A E I O U. So this is the alphabet.

It is very useful to Freshers, Who are came out from colleges,

Mr. brown lol

Who the F is this chick?!? Trumptard is “unique”??? Yeah, unique in a way like someone who has an IQ of an grape. As far as his hand gestures, he uses his hands while talking more than my 3 year old neighbor. He’s not unique, he’s mentally challenged.

This video contains the GREATEST FUCKING LINES I’ve ever heard in my entire life, but I cannot laugh, because every one of them is 100% true. That doesn’t stop me from respecting them though. Brace you’re self America, for the next four years, as Luther says, YOU’RE FUCKED.

I didnt know that Santa was mean

Human Resources HR

Real estate did not screw anyone, we screwed our selves! alan greenspan should have not lowered the intrest rate before the ’04 elections, and people should have not been living outside of their means. monetary policy (and fiscal for that manner) has gone to shit!!

“he remembered when the grass was cut” so they had lawnmowers lmao

God bless this man! I remember hearing Jordan Maxwell on an interview with Jameel Rawls not long ago n he said there’s no hope for the human race n he feels bad when he sees young families with their little kids bcuz there’s no hope for this world for them..SO YOU’RE SAYING THERE’S A CHANCE BITCH NIGGA!?

A service, clinically significant and clinically meaningful but apparently you are reacting in your gerbil cage and are to developmentally-and-or intellectually incapable of doing this and realizing that ABA is not the most effective evidence based therapy – and that it addresses merely surface behaviors and not the core underlying factors of reciprocal deepening attacthment, two-way emotional problem solving higher ideation & pragmatic based language.

This subject is an ADD nightmare, thanks for uploading!

Complex join stock darkness


This is beautiful 😢 ❤️

Yeah, and I want the leader of the free world to sound like the

You earn respect for ACHIEVEMENT, not simple SURVIVAL. Best wishes to you



Ty for sharing lessons on Youtube.

We will try to upload some clips in english to give some guidence.

Holy fuck okay but if marvel’s color shit is ugly dc’s colors are about 8 million times worse jesus their movies look like dirt

We are all humans.

Hlo mam I am Bijay lal thing from Nepal. I want to asking some about english. So mam I know clearly writen and good reading but I have been small problem listen and speaking..exjample two guys discuss about in at super market bill paid about and there in bitween at speaking but I am not undustanding he is speaking loungoese… so how do completely this matter mam?


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