Christian religion



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Her works are often implemented in film studies courses emphasizing gender studies and the performativity in discourse.

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I read a thousand people got wounded so your remark: ”awesome” is very sarcastic?

What a disgrace and misrepresentation of Nietzsche, A Nihilists, Pff, Far from it.

Things are always black and white

Mashallah a very nice lecture.

Washington Compost, why dont you concentrate on REAL NEWS for a change, More Jobs, More prosperity, Health Bill, Tax Cuts

Rounded and connected but mostly all of these

THANKYOU so much! how much is the eco packet?

Stephanopoulos says it’s bad for groundless statements. she makes a point that they’re the hypocrites when they make groundless statements as well. Then he goes on to say no one is questioning the victory which many clearly are and she brings up points to prove it, which is a much bigger topic and again the news is the hypocrites by dodging their own topics they don’t want to bring up. It’s groundless for Trump to say there was voter fraud but its not groundless to say he lost the vote? U can’t just switch it up because it doesn’t fit ur objective. They ask for an expert of debating basically a professional persuader to come on to this biased show.

To say that she is ‘ridiculously good at dodging tough questions’ is ridiculous. She is terrible at dodging the question and makes it so obvious it’s embarrassing. Many politicians are true masters of this skill where they give an illusion of an answer to a question they don’t want to answer but Conway’s tactics are amateur. She uses diversion much too early in her response and then plays the petty blame game without any articulation. This is what children do, not government officials. Maybe it goes to show the low education level of the USA if they think she is great at avoiding questions.

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Crypt keeper can’t die…already dead. tales from the crypt!!!

Star Wars Empire At War


Shia is an islam poison

(I’m rather disappointed to see the map showing English across Wales since some 2000 years ago. A time even before the English language existed).

The Bible, How to kill a mockingbird

Jacob pleaseeeeee slow down! i understand y’all want to give as much information as possible. but please slow down the talk. thank you.

I’m not a puppet, no string on my back, I’m one of a kind

I as an humble English teacher, particularly, don’t like this pushing of McDonald’s’ “I’m lovin’ it”



Actually it’s either good or bad depending on the roll of the dice. Unless your say Mark Zuckerberg

I am iranian and i can say this is one of the few videos i saw, which described perfectly the last 100 years of iran’s history and up and down in 10 minutes, good job man

Shity information.. But captivating music and animation!

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Https:// list=PLuMY01jAUVQPYEvXoVwEK2tZvZgAWmCXK


Perhaps Batman can kill Joker now and save lives in our lifetime but in the future his actions will be used to justify a more draconian justice system. OR!!! perhaps Batman’s decision to spare joker costs more suffering in our lifetimes but saves lives in the future, as a future justice system will be designed around a superior rehabilitation model.

“Добрый день” на русском 0:41

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Game of books. The end is coming.

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I can’t understand you, go back to your country. White powah!

I love when people with multiple degrees overanalyse people who dropped out of 1st grade who are dumb as fk – “fascinating”

I like the video, but the information is not really accurate.. I can say for my country, Croatia, during the 18th-19th century we had quite the trouble for maintaining Croatian as the first language, Hungarian and German were dominant. Later we refused to have Hungarian as the main language and kept Latin in court and government.. but still, nice animation.



These all are big hallow glass spheres.

That woman is trying so hard. Just be yourself. Its not funny

PLEASE. This planet is amazing and beautiful. Step outside, breathe in the air for a moment. Then ask yourself: Should I make a change? Should I open my fucking eyes and do something? The answer to that is Y E S.

Curious George tops all these books by far!


I love you crash courses

Do they think this is the best way to go about bringing a voice to police brutality? It’s only pissing off Americans who respect this country

This video is stupid. Romanian is not a slavic language, it is la Latin language. Just like Italian, Spanish, French and Portuguese. This idiotic video shows that Romanian emerged from Slavic language. Plus the fact that the region of Romanian speaking language is 1/4 of the correct one. All Business Insider research is like this one?

But….. this is media

The way he pronounced mafia. lol

I mean: they will never be real size, that wouldnt make sense. but thise little ball with some H2O on it? – looks rahter like a molded asteroid than a vivid planet… can’t just be all about having more, and even more of planets in one solarsystem, can it?… would be disappointing.

Just hearing him speak makes me tear up

“NO! Don’t wear your ACDC belt buckle!”

Is this a weird cult?

You are doing good dear, Improve your audio video quality and mention important terms in Hindi as well so that Hindi medium students also can take help. Thanks & God Bless You

Standard German: Das Buch war interessant [das buːx vaɐ̯ ʔɪntəʁəsant]

Great talk Mary. I don’t know how I missed this before now. My apologies. I appreciate the passion with which you continue to put the “human” back into human resources. Thanks for the great reminder!

Thanks i will manspread more from now on


Caraí mas a maioria e verdade

Do y write any book?




“reasons 4”

This is amazing! I can actually get an A in econ!

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(mode) as / like dogs = kutyákképpen / ebekképpen (formalis)

You got more videos like this? Very informative. Thank you for putting all this information together

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3 Page essay on Napoleon.

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Where the hell is the metamorphosis or the stranger

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Which is the philosophy of “Buy Sell Produce Zero” and how the 1% control how much standing surplus labor there is, what if any crumbs are thrown at them and to keep labor supply at 1 job to 10000 people which will very soon turn into even worse odds as machines/robot replacements accelerate, what then? how will continually flooding America with illegal/legal foreigners help keep this bs economy going? whats the plan

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Railway competition for

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And the the self made hierarchies of putting oneself as better then those that act prejudiced and we end up with a massive self aware feedback loop.

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How can i find the melody only?


Human Resources was probably not funded because of the sorry state Planetary Annihilation launched in. It is still unfinished, after they moved to Titans, which owners of PA would still need to pay full price for.

Excellent presentation. One of the coolest I’ve seen



Bernie’s accent is a-doh-rable.

At The School of Life, and anybody well versed in Foucault: does anybody have exact sources and quotes from Foucault about his viewings of history that you summarise near the end of this video, or are these simply attitudes to be inferred after reading all his works?

Very simple language use, thank you very much sir.

Lol humans are resourceful…it really works for me

Always knew young thug was a genius but now it’s confirmed

To bad it didnt get funded i really wanted to play this.

Well, yes, but the indo-Europeans are not all white people, prior to us, the basques dominated Hispanic and Mycenaean all of Greece.

Of a grey, multicultural, racially mixed blob of human resources with either t*ts and v*ginas or else p*nises,

Look up Mase in 97… good rhyme schemes within the song

Jack, if you do more videos of this, why don’t you use the jump command? It repeats the respective lines of command/s.

2. In Search of Lost Time, Wuthering Heights, Count of Monte Christo, The Little Prince, 1984

Now both are almost wholly Islamic and this, again, was not a vague prediction but something very explicit. I can give you a hundred more if you want that require no backbending interpretation to fit.

How can I write about this Social Media and Human Right Violation


Nice lecture:)


I have read him in the past, and he does a lot of talking, so hang on! If anything I can take away from his message is his energy. His energy ignites the GIANT within you. You do not have to be a world renowned, guru, or famous. Your GIANT may not have that capacity, but it certainly encompasses the thing that satisfies you.

In Czech we also use case called vocative case – used to address someone (even something). There is an example: “Good morning, mother!” is “Dobré ráno, matko” (matka is nominative, but matko is vocative). In total Czech uses 7 grammatical cases (nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, vocative, locative, instrumental).



I hope this comes out on mobile this seems like a good game

Excellent series! Thanks for making it. Will become a patreon when I am able.

I don’t know why but that girl (the student, not the teacher) kinda pisses me off real bad with her speech and such… (-_-)

I’m sorry, Jennifer, nice try at normalizing him, but epic fail. Nobody in my family speaks like that, but then, we’re all past the third grade. And you left out the endless repetition of phrases to fill time, since he has nothing to say in the first place. Empty promises and lies.

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Beethoven is the Buckethead of classical music

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The Stranger

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Yeah, but have you read ‘Of Love and Other Demons’? That thing is fire Johnn, gotta put your hands on that book.

Hi! Great videos! Are you planning to do one on Pierre Bourdieu, as well? That would be awesome!! Thank you!

Gotta love those bonus rounds!

What you call arrogance is honesty.

And inflation…. smh.


Verse 2: My head is wet from the rain,

You could have taught him The language of the dragons from Skyrim. Then he could use the thu’um. FUS RO DAH

Most smartest? Alex really need to teach his human grammar.

The only fair and efficient way of allocating income is by limiting differences in income 2 only what’s reqd 2 get people 2 work hard and give max effort

First of all, using the word “retarded” is offensive and dated. Start there…

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I’m learning French but I also want to learn Norwegian as I want to move to Norway 🙂