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Other than that i liked it

Why does this man remind me of Steve jobs? Not like Steve jobs did anything like this?

Judith Butler does this all the time. She makes no qualitative distinction between her lesbianism,

“house husband” lol

I just want it all to end..!?

This niggas thinking too hard, he’s just rapping bruh.

What about Pennsylvania Dutch? The Amish use it here.

Very easy language 👌

If I recall reading about it, didn’t Sartre embrace theism on his deathbed? Which totally ticked off his partner Simone de Beauvoir

Thank you for sharing.

All other movies use it but Marvel don’t and that’s why movies look more realistic, what they probably intented to do. I personally like this better. Looks more realistic and classy

Love it

Nope prefer the dull look, makes it less DC movie looking

This is what FASCISTS DO WHEN FASCISM has gained a foothold! The inverted fascist totalitarian corporate coup d’etat is complete! We have a hollowed veneer of democracy and institutions in name only! This will all end badly!

Just gotta watch his eyes and see that he just hopes for the best.

Plants you shouldn’t eat.

The plug

Boy it all came together when I was born. My fathers “devil may care” attitude, as well as his substance abuse tendencies, and my mothers family’s hyper existential awareness. Weak willed and pessimistic white trash with no motivation and a 120 I. Q. I’m a ticking time bomb. I want vengeance… For being born… Fuck the human condition and it’s sick twisted creator. I don’t want this and I didn’t ask for it, yet I can’t help but be scared of the next step because that is the “natural” response. This existence is cruel and unusual punishment. An entire worthless species born with terrible anxiety. What higher power would play such a sick fucking joke? I don’t get it. I’m broke now and I’ve run out of alcohol and cocaine. They just turned my Netflix off. If I had more self control over my financial situation and didn’t compulsively blow every dime I earn, via back breaking manual labor, on my several addictions i’d buy a pistol and end it. Y’all think I’m playing. George Carlin, my figurative god stand in, come to me and tell me this is all an elaborate hoax. Wretched fucking ape I am!!!!! You bunch of fools!!!!! I’m better than you animals why was I cast down amongst you?

Nerdfighter Brethren: if you HaVe to read a non-fiction book…try “Stiff” by Mary Roach (in the medical area of your fav bookstore). It’s actually quite funny! A reporter writes about several different things that would happen to your cadaver if you donate it to “science”. Kind of embarrassing if you get caught laughing out loud whilst reading such a book, but sometimes laughing crazily has to happen!

Net neutrality is bring eroded just one way power is trying control the web



+3:12 “…lean how to play…”

Ridicule straightness, dress up in drag, and perform pastiche.

And it’s easy for you to criticize unfairly, and I guess it is a mission for you to make a video like the one she did….

You’re awesome, thanks for this!


That’s why I don’t like them

He is really good at teaching

For everyone saying he was being treated poorly, read her book about him. It’s called Alex and Me. It’s a great book and it shows that she really gave him a lot of attention.

Ps civil war sucked and the story was awful compared to the original story

Now that’s a better explanation for the jesus myth then anything I’ve heard yet… Mary was a maniac

Just eat it instead of doing math with it


To explain all of human behavior but this misconception

What a brilliant talk on how English is altered all over the world! Thanks a lot!

I’ve got a pretty big test in econ coming up and you are seriously saving my ass. If I pass….I’m going to send you a pizza….with “ACDC” spelled out with peperoni

Oh fuck off. This environmentalist bullshit is exactly what we don’t need

The intelligence quotient of the majority seems infantly low.

Nice video



In Christ,

(on a larger scale, of course)

I wish I cared more when I was younger. Starting further education now.

Thank you!

So watch movies like star wars when Luke fights the empire


How much LCD do you think was used in the creation of this video?

How can you be so hot🔥

I appreciate your support, but let’s be straight. I’m never going be as successful as Bill Gates or Steve. Know why? because they are intelligent people. i don’t even know what investment is. I’m majoring in History but what the hell am i gonna do with that. Even i think it’s a bullshit subject.

“caste” did not originally exist in Ancient India, and was actually

10:23 , Bro’n those traps for the camera

This is really helpful, so if I analyse a quote in detail but don’t give another interpretation as there isn’t any, then can I still get an A.

This is amazing. Luther sums up my internal thoughts

I love your voice!

Furniture holy boyfriend representative traffic diet text not.

If it’s not. meaning, it’s someone’s reponsibilty to make sure that the trolley is properly working and I’m just appointed to drive it. I will let the trolley kill the five.

Duration : 1 month, Fees Rs.4000/-

He’s fucking corny, I know you all r really trying hard to have your Tarzan over the jungle but he is lame

Wait?! you were able to download this game on steam over the weekend? Fuuuuuck! I missed it and ive been waiting for this for so long :'(



Crashcourse, crashcourse! Do Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, or Metamorphosis by Kafka or Little Prince!

And collaboration, but our political and religious leaders constantly engage in

Compare “The supreme good is like water” and “The best man is like water” . the first translation is better than second one.

Well than we have to depopulate the world with a pandemic and a few people can act like rich pensioned people playing golf swimming playing card gambling and other people are no longer needed like slaves and robots do the work, so no human needed any more, only causes trouble…

Value: A-

Losing jobs is only a bad thing when we actually need jobs; as humans become less necessary for work, work becomes less necessary for humans.

[Chorus]We’re no strangers to love

How dare you! You are totally wrong lady. With all due respect, he talks like no one I know or any family members of mine, or friends. My family is articulate and well spoken, and we are very middle class. He speaks the way he does is because he does not READ and is completely inarticulate. What is even sadder is that he is proud of that fact that he does not read. Reading not only builds your vocabulary, but also shows you how to use words in their correct context. Reading also helps with a person’s imagination. Imagination is something very lacking with Mr. Trump. I would bet good money that he could not name a single Pulitzer Prize winning book, or name 10 best selling novelists in the past 10 years.

Eeeemmm… im not sure if this is THAT important… i never thought of that, and i always thought that mcu movies looked alot better than dceu movies

It was brought about logically, but I suppose it was just the logical means to an illogical end.

Or creed and there is no mention of a race-based caste system in

Or do your work like Rihanna:

Actually we are forced or else we fail social studies… and our teacher is mean…

Indian bastard

It’s really owsm sir apke padhne ka style bhot he mast hai

It’s 2017 now.

The sticker at the back of the laptop says “this machine kills fascists” lol.

I agree with your points but your examples remind me of a 360p divx rip of a spanish soap opera

Fascinating man that exposed aspects of society that are hidden to most people. I hope I’m as active and lucid as he is at his age.

Marvel films are ruining cinema in every aspect

Mr. Clifford, I don’t know if you’re ever going to read this, but I had a really bad teacher and followed your videos all year long and at the end of the year I got a 4 on the AP exam and received college credit. Thank you for what you do.

Decide what is better for you a paper book or an e-book. Many of the e-readers by Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo have dictionaries pre-loaded on their devices, with options to download additional ones, for free. If you do not have an e-reader, you do not have to buy one, because you can download it as a free app to your phone and use it right away. Writing your own notes, searching or making highlights is ridiculously simple with an e-reader or e-reading app. Anything you do with an e-book is also synced to the cloud, ensuring any change will follow you, no matter what device you are on.

U question 7 ummmmmm.. uhm i am just using my phone now y u ask me um duuuh😐

You really didn’t say nothing about what Buddhism is about? To finally get out of the cycle of reincarnations and stop our suffering? Nothing really lol?



LOL the inbox outbox game is like ladder logic program.

Chomsky: Capitalism is evil.

This is so true, it’s scary. P. S. I get like 13+ hours of sleep a day. I wouldn’t be able to function on 7

Saw the Gallifreyan, blanked out half the video thinking about the Doctor Who reference.

* 42 swans

(status form) as / like dog = kutyaként / ebként (essive-formalis)

This woman must be on drugs. I literally do not know anybody that massacres the English Language so thoroughly. I would think that a linguist would be less forgiving. I’ll bet she enables her children and gives them trophies for waking up in the morning.

What iis a microcosm?

Hi…liz..thanks for such a good lesson. could you tell me please how i can get the 5.5 in writing because i already gave the exams but i could not got the 5.5.i l just obtained the 5 band. could you help me how i can increase my band.

And these same freaks would know the detailed history of statue of liberty but would do a LOL at the mere mention of the works of the likes of Sushruta.

I read Romeo and Juliet last trimester in English class, and it was a pretty good play except for that Romeo and Juliet are both complete dofuses… dofi?

There is only one barrier to fake news, genuine critical thinking, that more than an isolated event of analyzing a particular article, critical thinking is a daily practice, is like going to the gym every day to keep yourself in shape, the same goes with critical thinking, you should practice every day, be aware of your bad habits of thought and change them, identify deep hardcore beliefs, and try to take the opposite position, for instance if you are deep believer of the free market, take the other position. This requires some mental hygiene, some emotional intelligence to be able to disconnect any emotional attachment to those concepts, ideals & values you hold dear and very close to you, and see them as the opposite position, with the example of the free market, if you think is about freedom and that emerges from freedom try to take the position that is against freedom, or that isn’t about freedom at all, what freedom means to you, change that meaning, etc.

Eastern philosophy is incomplete without ” meditation”

Over Analyser!

Lets take a moment of silent to bless and thank god for this man


How about Chekhov, if not Dostoevsky? Or Lertmentov or Bulgakov. 🙂 I am always interested in what you put out, Alain

Good speech

Frodo is not human hes a hobbit

Commision paid to sales staff 10

LOL “are you a lesbian?” it was a victim of hate speech!!

Its so thick I can taste the Post-Modern Neomarxism

My personal favorite conlang, toki pona, features 14 sounds:

I don’t understand why this has to be a binary issue. I’m sure there’s innate, statistical differences between the sexes that go beyond the genitalia and the body. But there’s also plenty of data about people exaggerating their gender-specific qualities when they have the incentive to appear more desirable for outside observers. So even though sexuality is heavily bounded by biology, there is a cultural and performative component to it which we must understand in order to understand the human condition. Let’s stop this silly either-or bickering.



Snapchat susanjames123

Mark cuban?

I don’t care that I’m 27. I wanted the muppets to teach me O_O

A US president should be smart and well spoken. Someone with a deep vocabulary to express bold ideas of a nation. Just ask George W. Bush. 😂

I wonder how just are the so-called “points-based immigration” policies which are so popular in Western countries? Instead of fully banning immigration the policy gives right of immigration to individuals that acquire certain amount of points in age, education, health, employability, etc. Is it not like eating the weakest, i. e. cabinboy? Or maybe justice cannot be applied to people from abroad?


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Kickstarter and things like it are great, but honestly I think if you put huge amounts of money into a game. You should get some share of the profit, because, it is probably pretty useful getting all the profit rather than dividing it up with the Publishers.

Btw congratulations on getting 25K it’s amazing how you’ve grown from a 100 subscribers to 25K in one month!!!! Xx

Wait, Human Resources didn’t get funded??? fuck dude, I saw the trailer for that and thought it looked rad. sucks it didn’t get funded

He was truly one-of-a-kind

Do you have to re-do some of the pieces to have such amazing result?

There are radical muslims and moderate muslims: A radical muslim wants to behead you! A moderate muslim wants a radical muslim to behead you.

Wubba lubba dub dub!!!!



Notice how there is a pronunciation of ay-e-ac-in that keeps repeating

All animals are dead

How about this approach: self confidence comes from accepting your good and bad sides. Accept that you’re worse in some things than some other people, but also better at something. It’s completely ok to not be amazing at hockey or giving good speeches.

(I think (if memory serves) it was Rousseau who said _ society that makes claims to “being Civilized” by how that society treats its most _ members”_ )

Yo voy por el episodio final del juego a mi me parecio facil y no es porque sea un prodigio de matematicas : la solucion es :!!! AVESTRUZ. Exe!!

Can you please do George Orwell’s 1984

I am creative yay

But then when I saw Christian people in the United States with their up tight and short dress, accessories everywhere, talking to other girls with prideful, the guys wore amazing tuxedo and comparing one another tuxedo or saying how cool the tuxedo was and also some kids were just playing with their ipads and ipads without talking to other kids or elderly people there, i walked down the church while i was running in the evening, then some of them looked at me like i was kind of Asian shit around their church, I felt really broken. Is this how Christian people dress, treat, other people around? is being prideful and wealthy and rich is the most important?

Please please please reply me back 😄😁

I meant the necessary anatomy not the necessary physiology

Except Aristotle was right about dolphins being mammals and that, in many stories, the main character has both a recognition and reversal. So he was right at least twice which is more than being right at least once which is the minimum amount to avoid being 100% wrong 100% of the time! XD

I love your videos! They are amazing! Are you planning on making a unit 2 practice question video like you did for unit one?

This lasted for some seconds.. I think my body couldn’t take it. I tell you I was an atheist. I hated religion. That day after the experience (it happened the first night we bombed Iraq) I fell to my knees and said “thank you.” To Whom I don’t know.

Interesting talk. I’m a native Korean and it took me about a year of full immersion to achieve conversational English fluency. I remember enduring many humiliating moments when I would jack up words or phrases but you have to forcefully push through that if you want to gain mastery of a language. This naturally becomes harder to do as you get older unless you’re extremely extroverted and thick skinned.

WRONG! The chicken crossed the road to avoid those greedy carnivores. Yes, it refused to be eaten. My name is Chicken Keeper and I approved this.



Is this guy an educator or comedian? Apparently he’s both and he seems quite effective at them as well.

-Jo Rowling, the deathly hallows.

Thank u for your channel

Robert from Canada. My heart goes out to you. I know exactly how you feel and walk in your shoes. with love and hope!

Also, I wonder why the Andronovo and Afanasievo cultures are ignored? And why are the the Cimmerans and Scythians shown to already enter the worldstage 2000 BCE? IIRC they should be placed much much later, sometime in antiquity.

Why these fckers at ted talks all look like overconfident and arrogant Bond villains? Extremely annoying to listen to these God like (in their minds) creatures.

Can you guys tell about Neo classical and Keynesian school of economics? And also I would like to know about Mercantilism and Physiocracy.

I love the music!!!!!!!!

Yes 3:12

Thanks sir 4 making economics so easy.

Allinta chay musicachata

Probably my favourite TED Ed of all

Please upload video in 720p hd

Just the smoking problem was kinda weird—quantity demand changing for youth smokers vs. adult smokers.

I really like Adrienne. She’s a good teacher.

Who needs Eminem when you’ve got this video



Hablar de tu puta vida………quien te de derecho hijo de puta

In the first minute, I heard the linguist call most Americans as lacking education. Her comment doesn’t speak well for American education nor most Americans. Sad.

I suggest to write a little bigger letters. 🙂

You damn right its a joke bitch

5:31 chinese jennette mccurdy

Obama is my favourite president

Wrong wrong wrong. my god, i live in northumberland ( northumbria) your timelines are out.

And my point is then if you have limited channels of educability, perhaps you are not all that educable? Those of us who are educable can learn in any way needed.

Am I the only one who read broad strokes of Farenheit 451 in the movie Equilibrium? Or was it too obvious?

You’re nuts, go get some help. The psychology of the brain proves you right wing morons wrong in every way.

However, I do not know how to calculate opportunity cost PER UNIT. Perhaps I missed this explanation in the Unit 1 Basic Concepts? If so, please refer me to the right part of the video. Or, could you please refer me to material that teaches me step by step how to calculate opportunity cost per unit? I may need to do this on my exam and will have to do it to demonstrate Terms of Trade.

This linguist is not exactly practicing a science that is exact. There is lots of guess work involved.

I really enjoy and value your perspectives on Proto-Indoeuropean religious praxis, proto-mythological reconstructions, and psychological themes (eg. the ghosti principle, etc.).

OOMG I’m loving your vids! I’m not an architect but I do have a model railroad I want to make custom structures for! I would screamingly love to see your layout if you ever start one! What would be the best way you recommend to glue printed texture printouts to cardboard, foamcore or such? I find glue sticks don’t perform that well.

Young thug>2pac SIMPLE

“PLay through the tutorials to lean how to play the game”


Great job


She hit the nail on the head. I’d rather have a president who speaks down to earth like Trump does, than have a president who speaks like a cool, smarmy, deceitful snake such as obummer did. Charming demon from hell he was….

Gotta make you understand



That faction is already conducting massive ‘Stealth Humanocide’ [Stealth “Eugenics”] — even PUBLICLY declaring their ‘“95% global human population reduction”’ goal — via their ‘servant-dictator’-induced and global arms cartel-induced “civil wars”, their global drugs cartel [heroin, crack cocaine, etc.], the toxicity and ‘side-effects cascades’ engineered into their ‘pseudo-medicines’, including ‘pseudo-vaccines’, by the Rockefeller-AMA-Pharmaceutical Industry, and via engineered ‘pseudo-foods’, etc., all of which together induce mass chronic disease — diabetes, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, autism, chronic pain/opioid addiction/overdose/mass death — plus their “genetically-engineered”, or “genetically modified [GMO]” [genetically “enhanced”],‘designer diseases’, e. g., Lyme, AIDS, Ebola, Zika, etc.

Wow this is soooo different

Ni hâo ma?


I am surprised at that an American English to develop only takes weeks. I thought it would take several decades. Therefore, I finally knew a new language can be shaped in short period of time after I watch this video. And languages could be influenced by culture, history and so on. So I think that’s why the world Englishes has been produced.


If you never give up on anything, are you giving up on giving up?🤔

Nice job, host. We appreciate it.

At my school we had something like this called club code

Those who r watching this video….. They r superb bcoz sir is the best teacher of economics nd I m from shri lanka

This makes me hate people more

Can anyone recommend research paper writing company?

Our fate lies in the hands of the things we love, and sometimes the things we love are the things that lead us to the destruction of ourselves. – R. M. Drake

These videos all day.

I will find you

That Persian song at intro got me like :’)

Damn All she does is press buttons all day.

Thank you sir for your lecture. I am from Bangladesh, and i am a student of Bangladesh University. I select HRM on my major subject. your lecture is very helpful for me

Useful vidéo I prepare my Bsc in HR in France, thank you very much to share your HRM courses…

Solution? Don’t ever interview her.

I guess I’m just talking to myself.

How can anybody be happy and feel free, knowing about the killings and tortures and suffering going on for millions of people and animals on this planet – and even call it progress?