I literall burst into tears when he described depression and anxiety: because someone gets it, someone in a high social status gets it. Thank you, Mr. Solomon, for understanding.

Oh thank god For you thanks for giving me a concept of what is a conceptual framework

Great job

Then : Top o’ the morning to you laddies my name is Jacksepticeye.

Thanks đŸ˜€

Also see planet money’s T-shirt project for a case study in trade http://apps. npr. org/tshirt/#/title

He’s a great speaker too.. Very clear!

Hey crammers! good luck tomorrow!!! we all got this

Is this real?

Simply brilliant

Also, we need much more laws and surveillance and pornographic indoctrination,

What I love about this is how interactive it is!

See Trump? THIS is how you tell jokes. Not that monotone nonsense you were doing.

If you’re a serious truth seeker and want to know the TRUTH OF LIFE, go to TruthContestâ—™Com and open “The Present”. This book could turn our world around.

Ah yes… The (((Kurgan Hypothesis))) courtesy of that Bolshevik Jewess Marija Gimbutas…


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