5 largest religions in the world


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Lol I’d like to see more of this Interplanetary Warfare

Bro, she sounds like pam from the office but looks like john krasinski

RIP Joker.

I seen this video at school

I hate talking on the phone to somebody I don’t know in real life, it’s just one of those things in life I could do without.


Like a missing ingredient is added to a flopped cake after is was baked…

Yay robots!

Sir do u have accountancy for class 12 video?? if not than plzz plzz make..

Their ppl killed Muslims



Thanks for all your hard work on these fantastic videos. But students of economics would really appreciate more diagrams. What happened? You used a few in the early episodes but none recently. Why? It’s crucial for success in exams.

Thank you it’s helpful for my exam today

1 For what reasons does a language become global?

Thanks alot

My teacher’s been teaching it for 10 years and is an AP Grader…and he still sucks at teaching Econ. It’s horrific.

It’s as if they were instructed by someone, or maybe some Party Program:



If he does another video on conlangs I would like to see him do Al bhed form Final Fantasy 10.

(Perhaps you have noticed there’s a very high incidence of famous people dying in car

I’m taking the writing FSA

Thanks Mr. Armin

As someone with advanced programming skills, I can confirm, this is cringe worthy.

Trying to teach myself German before learning Swiss German… I m enjoying it but I don’t have anyone to practice with πŸ™

So since a few decades, we hear all the time about the native two-spirit people,

Tom hanks as sully

Conclusion: I refuse to kill anybody, but if I’m on a situation that I have no option but to kill, I will minimize the damage.


Hey Liz I would be thankful if you teach how to write body paragraph and conclusion too. Please!

Φιλοσοφια = φιλος(friend) + σοφια(wisdom) = friend of wisdom

YoUr alive brusspip

I don’t usually like the theme of literature, or language clases but since its from you il give it a try πŸ™‚

Where is Dostoevsky?

Happy New Year! Thanks for all of your very interesting and informative videos. Will you please do a video on the Tibetan language?

Ultimate review pakcet what else can i do i really wanna do smt to show

A terribly cute video indeed! Thanks!

Skinner knew that an ‘innatist’ named Hitler was molded and shaped by his environment. He knew that phylogeny of behavior, as close to innate as he could see, was how we acquire behavior over the lifetime of a species and are born with certain behaviors. He knew that contingencies of reinforcement guarantee what society is or is not. He didn’t invent ‘behaviorist mechanisms’ to manipulate, rather, he learned and showed us what largely controls behavior. Free will is not a behaviorist mechanism.



@ Siddhartha – It would seem to me that IF the majority of India wants to enforce a cast based system the USE IT TO EXPLOIT THEM. They have set up the Dalit to do all the things they will not, ok fine – Every Dalit in India band together and STOP being their toilet cleaners for one week. ALSO increase your prices by 3000% and make it something ALL DALITS do at the same time. Use their Cast system AGAINST THEM!! If only a Dalit can do it, then make them pay for the privilege of a Dalit doing the work. The Cast system can be seen as a Union of workers. Refuse to clean a toilet unless they pay a 3000% price increase. Only a Dalit can do this. So make Dalits as highly paid as a doctor.

Fun fact Farsi-arabic uses the same alphabet as as standard arabic.

This is what you learn in 7th grade


Whats the spotify playlist called?

Shy – For some, meeting up and talking to a stranger is a daunting thing to do.

“if you tried to take what the earth provide you’ll be locked away”

Every human being should watch this

This might go viral Mr. Clifford, good job, you made me laugh. By the way, i made 70 out of 84 in my macro midterms thanks to you, hope you maintain your videos.

Applied by the Germanic androphagi to invade Europe via Celto-Slavic

We should continue to let the bots do the simple and cheap work but leave the slightly-more-complicated and the high paying jobs for humans because humans tend to do those jobs better and can make them earn living and the bots should stay because the cheap jobs are pretty, you know, CHEAP.

Pitoyable et criminel

Best way for students of economics to learn economics in detail

Despite being a native 4-case language speaker I enjoyed this very much and learned a lot.

Alhamdulillah I am a Muslim and in Islam there is no cast system. No difference between black and white no existence of Untouched..

Production πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ shi hai

Your precious advice 😊😊

Meh…”authentic persona”…I think she’s a Trump supporter.



This video is inspiring.

Thx always helpful

Thanks for taking the time but…younger Students usually dont like when a teacher/ parents/ authority figure etc. behaves like them. why are you talking at 5000 mph?, do you need to go check your text messages and facebook?


Love these! Please continue to make tons of these!

I couldn’t watch this because the geek is super-annoying.

“Well, I’ve got some strong words for Mr. Clifford!”

Mr Bruff, my school is doing edexcel not aqa. Could you upload videos for edexcel or are they so similar that i can use your aqa videos to revise for edexcel. thanks

En espaΓ±ol porfavor puede ser

Made me wanna thumbs down cuz of the hand exercise that I made me so angry i couldn’t do haha,

I’m fluent in french and English and I’m learning german and Spanish

Stop talking Drumpf. You talk like an idiot.

Because most of them cant explain like that,

These comments go to show how anger and bias completely blind people to the plain and simple truths of life. Whether you like him or not, Trump is not a dumb, unintelligent person. You don’t manage billions in wealth and become a president of a country like America by being ordinary or anything less. Please get through your heads that just because you hate someone it does not mean that they are incompetent and pathetic – it just means that you hate them.

Can u do the theory of demand and supply


I don’t care how you play this game, so long as you have fun, Jack. That seems to be exactly what you’re doing with every game. Also, thank you so much for playing a Wii U game πŸ™‚

Beats cheap stories like harry potter

This video just made me respect the guy. People kept slamming him for raising the price on HIV meds, but he would literally give it away free for people who couldn’t afford it. It’s not like he is a trump supporter or anything, and he started from rags to riches – but people keep slamming him because he is a rich white guy. Fucking hell.

This really helped me with a end of year school trip for my class and I am really proud of my peice

If only all teachers were this enthusiastic about what they teach, it would be great.



Really usefull vedio.

I for one would love to see more of Tango’s playthough of this game.

Let’s build a firewall and make the bots pay for it!

Good catch..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I studying about HRM in VietNam. In VietNam HRM is undevelop so I hope everybody can help me by send some document about HRM. However my english is not good so if possible I want some simple document to understand it

You are what authority no name no photo coward—oh that’s right a coward. Of course you’re angry you couldn’t cut university let alone post grad work. Bothers you to push a broom at McDonald’s doesn’t it?

How to write Theoretical and conceptual frameworks?

Great help! thanks alot!

That was amazing, this probably was the most interesting ted i hear in my life, im not good with english but i speak another 4 languages too, sometimes i meet people from another countries so i like to speak with that person cause is look like a secret conversation, your 5 techiniques are better than the “como aprender cualquier idioma en seis meses” because u make 5 tips to enjoy learning a new language, hope watch another teds of you, im very proud of people who speak a lot of languages like you

I have alot of handwriting i can also write with both hands πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ikr so cool

“Lao Tzu lived in a hut and ate straw!”

2 weeks of starvation drives higher beings to basic desires. Those who can hold on to their moral baseline are saints. Saints do not exist.

However, Nietzsche wasn’t a nihilist. He clearly doesn’t consider himself one and often speaks out against it, for example, “… But that is Nihilism, and the sign of a despairing, mortally wearied soul, notwithstanding the courageous bearing such a virtue may display” (Section 10, Beyond Good and Evil). My basic understanding of Nietzsche’s view towards nihilism is that it is the inevitable conclusion of the European tradition; the Christian tradition. “I praise, I do not reproach, [nihilism’s] arrival. I believe it is one of the greatest crises, a moment of the deepest self-reflection of humanity. Whether man recovers from it, whether he becomes master of this crisis, is a question of his strength” (Complete Works, Vol. 13). This is why we are in need of new values.

Wow. 2016 was a really awful year.

The implication is that everyone has the capacity to become Buddha, which departs greatly from the Judaism religion.



Thank you so much this mesege make me change in my self

Anti business Liberal? God I hate USA use of the word Liberal.

I don’t know where I was going with this but if you could give my stream or my books a look I would be so happy. Check out my youtube channel it has all the links. Thank you.

I wonder if his son would’ve taken the language up fully if he was surrounded by Klingon speakers?

The closing point that retreads the common progressive refrain whereby anyone who finds outrage inspired by such ridiculous things as an “offensive” item of clothing to be “threatening” as opposed to simply being annoying couldn’t have been more condescending if you’d wrapped up by telling your audience which letter the show was brought to us by today.


If your income today is much the same as it was two years ago, then it will be the same two years from now if the paradigm doesn’t shift.


Big help. ive got an essay tomorrow so i will hopefully do well now thanks!

I’m listening to this just looking outside wondering about earth and space and it’s beauty

Logical and schematic

Sir plz suggest any good channel of accounts also

do you really think that a fat bastard like him could get into some sort of ritual in bohemian grover and film it, and later and all he is done is spread fear ===???!!

Amazing man

Good teachers

Thanks for this. also you have a really nice voice!

These students aren’t necessarily unhappy..in fact, it’s quite the opposite…they are doing whatever makes them happiest..and showing that the educational system of the present is just no longer relevant to them.

No I don’t agree with your list.

Awesome thanks

I would not per se say that it pleasure is the main point. The main problem is that it is a protective mechanism. It is a way that we were tought to understand the world. The need for catefoorization and the implied negative impacts (sexism, racism etc) is to keep power is structures alive. It is importat to emphasize that most of this is ‘just’ an automatic reaction that you were tought by your surroundings. That is no excuse but a way to make sense of the problem.

😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒TRUE STORY!!!πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜–πŸ˜ΎπŸ˜ΏπŸ˜ΏπŸ˜ΏπŸ™ŠπŸ’”



Who’s chopping those onions 😒

I’m glad people in the comments aren’t just taking what she’s saying for granted but I think she is right. I don’t think gender is biological. I don’t think that physical differences or trends in behavior determined by sex should segregate people into gender because I think this ultimately limits our world view and what we see as acceptable behaviour.

“the most smartest”. probably smarter than you too.

Only 2% of the population is bi-polar? I know of three people with it in my area alone!

Yeah that last comment kinda ruined it. Leave religion out of this stuff.

I didn’t know this is such a sad channel.

The interviewer should say “You dodged the question. For some reason, you don’t want to answer. Let’s go on to something else.” She then has the option of remaining silent or claiming she did answer already. If she claims she did answer, follow up with a yes or no question.

Doesn’t Asia hold the mortgage on north America? why don’t they foreclose, and as we disappear, move some of their industry and population back to our fertile pastures, and existing infrastructure, rusted as it may be, we can work our debt off. and start over in a couple hundred years. WAIT A MINUTE!!!!

This is fucking boring ass sob story garbage

Great video, powerful message.

Course you did πŸ˜‰


Thank you, Stephen Fry, for this informative video on a subject most of us do not understand. God speed on your journey in sharing with others.


Mom’s spaghetti

We need science πŸ‘‘

So cool!

D. Finance Concentration

Its crappy

Great stuff. The random cuts to people unrelated to the story while another person is talking are a bit distracting/strange.




I wish I had a mentor like him…!

Many modern thinkers deprecate any question which science has no means of answering (at least in terms of the traditional ‘scientific method.’) As the quote above points out, you necessarily have a moral stance — the question is are they your morals or are you acting in the service of another’s agenda?

Thank you.

Can you post the slides for this talk please.

Kaptain got flo

Any theories that do not seek to solve these problems, are just wasted banter in the end of it all

You mean to tell me you made an entire video just to tell us…..NOTHING.


Where do i get full lecture

Ravish Ji shat shat naman!!

I wanna know if we can use what i think… to express opinion

I’m a guy birch but thanks for showing me the essey

Does the “Hover Plate” work?

The shows very existence is a super meta-commentary on our reality.


Nope prefer the dull look, makes it less DC movie looking



I’ve always mentally pronounced Beatty as ‘bee-YA(H)-tee’ and Faber as ‘FAH-ber’.

I love education and entertainment.

Globalization is BAD. The wealthy make more profit while the poorest suffer massively. The government needs to do more to protect wages and jobs of local workers but are controlled by the extreme wealthy. However the little people are rising up and the governments will need to take notice although the media controlled by the wealthiest 1% of the world try and twist this as racism and sexism people are seeing through this propaganda and will unite against these greedy blood sucking leaches.

Hi, could you please tell me which software did you used to make this presentation?

I’d really like to watch this video, but hell, I can’t stand this woman. Her expressions, her look, her demeanor and even her voice just make my head melt.


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I am 17 and mental age 4-9

Hello please i need help

Super Mario Oddyssey – Episode 10- Martyn, InTheLittleWood. Let’s see…

Thank you so much for your videos! They are a GREAT supplement to my lectures and really help cement the information in! Keep it up!

I learnt a few things after watching this video (and googling some of the terms). Thanks!

I enjoy nature, keep it up!

It’s wHat so it wouldn’t be pronounced H-Wut, it would be pronounced W-Hut

Funny how Cthagod STILL ended up looking worse than one of the internet’s most hated people.


Imo the cases are two:

Honestly I feel like C&C generals played better than red alert 2. Just felt easier to manage. The red alert series was always hectic. Kind of felt like that in C&C 4.



Thank u, that was great!

Personal ad? How did you create the video? That was really cool too.

I still have one question about this. Why is the firm going to produce less when there is more demand in the market, you would assume that the firm is going to produce more to reach the same revenue as before?

I am so grateful of this video. Not only did this helped me, it has helped my son as well. Explanation was so clear and concise. I just did an outline for 2 prompts in 5 minutes. This will help me pass my Praxis Test.

16:47 rawls

Sir, would you allow me to upload some of your excellent vΓ­deos to my Channel, I would promote your Channel and include all your details, thankyou and take care

Excellent video.

Psychopaths rule our world because we are divided as their ‘subjects.’ Subjugation is the result of fear, which can be eliminated en masse with widespread empathy, regardless of the minority of ‘psychopathic’ outliers. At least that’s what I’d wager.

And on the organ issues: you are aware that those things happen regardless of regulation, right? And what exactly is an “altruistic donation” and in what way is it effected by other people being paid for their organs?

Wow. simply amazing. This is really helping me with my persuasive Essay. Thank-you very much.

I’m a native Arabic speaker and I can assure you that that’s not how these words should be pronounced lol

He needs to stop fucking with the native thay did the samy to my family and i dint work we got beat for speacking are toung

BLM is a racist bullshit used by ignorant idiots to market themselves.

Utilitarianism is bullshit because there is no way of objectively measuring “happiness”. Also, there is no way of knowing what the future holds. Hypothetically, the 3 men on the boat who survived could have gone home and become murderers later, after acquiring a taste for human blood. Even if one argues that scenario would be unlikely, and that the 3 were justified, I urge them to consider the relativity of morality. Many humans view the human species as the most valuable of all animal species. This is an instinct that promotes survival. As far as I can tell, the majority of the population of any species feel this way about their own species. I personally think humans have gone too far. There are more than enough of us already and it is ruining the planet. It is time for humans to overcome our instincts and see morality for what it really is – a purely subjective concept.

Mathematicians: “Hold out beers”


7:40 The Warm Up exercises.

If we let the capitalist model run rampant there will be a small amount of people who reap the benefits. They will own the robots and benefit from the reduced costs in their business model and for a while they will realise hugely inflated profits.

Its actually motif, not motive.

@Shocker9 I’ve looked it up on wikipedia and the theory only works where the values of A and B are both in equilibrium. So there wouldn’t be any reason for them to trade at all. Hope it helps and I got it right.