Wait for the actual game to come out for much cheaper then

Also if you’re doing a Shakespeare play definitely try and find a good TV or film adaptation because these plays were intended to be seen not necessarily read. But find a good one, not all adaptations stick to the original text. For example the 1996 Baz Luhrman Romeo and Juliet is odd as hell aesthetically but a lot of teachers put that one on in class or prefer you to watch that one compared to the 2013 adaptation because it sticks to the original text. The 2013 one is set in the time period but it is really loose with how much it adheres to Shakespeare’s language. If in doubt go for the BBC Shakespeare collection 🙂

RoSCFan – I can’t reply to your comments (dunno if that’s Youtube, or your settings or what), so I’ll just address them all here.

What I got from your speeches are nothing. You mentioned some nice tips but not in a good manner.

Good job! Keep it up! You are amazing and your explanations are easy to follow and at the same time not to long, loosing everyone’s time.

No one mentions Star wars galactic battlegrounds, it was the star wars rts that was before empire at war came out and was, in my opinion, 100x better, as you could play as a lot of the main factions (rebels and empire to even gungans, and a bunch of others I can’t remember, though it sadly didn’t have clones for some reason) and the maps got to be pretty big, with each faction also having its own story mode, some of them tying into each other

GALLIFRAYN! It made me so happy to see that back there.

Tony is the best! I have a massive collection of coaching videos on my page that you may like to have a look at too! Let me know what you think!! 😀

Hyperwebster: F U C K Y O U

What’s the name of the piano track 22:45 please

I think the same. That is how our parents learned, that is how our grandparents learned, and “it has worked pretty well so far”.

I feel I should suggest a book to you. I’m going to say Sophie’s World, it’s more of an adolescents book but it had a profound effect on me when I was 12. If you haven’t read it it’s worth a read.

10:28 thanks

Where are yall from?

I could not agree more with your interpretation of what is currently going on in Hollywood. Pop culture will still be churning out drivel, and that’s not actually the problem. The problem comes when poor excuses for art shout louder than true artistic talent. The over saturation of the movie industry with rehashed story causes a heavy attrition of new, progressive art.

Thank you sir for providing the wonderful video.

Thanks sir video bhejne ka speed aur badhae ek din me Kam se Kam 2 ya 3 video Dale app par umid karke aapka video dekh rahe hai


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