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But for troubleshooting and maintenance (as well as design), its easier to have only as many as you need. (And to have the right one for its place, but that aside…)

She needs to learn from Noam Chomsky.

Aw um buying the dvd einstein the talking texan parrot sent me here xxx god bless alex

Thnx fr thz Definition..Ur wording nd Example r Damn easy…..or bahut ache se samajh Aya..πŸ˜‡


Stop the video for each page and read.

I searched for IB ECO HL REVISION and this came up.. does this video follow the IB Syllabus?

Its a full priced game, why would it not be.

Not done puking yet. it just pisses my off that those who try to preach economics and think their knowledge of it is infallible do not truely understand a fucking thing. they just know what they have been told and then search for reasons as to why what they have been told is true and infallible. what if the price control/time limit/cap for a mortgage was 5 years? would it then be considered a price control just because the time limit changed? what about car loans? 7 years bitch. thats a price control. what if car loans were not capped or price controlled at 7 years? what if instead of car loans being price controlled at 2 years? would it then be all of a sudden a price control? why is it that the only time i ever hear about price controls is about how they are communistic in nature and you usually hear about them in reference to a poor employee who wants more value for his work from his rich boss? only then do you hear price controls and commie this and commie that. if you are a real advocate of free market capitalism you would be against the price control of 30 year mortgage, 7 year car loan, 40 hour work week, i could do this all day

Just followed Joss on Twitter she’s gorgeous & lover her soft voice lol

After reading about it I’m still unclear about the Fluent aphasia – are the thoughts in his head jumbled or are they normal? Thank you

Nailed it!

What do you think? Is this helpful? Let me know

And she also uses slang to reach the younger crowd I’m guessing, BFF and Hot Mess etc…

Not a bad list but missing some big ones

The Daily Show had a Three Episode About Iran Witch I really Like You To Watch πŸ™‚

I am a cordinate bilingual cause i am brazillian and i learn wnglish with 14 years old

I like how he smaked the seal and takes its fur thats nagic for you but please dont abuse animals

Lol I want to see how he’d react to “Kryptonian” (a. k.a. Esperanto, according to Superman/Batman: Apocalypse)

The astonishing life of octavion nothing traitor to the nation

WTF, Homeworld one of the first real 3D RTS games?

I define “exploitation” as “the usage of a person’s work capacity to gain profit while not paying the respective person a) a wage sufficient to realize his human rights in the country he is residing in or b) a wage above a) but not adequate to the amount & importance of the work”. And since I have been to China twice, I must admit that the working conditions at the local fabrics are exploitative and therefore unbearable. The same problem exists in South Asia. One cannot deny this.



I’m very emotionally attached to this channel…I learned very much…😘😘😘☺😎😒

0:48 lol gj there

Go to their website, click preorder, and one of the packages has the soundtrack

Could you do an updated version of this for the new 9-1 GCSE?

Thank you!

Planetary annihilation 2.0 got cancelled… God dammit.

Sir ur lectures r awesome.

I love how the graphic of the marketing guy is a guy standing with his hand out expecting money lol.

The most talented vegan ever

Economy class lo sir voice clearrity ga hundi but other sirs voice not clearrity

One of the best posts I’ve seen in my years on YouTube. Thank you.

Once again, my writer has delivered. It’s not as great as my last order was but I am still confident that I will get Merit. Sometimes, I wait until the last minute, but you people always come through.

The reason i put the word End in quotes is that the first two really don’t “End” Suffering, they merely stop suffering – for one person.

To boring

So I am 57 with a mental age of 21-29 so now what age woman do I date

Not enough notes.

Because I copied what I just wrote

Plz make the video straight

35:49 Does this guy realize old school Mexican involves the female being dominant in the family?

Am I the only one who feels… these teachings of Daoism similar to some extent to the teachings of Bhagavad Gita?

This people believes in cows than God, fuck Hindu ignorant people i hate them fuck u



A video tutorial on interpreting body language probably needs bodies in motion whose language can be interpreted. Just a suggestion.

Great gujarat model

Very useful but too fast…

Self confidence is believing in yourself although you. may think no one else would

Hi liz,

You’re an amazing teacher, I have not understood anything in my introduction to econ lectures in uni. You have taught me economics and I’m so grateful. My sister even knows not to disturb me with my lessons with mr Clifford now haha! Thankyou so much!!

Whereby she is taught to be sweet and soft and gets the Barbie doll,

Yes please

Where can i find the syllabus?

Ppl are making a lot of jokes but youll soon see……..

This video is a representation of what my mind constantly thinks about.

DAS Kind hat das Spielzeug.

Would you mind if I used this Prezi in my classroom?

(2014.07.09, 18:55) i guess i’ve found the moral principles to explain why the majority voted to steer the train to kill 1 instead of 5 workers, but against pushing the fat guy down to save 5: there are two categorical principles involved here – 1. Do no harm when ppl are not in harm’s way; 2. When ppl are already in harm’s way, minimize the evil.



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I was so confused on this topic. I’m so glad I found this!! THANK YOU

Those 5k dislikes are feminists

Home schooling

8. Steal the Show by Michael Port

Please do George Orwell!!

Thank you and have a good night.

Can you do an episode on TTIP please

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Yeah, he speaks in a less formal manner than other people in authority. But President Obama was more casual and still maintained a certain decorum. He was relaxed and still civil. These traits she claims make Trump more accessible are ones that I have always found to be phony and extremely annoying no matter who does them. Politicians are full of crap, Trump, who is not a politician, is thoroughly untrustworthy. No matter how you slice it, it’s still baloney.

COuld I wrote most of my answer on the extract alone? How many paragraphs would you recommend?

Daym, I hate mondays


OMG everything he said is true this help me a lot

Q: What do you read my lord? A: Words, words, words.

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This thing is bullshit dont even bother wasting your time




English Language A Level is the bane of my existence, D’s since September so hopefully this will helpπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

The only thing standing between US and full-blown slavery is the #2A

Some idealists think the world is black and white, wrong it’s black and gray you shitheads, also everyone has flaws so get real!

Make some yourself and get your areas orgoned AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!!! WE DON’T HAVE MUCH TIME LEFT TO PREPARE!!!!!!!!!!

The Busy Mailroom:

Awesome way of explaining

“screw you” AQA

As an onlooker, how could you know that those people are going to die? Especially seeing as how you are not in control of the vehicle. And how could you know that pushing a fat person in the way will effectively stop the trolly? How do you know you wouldn’t just end up adding an extra body to the pile?

Wow, I’m watching this the day it’s been uploaded! πŸ˜€ Thank you for the useful advice!! I love your videos!

I can’t rap anymore – I just murdered the alphabet

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I respect that this condition must cause a lot of problems, but for the moment I find just listening to him invigorating and beautiful.

Hi! It’s been over a year since this video was made, & I’ve finally gotten back to it. I am sorry to say that I still haven’t read almost any of these books, but I feel motivated to now. I did read Show Way (& loved it) when it was a PA Young Readers’ Choice book when I was in 4th grade.

Happy to see my Professor i am ASU Alumni class 2006

Anybody get the Macbeth/Scottish play joke? …

Awesome! My students will love this πŸ™‚ NIce and energetic, catchy and easy to understand and i love the references esp to Dr Who!

U are amazing

I will have to try some of these.

Great video! I particularly loved the comparison of that scene with Rey and the feeling that intertextuality evokes on us.

It took me all this while to actually understand the concept of comrerative cost advantage

What are you doing today?

Where was Philip Seymour Hoffman as Capote??????

@stainedglassfx Its a matter of interest, understanding and education. First we need to educate people to understand the dangers of all these things you’ve mentioned to find a common solution. There is a lot of people in our world who dont know the danger and how serious the hunger in our world is. Until we gets established our world so that everyone gets a decent education i can’t see how the world should be able to fight common conflicts.(I do not say i am right, this is my theory).



Erika obviously missed being with them, I wonder how she was able to come back to the states and remain here. One of the reasons I haven’t traveled back to my ancestral home is that I fear I’ll never come back.

Los veteranos del canal hemos tenido pesadillas con azucarilla pensando que nos iba a quemar la casa

Amazing video


Legal: Never say someone has done [insert criminal action]. Rather say ‘it seems like…’ , ‘apparently they have…’ , ‘based on this information I suppose they have indeed…’.

Wrong. This is just bullshit.

My teacher used this article as my 9th grade test and she even included the “be good, I love you” inside it. 😭😭 Most of us lost our confidence to answer the sheets

Thank you very much sir! In this video you have covered all the HR questions and answers. It is very useful to Fresher.. Thanks for your great and knowledgeable information sir!

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I wish he could teach me. I know FA.

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Plzz macro k SB chapter ka video banao

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Non-issues like this were equally annoying when the puritans of yesteryear were trying to legislate their own personal taboos for those who didn’t share them.

Thanks for uploading this, great video!

Who’s watching this in 2017?

What to produce

Hey man, i am an economics student who live in Turkey. My teacher was speaking so fast and the other fact is english is not my main language so i cant catch up some things. But today i learn, you are more faster than her and i understand everything you say so this is good. You are so fluent about teaching a lesson. Thankya for that. Have a nice day πŸ™‚


6. A – 30

Ah this is so eyeopening deffo do what’s best for you you’ll love your gap year and what you can achieve in that year! i didn’t go this year and i can’t tell you how good i feel for not going, my head of year forced me to go through the whole process and even after getting 3 unconditional offers i still knew it wasn’t for me so all the best with your gap year!! really liked this video X

The great deflection is the way 30,000+ missing emails are not being talked about, how the Clinton’s Uranium One deal with the Russians is not covered by the MSM and Benghazi (what difference does it make).

Not funny at all!

Came here from Bill Burr’s critique. Big fan, great explanations.

Super movie

I give my introduction below :

Hello, many thanks for this video, I have done this paper and if i look at mark scheme and your marking i should get at least 13 marks. My teacher said that I need alternatives and evaluation of alternatives. Because of this I got only 9 marks. Please help me and give an advice…..I am looking forward for your reply +EnhanceTuition

4A*’s??!!! How much seasoning was she on πŸ˜‚

The piΓ±ata gets me every time

Great video

Ig – jessharvs ❀️❀️

Precise and helpful. . thanks

Audra McDonald did the best depiction of Billie ever!

Great video! Can AI/Robots develop mirror neurons?

Croatian…7 grammatical cases…I love it —–


One of my favorite TED talks ever.

Good job on pronouncing Eliade. It’s just that Micrea is pronounced more like Meer-cha not Mir-ka

So… 7+2 is 8?

I’m glad I was born now so I could enjoy this time on earth, so if I was born years and years later I won’t have to suffer the pollution and wars

Gotta respect the evil lol

Silent weapons for quiet wars

Assertion (A) : The quantity of a product demanded invariably changes inversely to

2. Look at the cost of medical insurance in 1986, compare it to today. ($100/mo -> $865/mo)

This is so gay….i rather go to my econs class! haha

All of this doesn’t really matter.

So if I have the money up front it’s probably more profitable to rent a property.

Bs its all bd

“Is that a straight white male”

This is a cool looking game. It reminds me of when I had to write a few assembly programs dealing with registers and doing math operations. Those were the days seeing all the different outcomes different students got by making tiny mistakes in their code. πŸ™‚

In Iran, Reza Shah is mostly remembered for his modernization projects than for his dictatorship.

I’m surprised by your contention that in most academic writing, (for example in the Humanities), you should use the active voice. Have you any evidence from respected Universites that this is the case. Thanks…

You are amazing

I am surprised you guys did no use Homo Deus as reference book for this video.


Could you do a video relating to comparisons? like how each poem compares with another poem like what themes and how exactly they are alike or not alike (:

OMG! I GOT 260 POINTS AND I’M 19 YEAR OLD its true.πŸ‘



Mossadegh did not quit he was forced too resign or be executed in a “coup” not that different from the “violent one in turkey 2016”, the demonstrations were probably all “propaganda & CIA trickery, for communist russian puppet too go, and a pliable pro american puppet shah too be supreme leader”…

The informed, pragmatic utilitarian ethic is likely the most valuable. I think Kantian ethics can falsely appear valuable when there is lack of information, ie the results of an action are difficult to predict. For example, a pilot has learned that his plane is malfunctioning and will crash into a building killing 700. Thus, he opts to take the utilitarian action and crashes his plane into the ground, killing himself and 30 passengers. However, it is later found out in post crash investigation that the plane’s issue was actually very minor, and would likely have been resolved before the plane crashed into the building. Here, it appears that Kant has won; the pilot’s action in its absolute was not valuable, but he did it anyway because he was (incorrectly, according to Kant), basing his behavior off of predicted consequences. However, in reality the pilot’s action was ineffective because he did not have full information. Kant states that the unpredictability of any action’s effects make it so that humans should do the “absolutely” moral thing without considering their actions’ possible consequences. But, really, it is more reasonable to think that, despite times when it suffers from a lack of information, utilitarianism is more often going to yield a valuable outcome. People can think for themselves.

“You seem to have the idea that being treated like a child means being treated with less respect then an adult”- Skulduggery Pleasant (I can’t remember which book)

Constantly credited for “original” ideas that didn’t begin with them.” – Camille Paglia

It’s awful how misinterpreted this video seems to be, based on the comments (though youtube comments are usually among the trash heap of the internet). read some oscar wilde, or some ee cummings, and stop treating language like a science when it’s an art.

Hahahaha. hahaha.

Nice presentation

Introduce sir watch role adjust rate german walking after usual

All in keeping with the collective Indian mentality…… brutally selfish, family-clanistic, stingy, lack of compassion, segregation extream, racist… wonder where ever Indians go people dislike them as a group.. Not saying individual Indian people are bad… the mentality forces people to be that way to survive…I hope India finds a kinder social change based on equality rather than ruthless competition,,,in so doing finding the beauty of its past qualities. British colonialism has a lot to answer for in what it did to India

I wait 4 ur reply

Thanks for this video

Awesome! Thanks.

Kellyanne Conway is far superior even to this video which trivialises her genius



Where’s Total Annihilation??

I actually love this show for its relatively unbiased outlook, though the Green’s probably think I’m an idiot because my main method of learning is long periods of speculation followed by looking to the powers that be to confirm or disprove it. I do this so that I can maintain the illusion of originality and better understand the speculations of scientists which are followed by research at which I am terrible and experiment which I do not have the resources to conduct.

You have accepted with out question the idea that our gender is socially conditioned. There is a contiuum but the distribution it is very, very, very bi-modal, ie male and female. Concepts of gender historically and culturally are very uniform. Eskimo’s and Australian Aborigonies have pretty much the same view on the issue. It is beyond belief that being bathed in testosterone from the womb onwards does not effect who we are.

Either way — love your vids!


How about Supcom3?

Does anyone have a link to the census data that he talked about at 13:48?

Xhosa has pretty much all these sounds, I’d maybe exclude the last one.

26:05 while you hide from it, it grows.


“But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep” – Robert Frost

Or joh kaam karnei sei achut kahtei hei toh woh kaam hei maat karo

If we don’t have a job, money wouldn’t need to exist, so a free world run by robots


It was great

A very patronising schoolmaster explanation of Foucault. Foucault was a genius. Read his work and you will never be the same again.

Great video! I am not empathetic to the misspelling of ‘civilization’ though!

13:17 Excuse me! In Viet Nam we have our own language. 60% of Chinese is totally a joke!

Omg… She has terrible skin.

Ma “am liz how many words a person maximum can use while writing task two