Non-issues like this were equally annoying when the puritans of yesteryear were trying to legislate their own personal taboos for those who didn’t share them.

Thanks for uploading this, great video!

Who’s watching this in 2017?

What to produce

Hey man, i am an economics student who live in Turkey. My teacher was speaking so fast and the other fact is english is not my main language so i cant catch up some things. But today i learn, you are more faster than her and i understand everything you say so this is good. You are so fluent about teaching a lesson. Thankya for that. Have a nice day 🙂


6. A – 30

Ah this is so eyeopening deffo do what’s best for you you’ll love your gap year and what you can achieve in that year! i didn’t go this year and i can’t tell you how good i feel for not going, my head of year forced me to go through the whole process and even after getting 3 unconditional offers i still knew it wasn’t for me so all the best with your gap year!! really liked this video X

The great deflection is the way 30,000+ missing emails are not being talked about, how the Clinton’s Uranium One deal with the Russians is not covered by the MSM and Benghazi (what difference does it make).

Not funny at all!

Came here from Bill Burr’s critique. Big fan, great explanations.

Super movie

I give my introduction below :

Hello, many thanks for this video, I have done this paper and if i look at mark scheme and your marking i should get at least 13 marks. My teacher said that I need alternatives and evaluation of alternatives. Because of this I got only 9 marks. Please help me and give an advice…..I am looking forward for your reply +EnhanceTuition

4A*’s??!!! How much seasoning was she on 😂

The piñata gets me every time

Great video

Ig – jessharvs ❤️❤️

Precise and helpful. . thanks

Audra McDonald did the best depiction of Billie ever!

Great video! Can AI/Robots develop mirror neurons?

Croatian…7 grammatical cases…I love it —–

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