5 largest religions in the world


To stop yourself from being bought out by the enemy, buy your own stock

Made me question my understanding at 1:47. haha. Awesome videos. Exams in 2 days, going through all your uploads and pushing my textbook aside.

For all the talk about Harvard students being so bright, they all blatantly contradicted themselves within just two questions.

๐Ÿ™ He died this almost made me cry because my african grey died yesterday

519 thumbs down are NON-human

Being forced into the flow of study > work > death and blindly following the society

2015 and this world is still so incredibly brainwashed. We are just scared children, and not very bright ones. Why else would we run around believing in fairy tales? Its mind-boggling.

I want that scientific calculator software

What the hell was the red commander doing? This was a terrible battle, no nukes, nonexistent air support, no defensive structures at all, no orbital competition, and no orbital units on the yellow’s commander’s part either. Absolutely one-sided.


@theRSAorg *Civilization (the title has a typo)

The cold truth

Having a dream/vision/fantasy of walking on his mother’s dismembered body is typically a sign of something a little more intense and problematic than bipolar….misdiagnosing something as extreme as this could be detrimental to Ian’s health and safety and also of those around him. Thankfully, his Mother seems to be a truly involved parent and a woman who understands her children struggle with something not every child does. Parents who are in denial are the worst, and sometimes an impossible, hurdle to overcome.

Mam i have vocabulary problem. what should i do to improve it bcz i don’t remeber complex words too long

I have no family members that speak as rambling and incoherently as what Trump does. Well, maybe except from my nephew, but he`s 5. This gal told us absolutely nothing, was she paid to apologize for the presidunce and his inability to speak in full sentences?

Really good!

17 cases. Finnish

Select a good topic

Sweet, you just made it easier for me to finish my report on Adam Smith

Earth 2150 moon project is still off the hook to this day



I see that you only show novels that had been adapted in a movie. You could include more novels that haven’t been adapted to a film. For example, Chronicles of an anounced dead


Thanks a lot.



Very well done. I have used this in my classes.

You are the god of econ because of you it has made me be successful this year in AP Economics in my High School my econ teacher loves your videos and also shows them to are whole class and they truly help.

Warning โš 

This is me every morning tbh

Dafuq did I just watch ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

All I hear is “entitled” and “privileged”,wow

F0392029 ็Ž‹่ฉฎ็››

This music made me fall asleep

What do you think about “PRIMALBASE” ? (Office space sharing)

I have a better video called Gestures and Body language 2 on YouTube.


The 7k dislikes on this video makes me hate existence in this world

Love Beethoven ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

Now to wake up? Do i need to be a terrorist, what i need to do.

“Some are born to sweet delight, some are born to endless night.”

Plzz explain y the demand curve shift leftward??



Please make more!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So what does it mean for the US when they have a trade deficit on 722 bn dollars?

This is just crescendo bullshit, it doesn’t matter what we do, the Earth will be gone anyway, the Sun will kill it.

Become a doctor or a highly materialized business man who works in finances. Joking of course. You might want to take a personality test and see where your strengths and flaws are cornered and where they overlap.

AMT proponents which undermines AMT.

I can already see corporations crash to the floor because their worker bots were hacked hahaha!

This ultimate โ€œM&Aโ€ will thus totally defeat the constitutional โ€œchecks-and-balancesโ€ among those three, political, branches; โ€œchecks-and-balancesโ€ which were constitutionally designed to prevent this degeneration, and that were at least somewhat effective in doing so during the earlier phases of capital accumulation and capital ownership concentration.

My channel is about literary analysis of popular character, please stop by. We post new content every Saturday.

Like usual, I waited to the night before my mid-term to learn the entire course. I literally learned the whole course in about 5 hours of your videos, I don’t know how to thank you. Maybe I better wait till after the test tomorrow haha

The black guy with spectacles made the most sense

It bothers me that he’s a linguist but can’t pronounce Maori

Thanks for the video

Amazing video! I will share it with my students and friends.

Incoming swarm of viewers tonight

I hope Joe Abbott is a fake person…

It’s suppose to look like that

โ€ขIf I decide to make my O’s look like hearts, have the dots on i’s look like hearts, and make my writing look a bit “lovey-dovey (I would say girly, but I know that that would trigger someone),” then I am thinking of my crush at the moment/in love.



5) The Picture of Dorian Gray

1:24 imagine giving a tedtalk about why people won’t listen to you and a guy is literally sleeping during it

Nice Presentation….

I will watch all of your videos, as I homeschool my son.

Matrin Shkreli picked apart the Breakfast Club…

>> the problem with ‘updating’ the system is that it does not correct anything & ignores the underlying problem.

We are DESTROYING the earth

Why should children be content with fewer rights than adults?

Dayum, you guys are going east.

I am watching this for my english IGCSE…thanks very much…..but are you saying REPUTATION PARAGRAPH or something else?

Hi Rachelle, thanks you for your explanation. But, what is the difference between abstract and journal summary?

Even though the content in this channel is a very good source of information, I wonder why there are so little videos about women. Almost everything here is about men who have done something important, and it would be nice if you could give some attention to women and girls that have been remarkable to science, history, philosophy, etc. We are usually forgotten when it comes to these fields and this is not fair. I’d love if you guys did something about it, which would only turn this channel to something even better. ๐Ÿ™‚

7:10 what did he choose?


It’s probably not obsolete, but there are aspects of it that need to evolve in order to prepare students for an evolving world. And the rate of that evolution is increasing, so think hard about it and make some of those changes.

Are there even people who cannot speak 2 languages? I mean – you learn them in school?!

Cun-langs? ๐Ÿ˜€

Trump won all you snowflakes can suck it!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜



I want the transcript of this speech

I know that entire vowel chart, mainly because i already have studied extensively on linguistics.

@Rammstein2720 It’s also about how despite struggling through college, the education system in America is slowly failing. Why? You’re in debt after graduation. Hard to find jobs. No matter what kind of valedictorian you are, chances are you won’t help solve any problems the world has except your own. Education exists to give us a chance at a better life. The world’s problems are not caused by us but it is our problems. Can’t solve them no matter how smart. Therefore what is accomplished?

This is not what Invisible Hand is. What Smith discover and what Invisible Hand really is that from selfish interest of one benefit whole society.

Watched a few YouTube videos about rick and morty being broken down but no one I’m aware of ever talked about the scene in “a rickle in time” when morty in a different dimension tells rick about him drinking a lot caused morty to become uncertain in his decision which then caused time to split even more.. I felt that was a real important scene to Morty’s character development

This way of learning GS is more convenient and useful

Thanks for useful IELTS tips. I don’t know that how to start introduction sentences. I had read many essay and most of first sentences is an passive voice. Please send your reply.

Tom Hanks as Walt Disney

(I dont want to be an attntion-whore though, just writing this because of peer pressure XD)

GDP encourages waste and lack of resilience, but we still use it as our primary indicator of economic success?

The first is not a matter of choice. The situation has only two forced outcomesโ€”this is why it is much easier to choose the lesser harm.

Prof, I am a safety professional with a leading oil & gas company. Can u enlighten me what is the benefit for me to obtain a MBA. Btw I’m 28years old & living in Singapore.

Who else speaks Swedish? Anyone? No? Ok. Im a Swedish weirdo.

I’ve been waiting for someone to say this forever dawg

Hav you ever considered as a american he has more of a relationship with the foriegn policy of that country as its his tax helping to fund these wars than any other country, you surprised he is more concerned with his own country?

Sir ye subject ka numerical vi sikhaeyena tomorrow is my exam plz help me

Why am I openly annoyed by this guy’s shirt?

My language meaning greek has 4 cases Nominative, Accusative, Genitive and Vocative (which is basically used for names when they are being called)

I am constantly torn between killing myself and killing everyone around me – [Will Grayson, Will Grayson] – by John Green & David Levithan

People go “Oh, Iron Man!” when watching e. g. Avengers simply because they saw last Iron Man movie, they don’t even need to necessarily have consumed Iron Man comics or cartoons as kids.

Good stp bro. kp it up. vry good.

Excellent teacher!

I know this is a very serious topic but I can’t stop thinking about Harry Potter




Sir please provide descriptive essay and letter writing to do oicl so and ibps po 2017

:: Outro

This is awesome. Good decision! I regretted not taking a Gap Year before I started Uni… so when I graduated (from Nottingham!) I was lucky enough to be in a position to defer my Masters and did it then (I also worked full-time over summer and left at the end of November – I went to New Zealand, Australia and South East Asia. Best thing I ever did!)

The preview for season 4 of Black MIrror looks frighteningly real.

He shared some good tips here. I am working on my 3rd language and was thinking of forgetting about it but this has helped me reconsider and continue.

I’m getting to be a little disturbed by the pervasiveness of the anti-rodent bias in crash course

For your paragraph pyramid why dont u take a picture of it and upload it kn social media then people can download it or print it off? Xxx

You are so talented! I have just started Year 10 GCSEs art and I donโ€™t think I will ever be as talented as you!

Then you will emigrate to Mexico jumping Trump’s wall.

Twitter and Instagram = @ellieblythee

Yea, he’s speaks like normal human being. And people like that.

Imagine our parent’s childhood

I became fluent in Spanish in three months, with zero backround. It works.

Bet you wanna bet you wanna dance like this

Amazing!!!! thank you very much:)

Context gives meaning to the act. Everyone discouraged this young man from going on the voyage. He assumed the risk. Starve for several days and see what you might do. What is the difference btwn murder and manslaughter?

David Thank you very much

The freedom of speech is important in society. Yet it is very important to governments. A government which does not know how people feel or think is most likely to collapse. This is how the communist regimes in Eastern Europe vanished in the late 80s.

He didnt seem very happy, plucked all of his feathers off, always wanted to go back to his cage and at the end he was hungry but the trainer made him work his ass off. Its no wonder he died at 31 when average African Gray’s live over 50.



I’m not even a Young Thug fan and i understand what the video is about. it has nothing to do with lyricism at all. it’s like if you’re a director and you’re watching a movie even tho it doesn’t make sense from what they’re saying but you understand the way the scene is set up and the angles of the cameras.

You are a maze ing I’ve been have some trouble creating a hook this has help me

Me dormi con solo escuchar el comienzo

We all know that one person that claims they dont wat he saying…but still listens

This is the utter shame of India!!! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ’ฉ๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ’ฉ๐Ÿ’ฉ๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ’ฉTheir deplorable treatment of the Dalits is disgusting. The caste system should be abolished once and for all. India will remain a developing third world filthy slum unless their discriminatory attitudes are changed against the poor (Dalits) …

Good video… Hello Mrs. Hanes…๐Ÿ‘บ

I’m going to need you to continue simply to help me through it. I’m stuck in a few places and there’s no help out there just yet.

Indians so racist and shitty crappy to these cute children they act like shit

Can anyone write my essay?

LOL watch my a level video – it will help!

@Thisishappening “It’s better to know what you don’t know. Better not to assume you have everything figured out.”

Are you saying communism and socialism are bad things? Have you put yourself in a lottery in your mind and put yourself in the position of someone on the bottom, so you can figure a way out? If you can’t figure a way out of the bottom, then that means being in the bottom is a very very bad thing. Socialism and communism mean everyone gets at least a basic level of care. For example, everyone gets vaccinated who wants it. Unless you want to die of polio, of course.


(Ooh give you up)



Solid as fuck

You did well for someone who doesn’t know how to code! ๐Ÿ™‚

Did I just start crying over a four-minute youtube video about a parrot? Yes. Am I ashamed? Not at all.

Linguist: “When you hear Donald Trump speaks….” Speaks huh.


Welsh completely disregarded again. Typical.

So moving, cried within the first 12 mins.

Mr Stefan, how can we leave? and go were? in the middle of the desert? or in the middle of the woods? were? how can you eat or act? how can you take a shit and use a napkins? we are in a very very veeerrryyyyy BIG BUBBLE.

Heteronormistic tyranny and white patriarchy, and the stance we must take against bigotry, intolerance and sexual repression.

But / hunger’s now / on the rise / again / 26 million

You are so incredibly talented ๐Ÿ˜โค๏ธ I love your art so much!!

I love how everyone was applauding him at the end and he’s just like “nbd”

You are sooo CUTE ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now we have a doctor situation with this trolly car scenario and again we are doing the Socialist, IS ONE LIFE WORTH THAT OF THE MANY OR ARE THE MANY WORTH THE LIFE OF THE ONE!!

I need pdf to this lasson

Thank you so much for the webinar. I have learnt a lot of intersting things. The bottleneck hypothesis interested me.

I think you need to have a basic understanding of sociology to understand what she is trying to say. The people calling this bullshit and talking about biological differences have misunderstood her point. In sociology, there is a difference between sex and gender. Sex is the biological component (she’s not getting at that) and gender is the behaviours/attitudes/norms/values associated with sex – which is what she is getting at. Gender is what is socially constructed (and it is, that’s not a secret or “theory”). We treat boys and girls differently as soon as they are born. The fact that a lot of little girls prefer pink and little boys prefer blue isn’t a genetic response. It’s a conditioned psycho-social response. Some people take it a little further and argue that even biological differences don’t make much of a difference, but I think that’s when it becomes a bit controversial.

I always thought something was off visually

Nice IELTS Liz it’s nice. i really wana to be in essay writing for my competitive exam in which each essay carry a 100 mark for that high level essay i really need help and practice so please if anyone wana help me or want to practice feel free to add me on skype for essay practice: usman. musazai

Next lecture b chaeay mjy



So if i learn a programming language does all these benefits discussed here apply?

Young Thug hate will not be tolerated

Miss Emma you’re really fantastic…

Amazing very intelligent bird. RIP Alex.

It will not stay 90$, 90$ is the equivalent of what the kickstarter people paid to early exclusive alpha access, the price will drop on release to a normal non rape price

Let’s get it over 50 million this time, change is on the way you just have to begin by your self!

Ah well not a big deal. Great list, but I disagree with #1.


Hello mr. peakdavid – my research is about “exploring studentsโ€™ perception to determine their anticipation toward teaming at work place.”

Audio out of sync ๐Ÿ™

I think it was an attempt to make such unbelievable stories seem realistic.

A guy who has spent probably over 20,000 hours in studying languages is telling you how to do it but it’s not that simple. He has obtained those skills through dedication and time. It’s like a 100m runner telling you how to run like a pro.

I was wondering if he was gonna mention yeah Galifreyian haha

I swear by Mr Bruff too! I managed to get A*s in both English Lit and Lang thanks to him xx

Amazing video will u do more exam technique for the new aqa specification for As

The school of life shoutout for this amazing intelligential resource, it’s up to us all to apply and experience.

My hand writing change every second๐Ÿ˜ฏ



Some people seem to forget that The Force Awakens is a “sequel” to a 32-year-old movie. It was always intended to have nostalgic references for that simple fact. Also, being that it’s Part 1 of a trilogy, it allows the following films to have more flexibility. Even The Phantom Menace plays on nostalgia, but no one ever mentions that.

Why does he have a speaking impairment?

Thank you very much for such a good presentation, information provided in the presentation is much more precise, concrete, subjective and last but not the least elaborative.

When Trump speaks, he reminds me some of the street vendors I see in Asia. For instances, a watermelons sellers say : my watermelons are so sweet, if they are not, you can have it for free! But guess what, after you purchase it and taste the watermelons, they are never sweet. Furthermore, if you try to return those watermelons you bought to these people, you will not win this giant argument about the watermelons sweetness. You lose!

Thanks mam your video helped me thank you

You look beautiful girl

Sauron does appear in The Hobbit book but is only referred to and not mentioned by name. He’s driven out of Mirkwood and returns to Mordor.

I want to kill myself but I feel too guilty. I have lived in the UK, USA, France and Australia. Nothing helps. I am waiting for death. My aunt has bi-polar and fucks know I don’t want to live a live of being sectioned and destroying everything good. Everyone thinks I am happy but I am not. Thank-you for reading.

Now let’s take the narrative to its logical conclusion. Everything is automated. No humans are involved in the process at all. Even the machines have other machines which are able to build, operate and maintain them. So what does this mean?

You’ve easily become one of my favorite channels in 2016, here’s to an even greater 2017 for you man!

Well that’s just my thought about it.

Come on, its not that difficult to solve the trolley dilemma. If I were in the trolley, I would have done my best to save myself. I already killed someon the moment I step into that trolley without brakes. It was just a matter of time, before go out of hand amd eventually killed someone. The best thing to do is to survive. Then I would dedicate my life looking after the well being of the famillier of those I killed. Sometimes the best things to do can be absolutely selfish.

When’s your mixtape dropping?

I need essay writer. Please recommend.

Enders game and Speker for the dead by orsan scot card. If you have read this, read the gate theif and the lost gate, also by him

“Smokin hot white one”