What is the difference between the Volumes?

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You’re wrong on this one. By a lot.

They didn’t think about just letting nature decide and wait for the first one to die.

Saxon dialect is generally disliked. Sorry, Saxons, personally I don’t really mind it that much (though it is hard to understand for an Austrian), but the reaction towards it is generally negative, especially in the parts of Germany that used to be West Germany. I do not know for sure why that is the case, probably because it is the proverbial “Ossi” (East German) dialect. Yes, even 25 years after the reunion the country didn’t really grow back together yet.

Such a true to life thing

I love his enthusiasm

Terrified me to the very core 😨

Thank you!

What about the implication

Was anyone else hoping that Enders Game would get at least an honorable mention, that book is phenomenal

Im 14 and i got 16-21 thats fairly good

10/10 great

You are the best, Salute

Albeit this sounds good in theory, however, quite the converse of each of these is true for Trump. Each of the negative has worked quite well for him. I would have believed this prior to the 2016 presidential campaign.

With Foucault his value seems to be that the dismissal of the facts in history is useful for its own sake even if this resistance is based on inaccurate informaiton?

Hey Mr. Clifford, I just wanna thank you for your videos, they really helped me!! I just had my Macro mock and got an A, only because I bought the activity packet not long ago and used your videos to help me review for this mock. Econ was a bit confusing at first but your videos explained everything. Also the activity packet is legit SOOOO HELPFUL and I recommended it to so many of my friends. They got the packet too. You’re an awesome teacher and THANKS SO MUCH for your contribution!!


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