are a lot of minority in Iran

Thank you, Derek!

The important thing in rap, like poetry, is not the rhyme. It’s the meter. Getting creative with word sounds, word meanings, delivery, formations. Visualizing the structure to paint a picture, bringing alive more than just your ears.

2)David Copperfield-Dickens


Woow thank you so much!!

Better than any of the Age of… games

The first was so simple…and heartbreaking…but means so much.

! Deficit Spending and the National Debt! Time Lags

Really help for my IELTS test~


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