Current world population by religion


Keep moving forward. a good message…thanks.

“faulter under the stars” haha i see what he did there(;

Prisoner’s dilemma’s lead right into the tragedy of the commons


BIGDICK or firstborn

Practice doesn’t make perfect if your not practicing perfectly

Took this moron 2 years to figure this out? Bill burr said it best. “The difference between Hillary and trump is Hilary will kill someone and bury them and trump just dumps them on the street”

Maybe some kids aren’t ready for college. I think you get what you put in to it. If the lack of doing is driving you nuts; assist graduates with research, apply for internships that give you hands on experience, come up with an independent study project with real world application.

Michel Foucault, who is without doubt a founding father of Queer Theory,

Was that not extremely ironic? It was entertaining, and I want to agree with it, but because it is of itself also that which it criticizes, my agreement/support would be paradoxical. Also, “actioned” is “ugly” because it is not very descriptive (It is not clear what someone may mean if they just say,”he actioned it that day” unlike the other examples you make a comparison to which would communicate a much richer/clearer/vivid idea in the same context: “he actioned [instead try envisioned/sanctioned/etc.] it that day”) and I think even a futrufied Shakespeare would thirst for a less dehydrating word, but do so not because it is new, but rather because it flushes the opportunity to use any of a limitless potential for words that are several times more expressive.

Beethoven. exe

I listen to this while paying my taxes online, it calms down the rage of see my money fly away…

Thank you

I was sure you’d include Solzhenitsyn’s “Archipelago GULAG”. I mean… Harry Potter?


You simplify ielts to me thanx alot.

Of course, the way you have derailed the language is ‘deconstructive,’ which is ironic.

Behaviorism and Developmental Approaches

This me wanna try Buddhism…I’m going to try it.



3:29 its not a stupid fashion choise its a nice shirt!

I notice on, on the bookshelf, among other weighty academic tomes, “The Cat in the Hat” by Dr. Seuss.

I’m not going to fail my Economics class nope!!!

Would be so cool if you analysed Simlish.

This channel is so enlighten, bringing forth the real issues of the human mind, state and our consciousness. I’ll say it’s not religion we need it’s philosophy

I now know more economics than what i learnt in half a semester in college.


Ps: This game awesemo

Let me help all of you. Devote 1 hour a day to learning the language you want to speak. Inspired yet….I actually don’t care just do it and you will learn. TED talks don’t teach languages.

2:32 – 2:34 lool ur sum funny teacher

“NAFTA has had a net positive output on 3 countries.” Nope, sorry, off

Thanks for videos this channel is the best.


Awesome video! I would love to show it in my class. However, I work at a conservative Christian high school. There is no way I could show it because the woman with her breast showing and the scene where the testies fall off of the statue. Please tell me you guys made a version without those in them?!? The scenes didn’t bother me, personally. But they did seem a little superfluous. Let me know if you have another version. Thanks!

Sounds like a character from Harry Potter!

Good Introduction on HRM….this really help me in my Final Year Project…..Thank You

Greatest linguistic president ever!

In a sentence: “nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everybody’s gonna die; come watch TV.”

I sure do enjoy watching theese U tube videos issued by the RSA org.

Your on 7 million!!!!!!!!!! WELL DONE!!!!

I got to take a placement test and hope this helps. Also I never understood the point of writing an essay. I can see if you’re gonna be journalists or reporter but other than that I never had to write an essay in any of my jobs

Gajabbbbb,,,,,,,,,,,style of teaching😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

I’ve stopped at 0:03.



I like this animation

If Obama wasnt elected to president, he would have been a actor

Has there ever been anything Nicolas Cage did that was good?

Eeehhhh what happen to psy chic. Hot intel, too busy, not nuff mony, etc etc!!!! stragt ANALysis with lame narration. I’ll lend a bit

When a parrot is smarter than you…

If you can give us a logical, truthful reason why we should respect you, I will.

Oh fucl yeah, listen to this man sparky


If you love this game I would reccomend you check out SpaceChem ^^ But I have to warn you: SpaceChem gets pretty hard really fast!

Infinite Jest: David Forster Wallace


My native language is Estonian and i would like to learn Russian. If anyone could help that would be amazing 🙂 my instagram is @Annuzkah


Risk management is must in development of medical devices

Fun fact: in modern French, the words “pute” and “putain” both mean “whore”, but in old French, the former was used in the nominative case and the latter with the accusative case.

So fascinating presentation and also good use of ICT techniques, the prefessor seems to be aware of new modern techniques of teaching

Thank u maam

Oh great, a Tai Lopez ad popped up

Agar aap jaisa teacher clg me hota to mera ek second bhi barbaad nahi hota thank u so much sir for this video

As for jobs. Nothing that WW3 won’t solve.


I speak English and Spanish – English is my native language, and I started learning Spanish when I was about 13. The statement about having less emotional bias when working through problems in your L2 (L3, etc.) is very true. I often am able to express my opinions and feelings much more precisely in Spanish, even though English is native for me. When I am upset, angry, etc., my brain also starts to switch over to “Spanish mode” to deal with these feelings. Also, I feel like I have more empathy for others when they talk to me in Spanish versus English. It’s…kinda strange.



Exam tomorrow. Thank God it’s in the afternoon!!!

In that case no one is guilty of murder, maybe greed but not murder.

Hhhhwhat?!! He speaks like that because he is a fucking retard…

During the 1980s the term “gender” became ubiquitous in women’s studies programmes.

Vox, if you register illegally and then voted, then you voted illegally. That’s not hard to wrap your head around.

John: Get a grip, man! You’re reviewing books! You DO NOT need to speak at twice the speed of light! Please slow down! Thanks.

Aright best idea i start a bicycle making business in africa employ africans and then sell bikes for much less then it is in the us.

I dont know

He will rouse


So let me get this straight, I’m clueless because I’m powerless. Many have millions to billions more paper than I do. I’m happy with roof over my head. The rich have that and plus because they sink the “Lower class” in the water for them to have a lifeboat. See why Titanic was epic? People that don’t have nothing was ok with death. They lived a dream. The rich shove them under the rug for their benefit. Just one more minute is all I ask! Now you tell me who appreciates life more. The buy? Or the bought?

I don’t understand how thinking women’s bodies are hot is sexist. The man thought the women were attractive on the shirt so he praises them by wearing the shirt. That doesn’t mean just because a woman is attractive and people recognize that, she can’t still be a successful STEM worker. If anything I would think it would help.

Uh… what? Your bro’s favorite word is Dick-whistle? Or are you addressing us all as your bros, and proclaiming that your favorite word is Dick-whistle, or is it something else entirely? While I admit that pricking people with pedanticism is particularly preposterous among the pantheon of possible points to propose… I seriously have no idea what you’re attempting to express here.

Chomsky posits that the “deep structures” are too difficult for a child to learn in 4 years, including the time in the womb. The “deep structures” if they exist, are the easy part. The surface differences, the vocabulary, the vernacular, is the hard part. Yet the child learns it. There is no reason to assume a “paucity of stimulus”.



“Now let’s master the joy of living”

11: Coming Up For Air

As someone who has been developing his own conlang for a while now, this is definitely a series I’ll be keeping my eye on (although I’m just stuck at the “word-making” stage – I keep resorting to just mashing letters together and seeing the results)

I will play this at my funeral

What is polycarbonate sheet?

Young thug is a musical god, a genius, regular people can’t understand it

Speak English in America, country boy lol.

All of world population growth in the next few years will be from Africa. ALL. So explain to me why importing more africans into (what’s left of) the western world is conducive to your environmentally-minded agenda.

Also we are not prepared to face the robot world unless we find John Conor.

Can you all shut up about being early

And the answer is no because the people obsessed with racism are usually racist the people obsessed with sexism are usually sexist

You should totally make subtitle for everyone to understand…..

You’re very welcome 🙂

“Anthropology as a field has been far from courageous

I wonder if those born in war zones or abusive families have as much trouble believing in aging, sickness and death.



I learned Japanese just so I didn’t have read subtitles in anime, I know I’m a filthy weeb. It did help me get into a good university though so…

Thanks for disproving Will Smith’s bad Nigerian accent. I am Nigerian and that was non-sense. But not all Nigerians use the ‘d’ to pronounce ‘the”. Educated people know to use /th/

Open tablet = > success? Your opinion ≠ fact.

Now we’re all gunna have the same context – reckon the examiners will clock?

Here comes trouble,

Red alert 2. ftw!

I think this looks really good on paper, but then again so did communism. I don’t think it’s possible to unite everyone through empathy. Even if we all could become one big happy country, go walk down the street to the other side of your neighborhood and you will see differences between people’s lives. Just because we all become one country does not mean there isn’t going to be any conflicts and we will all become as he states “compassionate” and “affectionate”

I was writing a story. I was bugged by the lack of sound, i couldn’t think. I put this music on. Ideas flew into my head. Thank you. 🙂

This was exactly what I needed to exemplify the model to the private student I’ve been working with. Thank you for sharing.

And Brazil is good at making coffee.

I need an anger translator! I am so angry that these assholes are still debating climate change and are doing nothing to stop the biggest threat humanity has faced!

Anprim that you? 🤔

Can someone please tell me what the song from the very beginning is?

Imagine your a programmer, and your job is literally trying to make a bot to replace you.

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Hebrew has the possessive which is somewhat like the genitive case. For example we say BAYIT for house, but BEYT-SEFER for school (house of a book). Another example, a queen in MALKAH, but the queen of England is MALKAT ANGLIYA. There are also traces of the dative: BAYIT is a house, but to go home, we change the word BAYIT to HAB-BAYTAH, to the house.

Um! um! um! um! spit it out! spit it out! get to the point! (huh!)

Mr Clifford you save my lifeee!!

Abl. niebieskim piórem / niebieskimi piórami

WHERE IS WARRIORS?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome lecture. You’re the man

Thank you so much for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great video once again!



You can say Taiwan is a region, she is not a country. Since the US government don’t recognize Taiwan as a country.

Amazing and so.. artistic.. I am in love in.

@1:41 ….. wth was that? clue – eye

Can we get there fairly? What’s realistic. Aren’t we stuck? Maybe not. Watch “ManKINDer” on youtube!

Http://chamba. coop/el-trabajo-del-futuro/inteligencia-artificial-adios-al-empleo

Can’t wait for Laozi

The small slappy noises as little joker hit little batman

These are clearly not white ppl talking

Day of the exam!


We need more like you walking on the Earth Emma!


I’m vegan

I feel more ready for my exam with these videos than with the tutors 😐

I’m currently in Delhi.

I’m in college guys. This man is good. Learn from him!

Chomsky didn’t touch none of that Google water shit.

It’s very hard to cure depression when nobody in your life believes that you suffer from it, especially parents. I had been suffering from depression for 3 years already and i hadn’t been treated at all.

Dat was good!….But I didn’t find the sixth episode plz make dat one

Or she should have said aren’t you?



Nice yar friend


He must be protected

Those are good songs tbh

Lol run by ideas and not heirarchy… if GM Holden knows about this, I wouldn’t have left… Kiss ass > team work + great ideas in that place

It’s so easy to who is first language English but also not easy to who is Not English 😀

Super useful videos with a fun twist, would’ve definitely failed my macro final if it wasn’t for videos like this

Mala sent me here. Good man Mala.

I speak Spanish, and I know Latin has gramatical cases and the only latin language who has them now is Romanian. Why did all the other major romance languages lose them? or did they ever use gramatical cases? perhaps ancient Spanish had them?

This is great! Thank you for your effort!

Damn this shit put into words what I been tryna explain to mfs for years 😂🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️


Good thing i am a neet 😀

9. French Department Project Topics and Research Materials for Final Year Students

Where is the danish soft D?

KD a legenda?

You talking so fast

If the one becomes yourself? Then the five may represent family..



It is realistic. if they did not plan to make it like that for realism, then they did it without knowing.

What if that one person is one of your family members? Would you still steer the wheel and kill the one instead of five?

Other(include windmills, solar panels, etc.)


People who find his teachings awesome..are actually dumb.

Buddhism is simply a philosophy that acknowledges that there is nothing satisfactory in the world. He said “all existence is unsatisfactory”, not “suffering exists”. That all things are empty. That there is a part of you that is unconditional. That emptiness is itself empty.

Wonderfully explained

Sir please can you explain classical Employment theory say’s law of market in hindi language

The management of the chain of supply. I like that…helped me a lot…thanks

It is everywhere in pop-culture.

Yello boiis

TLDR: Nietzsche was not a nihilist despite his popularization of the term.

Ummmmmm doesn’ t apply to me at all

That`s just the idiocy cherry on top of the stupidity cake, that consists of these students answers.

Behind any attempt at “making responsible.”

You are a star! Thank you!!!!

A more significant issue may be that queer academics and social scientists are now overtly producing



It is interesting that Sin City and 300 are often praised for being visually faithful to the source material, while Watchman is criticized for focusing too much on being visually faithful. Perhaps this is because the writer of Sin City and 300 is also the artist, while Alan Moore was only responsible for the writing of Watchman. Perhaps it is because Watchman the comic examined so many interesting and complex subjects, while the Watchman the move only cared about the basic plot; meanwhile Sin City and 300 had relatively simple moral stories that could be completely encapsulated in a faithful 2 hr movie adaptation.

My handwriting changes every year to match some of my teacher’s handwritings.

Thanks sir

I feel like Rick has moved Morty around different universes as a baby

Awful audio/video sync

Music makes it hard to hear :<

This is perfect before the AP Exam! Thanks Mr. Clifford!

More like click “bait” get it cuz he said it should be called bait not hook

WOW! Studying for the CFA level one, that was a great breakdown!!!

You should know the behind someone’s goal before you judge them. Everyone has their reasons.

And I should have added to my initial comment that I am an orphan to boot. Trust me, everyone can do do it. EVERYONE!

How to write a critical essay i need an example 🙁

#1 is Startcraft TWO? WTF… Starcraft 1….

Supreme clientele is the best hip hop album ever

Cant hurt Szgerle or any of us for that matter. even those of us who think have it all worked out.