There’s nothing noble about the feminist oppression narrative. It’s about power. If you think it’s noble, you’re naive in the extreme, and the only appropriate response by egalitarians is to oppose it. It is, itself, an oppressive movement because it seeks to force people to conform to a particular way of thinking.

If biology doesn’t confirm gender, then why did this woman claim to be lesbian, lol?

“Although many people usually surmize that diet is the most effective method of improving one’s health. In my opinion, daily exercise is the most important key to health improvement.

Ps: would love to see the entire design at the end=)

We people can`t change creation… but we can only change our behavior..



Chomsky denounced the USSR as a totalitarian dungeon


Another amazing video man! I love your work!

You have really inspired me to take a gap year after I finish college in 2019!!! You are so so amazing and I love the content of your videos! I wish you so much luck Xx

This video is not perfect for learning

Or student wishing to correct their results and obtain high score

This is a good peace of work,,I like it, I actually had problems using this method to write any essay I was given as homework. Because it was not argumentative essay..You stress so much on argument

BTW, a great selection of books only a few of which I have read. Good fodder for the coming winter. For what it’s worth – Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy. Gassho.

Someone told me that Bethesda released a video saying they would block “unofficial content for future games. The link brought me here. They played me like a damn Fiddle.

Sir kya aap ugc ka pura syllabus complete karwaiyenge?

The only relevant feature that is added to the modern understanding of culture,


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