Frankly, the guy is a menace and needs to get more in touch with the truly worrying state of the planet – we’re already in overshoot for a 3rd of the year while more than 50% of the people on the planet still aspire to higher living standards. Since we’ve grown from 4 billion to 7.2+ billion, we’ve wiped out 50% of all other species and currently wipe out around 200 species a year. And this while we’re still growing at 80 million a year and on track to top 11 billion with perhaps 12 countries free from conflict.

Dumbfounded PC Gamers will no doubt donate being amazed by the flashy graphics since that’s all they play games for. If they were console gamers who actually played games for what they were about then this kickstarter wouldn’t do shit.

Google will never be old fashioned it will update itself!!

So if the box is bigger, then there is more total revenue?

When intertextuality fails: batman vs. superman.

Hey Mr. Clifford just wanted to say thanks for your amazing teaching. I am a second degree student and passed the Macroeconomics CLEP with your Review Packet and videos. Thank you for putting out such a high quality product.

Happy 10 years

Bfme 2 is amazing

Who’s not looking forward to the 2017 english lit exams

GOD BLESS YOU. Keep posting, I will continue to learn even after my IELTS exams.

She is just as geeky as i am, but too awesome!!!


I don’t really get what’s hindering women from entering stem classes? What do you want people to do? Tell every woman I know she should’ve studied engineering? How about fields that are dominated by women? Is that sexist also?

I love how you make academics seem like a craft!

Help me.

I would love to see you active on /r/conlangs its a great conlanging community! maybe post this video there!

Yeah Economic growth happens because the central bank controls inflation. Gee if cavemen had only had central banks we would have advanced so much sooner. 🙄



Thats nive love from pakistan

Your fucking good

I agree about the DRM. It is good Spore sucked because with the DRM it has I can not play it anymore. Yes I am one of the suckers who bought spore. So if it has DRM I won’t buy it. Now I will even then play Planetary Annihilation but weather or not I pay them depends if it has DRM or not. With DRM I dont buy.

@whole27, for 30 years I believe the BS. I saw how preachers use it to control the mindless. One day I was in service and the preacher was talking about Noah. I said to myself, WTF. For the first time in my life I went and did the research and the reading and what I found opened my eyes to the truth. All religion is man made and none of it from the so called Almighty One. Even the earthquake in Haiti proves it more to me that there is no invisible one up there. It is all about the mind.

1 comment like = 1 support to the teachers in each vid

In latin, there were six case inflections, but in portuguese, my mother language, there is no grammatical case. Only the personal pronouns change their form depending on their function in the sentence. English and most of the modern romanic languages are similar in this grammatical feature.

Dope im probably gonna get a A tomorrow.

Definitely need more of these – could do an entire episode on Sports figures (John Goodman as Babe Ruth) or Presidents (Josh Brolin as Bush)


Is it important to tell language students about the three kinds of meaning?

Im not englush or american but i understanfd the language

Tom Hiddleston’s Hank Williams/Robert DeNiro/Owen Wilson

Comic Sans is a great font for presentations.

You are from roots

If somebody’s shirt makes you think twice about entering the field you’re passionate about, you’ve already lost.

“They even got Peter Molyneux from Microsoft!”

Omg i cant believe he died :'(


This video made me feel so much better about my life.



3. Ulysses – James Joyce (extreme variety of narrative)

So it’s evolving mumble rap?


Cossacks should’ve been in the list.

Imagine watching this high it must be horrible

Where are the pellasgo-illyrians?

Honestly major respect for you to rhyming this whole video its music to my ears man

We are not allowed to use fountain pen..

@mrjuliosays I do have a copy of the research I cited. I will post it in my website after I get the virus cleaned out of it.

How do you act without a purpose, what does it mean to “act” if there is no purpose,? Even if you act without purpose it’s still a purpose.

Long Live IRAN

Tropical diseases and insects in India, as well as their soldiers and

I really like this vid but who else thinks he sounds like lester from GTA?



Pretext of assigning guilt. All primitive psychology, the psychology of will, arises

I’ve got a project to do, and here I am, scrolling through the comments! I should get back to work. >.>

Very nicely presented.

Lmfao y’all are taking this toooooo deep now.

Love your vids! You’re my hero!

Modern French doesn’t have a trill. The r is usually a fricative.

Your videos are very helpful. Thanks. Keep on with the gr8 tips.

See the Real sankrith

“there are adds extra words that are not needed” ~ hum unless you are a student who has to write a “500 word essay” or even more lol

Love this story

Since the guy is talking too fast i muted the video and opened only the subtitles :ı

This teacher is good, but he’s trying to be sarcastic which i find not funny

For that…ss

Https://sites. check this out

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No, it’s not because of us!, it’s because of other people.

All the freak-loving Hillary supporters on here disrespecting OUR PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP are just downright jealous that their career criminal, traitorous, low intelligence lesbian cunt did not prevail. There is a God!

Hi Jade, I found your channel through your What I did to get 9 A* video, which is a coincidence cause I’m currently going through my IGCSE 😂 I have to say I really enjoy your positivity! I watched this video even though I don’t take English literature, but boy did it make me realize I need to brush up on my English haha😂I’m really looking forward to more videos~

Try get a job / education or career with home-schooling.

Uhm the point that went up ended up in the same place as the point that went right, up, left



This is what I imagine with the @LockSchuppen, an entrepreneurial think tank where people can really strive to their inner strengths.

So I must speak 7 languages BUT STILL I’M DUMB AS FUCK

Thank You.

Us humans working is great enough the robot can just help around or play not harm or anything that deals harm like help cooking or comfier you when sad.

Dear sir, the oldest language in the world is TAMIL, it takes a many decade to you speak fluently 🙂

This was uploaded about a month before he died.. He will always be remembered as great human being. You thought me something today.. Life’s precious. RIP wherever you’re now :'(

Very nice


Thank you so much. I was having anxiety on doing my Psychology Critical Review assignment but the way this video delivers all the information that doubles well with the provided guidelines, I feel much more at ease. Even just looking at the word differently from Critical to Evaluation helps bring concerns down so much. Thank you again for making this video available.

Surely the coolest man alive

Sir you are doing a great job..keep it up!


Why they chose to reconstruct Proto-Romance *octo instead of *opto? Is there a hidden logic here?

I laughed so hard my cat thought I was crazy.

Umbrella Corp lol

Cute kids! love it

I think this dude was on cocaine.

God I love Bernie’s accent.




Shut up Meg.

I have a new respect for martin shkreli he g af

Dont even talk about socrates, aristotle, and plato

Shut the fuck up kids…

This guy is so gay for Ledger.

“use respectful words” whilst calling people retarded xD

I would argue that if Jim was killed to save the 5 patients, this would be the correct decision.

Can anyone translate that Galifrean on the board?

Idk y but evertime i see Adrain Hill, I think of Hillary Clinton

I just love your videos, there’s nothing else to say.

Well… it is always tricky to give the idea that everyone would learn at the same pace and reach the same goal in 6 months. I have been teaching for more than 20 years and I have seen so many different situations… that I am always careful when people ask me how long it will take them to be fluent in French. But there is one important fact that people should never forget and it is that we can ALL learn a foreign language, and it will take the time that it will take. Especially when we are talking about French language 🙂

I love Young Thug and so many people hate how he raps, people don’t know how good he actually is lmao

Dayum, you guys are going east.

If you want to practice writing and chatting about IELTS topic you can join our Telegram group telegram. me/IELTSpractice

but think of the proverbial butterfly, whose flapping wings, it is alleged,

Hey! Great vid. Could you do a video on note taking on a book? Like do you underline, use stickies, or what?


“Green” was and is not a government movement or a product of regulations. It is the product of consumer desire. ‘Same with “cruelty free” testing of products, etc. You want clean water, so does your next door neighbor and everyone else. Producers pander to consumer impressions and desires.



Hahahahahahahahahahahaha it’s so stupid

Loved it! this one is so creative! i wish we had thought of this for our video.

So this is where Vladamir Putin is when not invading the Ukraine!

6 NEEDS WE MUST HAVE: 1.certainty,

JUST imagine, it’s A Scientifically Proven Fact there is a planet out in space similar to Earth. It also has the qualities to have life on it, however No life was found. But that’s just what we are ‘told’

Warcraft 3

However we should not mix the coming of PEI with the native indigenous inhabitants of Europe….See who are the most native and ancient from the Early Neolithic…

You make it look so easy

AP Hillmon: What is the majority of muslims in Iran?

Very good…sir can you plzz make history videos as well?

Yeah i know but this is for informative essay or argumentative

Very helpful, thank you 🙂

Childabuse ffs

Only 1 minute in and already the message is corrupt. Using politically correct language like “privilege”and “problematic” serves literally no purpose other than as a show of faux virtue. Notions of civilization are problematic… yeah, sure, tell me which you would prefer to live in – a mud hut in the African savanna or London, for example?

As an educator for the New York City School system for the last thirteen years, much of What Chomsky says here rings true to my ears. Education is supposed to be about the student, not the nation. Making it about the latter gets into the just the type of Orwellian indoctrination Noam is mentioning here. Students should focus on the skills of questioning, analyzing, evaluating, and changing society. Instead they are pawns in the political games of the egocentric.

Guys this is uploaded in 2011 WTF

I read the book

The “Noli me tangere” and “el filibusterismo”.



It was very helpful. i appreciate you effort to help us in this way.

I’m applying to four veterinary medicine, and the fifth will be Animal Behaviour, Welfare, and Ethics. Is this too different?

This video is itself a sham – there was only ONE trick pointed out, because she is too complex for the two people in this clip

Can we download the slides or presi or whatever you made this with, I would like to slow down, read and take in the things you talk about, in my own time.

NOthing to say but I know the algorithm favours videos with more comments, so.. yeah. Loved it.

Thank gos they fixed this in the patch

Cheers jonny

You’re really awesome

Qggt pqpqqñVy

Hey mrbruff hope you read this. is the extract you showed us the 2017 exam paper then?

Typical New Yorkers at 0:14, exiting through the ‘No Exit’ sign….Some things never change

Sir… what about the monotonic preference????

I could be wrong with this thought but before Central Banking took over most of the world didn’t Things become cheaper and money become more valuable before fiat currency. So with automation things should become extremely cheap and some things will become free if there wasn’t an action called inflation making objects more expensive

We should be exploring outside and living the 21 st cenTury

Gud work man

Technical quibble.



Try the Heart of Darkness

This video makes actually A LOT of sense if you are open minded and dont conform to an ignorant form of thinking. This speech helped me make over 34k in a week, and 2 weeks before that I was unemployed and I have no final formal education, havnt even graduated. Looks like you need to start looking at things differently, because trust me, this makes sense.

Very helpful

This was so great I could cry. Nothing like like my lecturers in the UK

Thanks..Its helps me lot…

1.repeat, repeat, repeat->persist

When you say that my statement of qualifications must support my resume. Can you provide an example of this.

He speaks like a 5 year old lier.

I cannot thank you enough for this video. Many thanks! It’s not often you find gold on youtube

I graduated School when I was 19, then I went to London to work as an AuPair (I’m German) which was honestly the best year of my life, but when I came back it was too late to apply for Uni, so I stayed home for a year and worked at a Supermarket. Now I’m 21 and I just started Uni in Berlin, but I didn’t get the letter that said my korean class started two weeks early which is why I’m so far behind I’m not sure if I can ever catch up and I also can’t find a room to rent and don’t know anyone here so I’m wondering why I even wanted to come here in the first place, but if I drop out now I’m gonna have to wait another whole year.. I just don’t know what to do

Hi, I enjoyed your video! Could you maybe do one over the gender parts of languages? It’s hard to understand for me. Thanks!

(for those who don’t know, auto is the Dutch word for car)

Great presentation. We all live this everyday so its nice to see it simplified in such a way. Of course, there are a lot of variables but that would be a very long video. lol

You won, I don’t know what but you won.



What is the difference between the Volumes?

Just an


You’re wrong on this one. By a lot.

They didn’t think about just letting nature decide and wait for the first one to die.

Saxon dialect is generally disliked. Sorry, Saxons, personally I don’t really mind it that much (though it is hard to understand for an Austrian), but the reaction towards it is generally negative, especially in the parts of Germany that used to be West Germany. I do not know for sure why that is the case, probably because it is the proverbial “Ossi” (East German) dialect. Yes, even 25 years after the reunion the country didn’t really grow back together yet.

Such a true to life thing

I love his enthusiasm

Terrified me to the very core 😨

Thank you!

What about the implication

Was anyone else hoping that Enders Game would get at least an honorable mention, that book is phenomenal

Im 14 and i got 16-21 thats fairly good

10/10 great

You are the best, Salute

Albeit this sounds good in theory, however, quite the converse of each of these is true for Trump. Each of the negative has worked quite well for him. I would have believed this prior to the 2016 presidential campaign.

With Foucault his value seems to be that the dismissal of the facts in history is useful for its own sake even if this resistance is based on inaccurate informaiton?

Hey Mr. Clifford, I just wanna thank you for your videos, they really helped me!! I just had my Macro mock and got an A, only because I bought the activity packet not long ago and used your videos to help me review for this mock. Econ was a bit confusing at first but your videos explained everything. Also the activity packet is legit SOOOO HELPFUL and I recommended it to so many of my friends. They got the packet too. You’re an awesome teacher and THANKS SO MUCH for your contribution!!