Pretext of assigning guilt. All primitive psychology, the psychology of will, arises

I’ve got a project to do, and here I am, scrolling through the comments! I should get back to work. >.>

Very nicely presented.

Lmfao y’all are taking this toooooo deep now.

Love your vids! You’re my hero!

Modern French doesn’t have a trill. The r is usually a fricative.

Your videos are very helpful. Thanks. Keep on with the gr8 tips.

See the Real sankrith

“there are adds extra words that are not needed” ~ hum unless you are a student who has to write a “500 word essay” or even more lol

Love this story

Since the guy is talking too fast i muted the video and opened only the subtitles :ı

This teacher is good, but he’s trying to be sarcastic which i find not funny

For that…ss

Https://sites. check this out

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No, it’s not because of us!, it’s because of other people.

All the freak-loving Hillary supporters on here disrespecting OUR PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP are just downright jealous that their career criminal, traitorous, low intelligence lesbian cunt did not prevail. There is a God!

Hi Jade, I found your channel through your What I did to get 9 A* video, which is a coincidence cause I’m currently going through my IGCSE 😂 I have to say I really enjoy your positivity! I watched this video even though I don’t take English literature, but boy did it make me realize I need to brush up on my English haha😂I’m really looking forward to more videos~

Try get a job / education or career with home-schooling.

Uhm the point that went up ended up in the same place as the point that went right, up, left


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