I watched a bunch of these review videos the day before my macro final and I got a 97% on the exam! 🎉 I’ll probably be back when cramming for the AP exam in may!

Instructive(with, using):

Best…u have made my concepts strng now…:-)

Your rhyme, his rhyme, no rhyme, none

Thank u sir for making economics easy to us…….

His description is amazingly accurate. It’s crazy

Interesting stuff I am excited to see how the boardwalk release goes! I enjoy the swarm city content!

9:22 What was that about?

Mo ricorda un programma di scrach che è molto simile a questo

Fuck this shit

Have you read War and Peace yet? In Search of Lost Time? Why bother with this shit then

Always makes me giggle when people say Rick and Morty is one of the best shows when it tries to plant suicidal thoughts into the degenerates who enjoy it’s minds.

Not my style of game, not good at RTS, but this looks really, really cool!

How could anyone dislike this film?


Am I the only one wondering why a girl would see a fucking T-shirt and think well no way I can major in those fields? Like isn’t making that assumption offensive to girls, especially the smart ones that want to major in a STEM field

‘Hey,’ Tina said sharply. The girl kept moving.‘Hey,’ Tina said, ‘Bozo.’Steve started laughing. His friends fell in a few seconds behind him.‘You can’t sit there,’ Tina said. ‘That’sMikayla’s seat.’

You are awesome

I have never heard anyone speak like Trump. What is she talking about?

Derailing the train and ‘possibly’ just ‘possibly’ killing himself but

Perhaps communism should be revisited and the economy rethought?

I do all This but i dont get girls

The earliest occurrence I can think of of an internal rhyme that aims a creating an internal beat is in the Jungle Book actually,



You don’t need sex to keep love alive.

This is a good learning video khan.

But which language out of those would be easier for an English speaker to learn? I thought I should learn the easiest and then move on to the others.

Nice moustouche

@sabLeya123 Thanks! I’m glad it’s helping you out =)

Thanks a lot for this video. I had to watch and listen 3 times. It is very helpful.

Reminds me of the dark souls series

Hey this was great!!! I was wondering if you can do an analysis like this for what i wrote… I would really appreciate it or if you at least told me what you think! Thank You!!!

Underrated sidekick



“In the moment when I truly understand my enemy, understand him well enough to defeat him, then in that very moment I also love him.”

Funny how The Washington Post attracts the Trump haters, LOL!

If you love this game I would reccomend you check out SpaceChem ^^ But I have to warn you: SpaceChem gets pretty hard really fast!

I feel the feeling you talk about, but it is caused by the depressing music and the sad faces I had to look at…

I’m interested… I know you say that the “most primal” goal of humans is to seek pleasure, and that this is common ground for everyone, however other philosophies disagree with this. For instance, Buddhism has some roots in the idea that NOT chasing after pleasure is what equates to true happiness. I would love to have a video on something like this.

Sorry to disturb but can we use the commentary of any poem as the versification of the poem.

Is he the guy from always sunny?

3.Other resting stances…for instance when someone rests with their elbows on a surface, or when someone leans up against something..

I wanna hug him

This is actually very good!

You are amazing! You are a true artist!



Thank you, Emma. what you teached is useful to academic writing.

Sir, SBI PO 2017 k liye vi naya topics mei descriptive ka video bana dijiye please…

@ilovefakenames – okay.

1:42 i dont get it… Phones arent bigger than humans

Eu escrevo igual o Eminem. Eu juro.

It’s so good to hear this type of message. Where can I hear more of your talks?

Words! Mere words! How terrible they were! How clear, and vivid, and cruel! One could not escape from them. And yet what a subtle magic there was in them! They seemed to be able to give a plastic form to formless things, and to have a music of their own as sweet as that of viol or of lute. Mere words! Was there anything so real as words?

Who is this guy?

So if the author is dead, why is the English teacher alive? If the author didn’t intend any symbolic meaning, and you didn’t pick up any symbolic meaning, then why does it matter if English teachers and literature critics see symbolic meaning?

Dahhh! Neitzsche didnt advocate nihilism, he experienced it for sure but half of his philosophy is about overcoming nihilism just as the whole western world was sure to have to do because of the death of god. Meaning gods importance in our lives and thus provision of meaning was diminished also! Do check your references crash course!

Uh, excuse me, i dont mean to be that guy but, empathy is utilitarian.

I like this

I feel like someone could make this video a meme…

I feel like I recognize it, but I just can’t place it…

My life is a lie.

Next thing they gonna say is lil pump a genius

Women r way better @ running hr depts then men r!!!thats just a fact!!!!women r better @ hr then men r!!!!

Shkreli takes CtG’s bs pretty well. I like CtG, but outside of hip hop he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Https://m. in=apolloyoung/sets/die-young

This is so helpful!!

I love you



Pakistan :))

Such a thing as a ‘prototypical’ gay man, even if he is a recent creature of history.

Bill Gates, CEO, dropped out of university.

This teached me gooder languaging

You fucking slavic and mongol mixed rats can`t claim middle eastern Peoples heritage, “Israel” has never existed, and the real “whites” are the Middle Eastern People our history proves it and Roots are in Anatolia stop splitting my nation for your new age zionist ideas, this is not your History, i look on Race and non of you looks like someone from anatolia, so stop claiming it you filthy fucking we wuz kangs gyspy jews.

Steve Jobs was genius at peddling others ideas. Starting in 1999 & by 2005 the Japanese were already using their cell phones for payments, download apps & music, pictures, social networking, & web. Like how we use it in 2013. He went there to study their cell phone culture (Keitai culture), then came back, repackaged it as the Iphone & sold it to the world. Had a Chinese firm done this it be would be labeled copying, but since he was an American it is called creativity & ingenuity.

There has to be a love button on YouTube.

Love it would like to see more

In fact it is pronounced both ways depending on the historical background and geographical location. Look up the information in standard historical literature and both are used, although certain regions prefer the “K” sound.

Please do coen brother’s film Fargo, Frances McDormand did a great job there.

You will have lots of viewer trust me, people just doesn’t know about you:)

Stop throwing stones at her in the name of comment…what if copied, she was unique in her own way…

It is an insightful and fun video about null article! I have learned a lot. By the way, apart from the aforementioned situations that an article or a noun marker is not needed, is my example given below another situation?

Please upload more videos regarding IELTS.

I add a lot of space… But that’s because my explanations short. So I make it look long.



3:29 its not a stupid fashion choise its a nice shirt!

I notice on, on the bookshelf, among other weighty academic tomes, “The Cat in the Hat” by Dr. Seuss.

I’m not going to fail my Economics class nope!!!

Would be so cool if you analysed Simlish.

This channel is so enlighten, bringing forth the real issues of the human mind, state and our consciousness. I’ll say it’s not religion we need it’s philosophy

I now know more economics than what i learnt in half a semester in college.


Ps: This game awesemo

Let me help all of you. Devote 1 hour a day to learning the language you want to speak. Inspired yet….I actually don’t care just do it and you will learn. TED talks don’t teach languages.

2:32 – 2:34 lool ur sum funny teacher

“NAFTA has had a net positive output on 3 countries.” Nope, sorry, off

Thanks for videos this channel is the best.


Awesome video! I would love to show it in my class. However, I work at a conservative Christian high school. There is no way I could show it because the woman with her breast showing and the scene where the testies fall off of the statue. Please tell me you guys made a version without those in them?!? The scenes didn’t bother me, personally. But they did seem a little superfluous. Let me know if you have another version. Thanks!

Sounds like a character from Harry Potter!

Good Introduction on HRM….this really help me in my Final Year Project…..Thank You

Greatest linguistic president ever!

In a sentence: “nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everybody’s gonna die; come watch TV.”

I sure do enjoy watching theese U tube videos issued by the RSA org.

Your on 7 million!!!!!!!!!! WELL DONE!!!!

I got to take a placement test and hope this helps. Also I never understood the point of writing an essay. I can see if you’re gonna be journalists or reporter but other than that I never had to write an essay in any of my jobs

Gajabbbbb,,,,,,,,,,,style of teaching😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

I’ve stopped at 0:03.



I like this animation

If Obama wasnt elected to president, he would have been a actor

Has there ever been anything Nicolas Cage did that was good?

Eeehhhh what happen to psy chic. Hot intel, too busy, not nuff mony, etc etc!!!! stragt ANALysis with lame narration. I’ll lend a bit

When a parrot is smarter than you…

If you can give us a logical, truthful reason why we should respect you, I will.

Oh fucl yeah, listen to this man sparky


If you love this game I would reccomend you check out SpaceChem ^^ But I have to warn you: SpaceChem gets pretty hard really fast!

Infinite Jest: David Forster Wallace


My native language is Estonian and i would like to learn Russian. If anyone could help that would be amazing 🙂 my instagram is @Annuzkah


Risk management is must in development of medical devices

Fun fact: in modern French, the words “pute” and “putain” both mean “whore”, but in old French, the former was used in the nominative case and the latter with the accusative case.

So fascinating presentation and also good use of ICT techniques, the prefessor seems to be aware of new modern techniques of teaching

Thank u maam

Oh great, a Tai Lopez ad popped up

Agar aap jaisa teacher clg me hota to mera ek second bhi barbaad nahi hota thank u so much sir for this video

As for jobs. Nothing that WW3 won’t solve.


I speak English and Spanish – English is my native language, and I started learning Spanish when I was about 13. The statement about having less emotional bias when working through problems in your L2 (L3, etc.) is very true. I often am able to express my opinions and feelings much more precisely in Spanish, even though English is native for me. When I am upset, angry, etc., my brain also starts to switch over to “Spanish mode” to deal with these feelings. Also, I feel like I have more empathy for others when they talk to me in Spanish versus English. It’s…kinda strange.



Good Day?

Interesting, but the timeline is widely hypothetical

I think Rick’s “origin” story is true, but he is not above using sentimentality for some real revenge.

Don’t ever stop making stuff. Thank you.

Well explained the concept of recruitment and selection. These two are main elements for the growth of an organization.

According to Heritage foundation freedom index (in 2015)

Any Order of reading these that you would recommend? Please and thank you!

Even though you pointed it out. I don’t give a shit about colour grading still.

The Divine language from The Fifth Element is not just gibberish. If you watch the directors commentary version of the Ultimate Platinum edition, it’s stated that Mila and Luc Besson (Director) combined Russian and Latin to make the language and that they are both fluent in it and can converse with each other.

She’s horrible! she obviously loves fRump

In love with that striped shirt

Too Much Damm Talking, I almost fell asleep

Do car companies “steal” from one another when they invent the next incarnations of the vehicle?

Russian accent, Sean Connery in The Hunt For The Red October

Auditory Constructing



Thanks a lot for your lessons, in my opinion “exercise” can be replace by “physical activity” ??

He speaks more IGNORANT than anyone I know. However it is not his speeches that concern me as much as what he actually DOES NOT DO! He is not an effective leader abd he is a conman liar. The FACTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES.

😰Seriously, dude. Was this something you prepare or did you just rhyme that many times in a row by accident?😂

The answer, a question?

I love this man! If you haven’t already, check out his written works too! He’s the best starting point for anyone new to linguistics, because everything he says or writes is brilliantly constructed and easy to follow!

Monotonous 😕

So sad so true

Spaseebo, Russian motha fuckas xD you’d have to know Russian to get that one

Well that was a fucking horrible ending to a wonderful video.

Wild-born African grey parrots are thought to live longer than those raised exclusively in captivity. Life span in the wild is up to 80 years; one specimen is known to have lived to 90 years. Captive-bred African grey parrots average 50 years, but some parrots may die at 30 or 40 years of age.

I really don’t understand it. I don’t understand why there has to be a difference in genders. ): It WOULD seem a lot more peaceful without people bullying others for being ‘outside the norm’, but why would gender even exist if that wasn’t the case. I… hate the human species for having created such a stupid concept. ‘Girly men’ and ‘tomboys’ shouldn’t exist. They are people who like certain things.

Thankful I don’t have a Southern accent. Having to listen to my grandmother (who lived in NC) when we went to visit drove me insane. The only word I have trouble with is “water”. I say it like “wahdder”. I have a friend from Seattle who says it perfectly.

Click to help


His ear looks very red

It’s not funny cus it’s true

Why do I always imagine this guy to be a wrestler rather than a life-coach. I think with such physique he could’ve kicked a lot of butts.



Exam tomorrow. Thank God it’s in the afternoon!!!

In that case no one is guilty of murder, maybe greed but not murder.

Hhhhwhat?!! He speaks like that because he is a fucking retard…

During the 1980s the term “gender” became ubiquitous in women’s studies programmes.

Vox, if you register illegally and then voted, then you voted illegally. That’s not hard to wrap your head around.

John: Get a grip, man! You’re reviewing books! You DO NOT need to speak at twice the speed of light! Please slow down! Thanks.

Aright best idea i start a bicycle making business in africa employ africans and then sell bikes for much less then it is in the us.

I dont know

He will rouse


So let me get this straight, I’m clueless because I’m powerless. Many have millions to billions more paper than I do. I’m happy with roof over my head. The rich have that and plus because they sink the “Lower class” in the water for them to have a lifeboat. See why Titanic was epic? People that don’t have nothing was ok with death. They lived a dream. The rich shove them under the rug for their benefit. Just one more minute is all I ask! Now you tell me who appreciates life more. The buy? Or the bought?

I don’t understand how thinking women’s bodies are hot is sexist. The man thought the women were attractive on the shirt so he praises them by wearing the shirt. That doesn’t mean just because a woman is attractive and people recognize that, she can’t still be a successful STEM worker. If anything I would think it would help.

Uh… what? Your bro’s favorite word is Dick-whistle? Or are you addressing us all as your bros, and proclaiming that your favorite word is Dick-whistle, or is it something else entirely? While I admit that pricking people with pedanticism is particularly preposterous among the pantheon of possible points to propose… I seriously have no idea what you’re attempting to express here.

Chomsky posits that the “deep structures” are too difficult for a child to learn in 4 years, including the time in the womb. The “deep structures” if they exist, are the easy part. The surface differences, the vocabulary, the vernacular, is the hard part. Yet the child learns it. There is no reason to assume a “paucity of stimulus”.



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Lol I’d like to see more of this Interplanetary Warfare

Bro, she sounds like pam from the office but looks like john krasinski

RIP Joker.

I seen this video at school

I hate talking on the phone to somebody I don’t know in real life, it’s just one of those things in life I could do without.


Like a missing ingredient is added to a flopped cake after is was baked…

Yay robots!

Sir do u have accountancy for class 12 video?? if not than plzz plzz make..

Their ppl killed Muslims



Thanks for all your hard work on these fantastic videos. But students of economics would really appreciate more diagrams. What happened? You used a few in the early episodes but none recently. Why? It’s crucial for success in exams.

Thank you it’s helpful for my exam today

1 For what reasons does a language become global?

Thanks alot

My teacher’s been teaching it for 10 years and is an AP Grader…and he still sucks at teaching Econ. It’s horrific.

It’s as if they were instructed by someone, or maybe some Party Program: