AM I the only one who hates the dc color grade like it’s more ugly in my opinion

But its just a theory….. A game theory

Normally I don’t comment, but CTG took a capital L for this one. Put some RESPEK on Martin’s name.

Rlly good video do moare so I can sho erewon hat th mat enfinits my prarnts proud me

It’s about how today’s students, who are digital natives, are being taught by yesterday’s teachers, who are digital immigrants, using old methods.

I saw her face in 1:48

Would you push it?

I dont know why..this video is so cute!

Donald NEEDS to watch this

That being said; then I announce the meaning of my life for this very moment to just simply and successfully comment this sentence without explaining myself too much and how I ironically and intentionally did my best to make this come off as absurd.

Taking my final exam in 20 minutes thanks for all your help Mr. clifford you’re amazing

5. Caucasus wasn’t Indo-European and isn’t IE now.

Understand the slavery system we are all held in. Unite, end wars, use money as less as possible. Trade, barter. Build your own tribe, look for each other.

About the last case study. My opinion is that they should be charge with murder. It is a sad case. The 3 sailors got no choice but to murder the cabin boy and eat him to survive. To them, maybe it is alright to kill the cabin boy because he is dying, he’s an orphan and other supporting reasons. However, we can’t deny the fact they did murder the cabin boy.

Equally no matter what their symptoms be. Your voice & kind words

Aggressive male behaviour

@SubconsciousGatherer Well that is a rather elementary understanding of this story suited only for children.

The words will change the meaning from countries to countries. The same English words might have different meanings from Africa or other countries. The word might be have a positive meaning in British but might not have positive meaning in some countries. For some reasons, the meaning of the word might not be the same as the origin. I like Mr. Crystal’s video.

As for itself, I might find myself understanding that a shirt like that could be perpetuating objectification of women (even though I highly doubt that at this time). What I cannot accept and certainly not approve of is the manner in which shirtgate played out. Making a grown man who also happened to be a genius cry on camera for something so banal, so unimportant as the shirt he was wearing for a few minutes on an interview. A man who just achieved the unachievable and landed a spacecraft on a comet, I mean just think about that.

The background music is giving me anxiety omg


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