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Kansas State University, it says so at the end. I think you need to improve your digital literacy lol. Also I’ll remember that Americans are foreigners next time I see them about Europe.

Do we need to know this for as level macroeconomics exam for ocr

You’re right, his voice is UBER

Ollé gona no es sólo de little Inferno si no también de world of goo

@QuintessentialCraker namaste. It wasn’t that you hurt my feelings, but you didn’t allow me to correct myself before disqualifying my mental aptitude. It just seemed condescending. I don’t believe that now since you understand my error. Certainly The speaker, is fallable, but true scholastic endeavors should never be proven inerrant— rather that they allow are paradigms to grow, change as our reality grows/change. Your comment just gave it more insight and inspired us to be aware.

You should do one over Night by Elie Wiesel

This is an utterly interesting video. Thanks a lot for your time.

Can you answer this question please:

It’s driven me nuts that people just say “easter egg” when they just mean reference.

He sounds like Frank from Deadrising 1 !

Great video, and I love your channel, but this presentation needs pictures.

Python is my second language

In Case 1, both groups of workers are already in harm’s way — working on railway track are known to involve this kind of risk, so they knowingly/voluntarily work or put themselves in harm’s way. When both of them are already in harm’s way, and at the time when emergency calls for a decision to make, Principle 2 prevails, so the right thing to do is to kill 1 instead of 5. But in Case 2, the fat guy on the bridge is not in harm’s way, so Principle 1 prevails and it is not right to harm him.

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My point is, the industrial revolution liberated a lot of minds to pursue art and other interesting things, what if the information revolution liberated us all just to enjoy life and do the things we are interested in just because we enjoy them? I know this may sound utopic right now, but that’s probably how people thought about free time before the industrial revolution.

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First u wrote in developing then at the end u wrote to developing 😐

I gotta blast your channel this is all some really good shit

What about the dragon language? (the T’huum)(or the Way of the Voice)

I am enjoying all three parts of this amazing documentary for the 6th time. I can not really get enough. i have to see all the colors, all the movements and face expression, the music of those voices and the very good songs, the words and their deep spiritualy meaning, all the high professional cut… i think i will see it all my life. Thank you so much 4 it!!!

Explains all the hurricanes and shit going on


Thanks for your videos. It’s really helpful and easily understand 🙂



We are currently reading Romeo & Juliet in my Honors English 9 class. Just finished Act 2.

I was sitting here watching our new “leader”……… and I thought “Obama wouldn’t ever say these sentences, and the republicans would have shredded him.”

“We all want what we can’t have” idk who said this but it definitely applies to me.

Happy or miserable,

John Green Could you do animal farm?

I want to thank you for the videos. I would love to take some of the workshops. I am a first year teacher who has an ECOT in October. I would love to see if I can email and speak with you from time to time. Thank you and I need a workshop in September, I’m coaching basketball all summer.


Fight against social injustice was started way before India got its independence. Raja Ram Mohan Rai, Jyotiba Phule, Mahatma Gandhi were leaders in the past who created awareness in the society to stop this injustice towards women and uplift the backward class people. In today’s India, constitution was created by Dr. Ambedkar who was from lower cast. Government has made policies to give reserve quota in all Education institutes and government jobs for backward cast people. Many elected members in Indian Government are from backward class. After 60 years of Independence and such reservation policies, quite a number of lower cast people are economically doing very well. Their next generation is educated and doing very well in their profession. However this video shows, if you look in villages and certain areas the social injustice still continues. This is one reason there are more people in India, converting their religion to Christianity with in past decade. When these people apply for admission to prestigious college or government jobs, they do not declare that they are Christen, they still apply as “back word class” and get preference over other candidates who have better merit.

I know it is outside the scope of your analysis to indicate whether the way Trump speaks is deliberate craftmanship or oblivious clumsiness, but I think you would have come to some different conclusions if you had coordinated with a psychologist to include analysis of his non-verbal communication. This would highlight the evidence of his narcissistic personality that shines through not only in what he says but also in how he says it.

I speak 4:Tamil Hindi Gujarati English and a little bit of french

Thanks Emma, it was a great learning. However I have couple of questions: 1) When I start with I agree that “Para phrase” the topic and write down the essay is it not binding me to highlight only the positives (In other case if I start with a simple definition of Education and then further elaborate I can write both pros and cons)? 2) You also changed development of country to country’s development whereas I have read somewhere that we cannot use possession of things with non living things, for example: George’s book and in other example like cover of the book and not book’s cover. I may be wrong. Please share your expertise.

Adrienne Hill is an environmentally unfriendly economist *throws strawberry after eating it*

I find it more.. realistic in a sense.

Your videos have helped me so much. Thank you, Mr Clifford

No.1 should be brood war.



Earth is a fucked up place

Gave me goosebumps lol good content on this channel subscribed

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I’ll use 10 for my example. 10-1=10-1 but what their saying is:

[ɪnt͡ʃɹəstɪŋ æksɛnt. ɑɪv nɛvɚ hɝd “part” pʰɹənæʊntst æz “pæɹt”. ɑɪ pɹənæʊnts ɪt “pʰɑɹt”. ju ɑlsʌʊ dʌʊnt sim tu hæv æz mɛni væʊl ɹədʌkʃnz æz, fɚ ɪnstns, mɑɪ noɹðɚn kæləfoɹnjə æksɛnt.]

This makes my brain hurt…

It’s sad Central Asia is no longer Indo-European 🙁

I live in Australia on the East Coast!!

Have you any lecture on monopoly and game theory…

What if your a woman wearing a skirt, do you still sit with your legs wide open and spread your arms out to occupy empty chairs?


To be honest, My English listening is poor, but since I’ve started watching you teaching stuff, I noticed that I could catch almost every word you say It’s very easy to listen to. Keep good up work, Emma 😀

Think about it! Or sheep 😉



It’s better to go with circumstantial consequences then to try and resolve them with intintional ones.

So cute when he gets mad.

If you are studying history, could you do a video on that?😊 love these, so helpful❤️

3:42 This is about me =)

Can we use both words like ”Advancement and evolution of a nation”

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4 years old and recommended

Our world is gonna succumb to overpopulation ur been blinded, come and contact me for proof, but I charge money no freebees

El amor lo es todos inmenso el canto de las aves, el zumbido del viento, la voz de la selva, la tranquilidad de una noche dormida llena de estrellas, transmites el amor de la naturaleza hacia nosotros

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

You are very beautiful and smart. This is sooo cool!♡♡♡♡

Homeworld is about Quarians? XD

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Very brave to get up on the stage man, very happy for you!

Same game…

Appreciate the shirt.

People in these comments are disgusting you know who you are. One videos and it brings out all the racists on the web

Pretty sure more jobs are now in threat of being swallowed by bots.

This is called having no motivation

God and Jesus always



Just think about the way people buy stuff, when stuff are fresh on the market, there is still demand although consumers know if they wait a year the price will drop.

@MOr5i i would just give a general answer like school/college/university. if you’re not my age then you could say something in the certain job field that you want to be in. but then i would say “but i can never know for sure what i will be doing in 5 years because you never know what opportunities will become available to you or what skills you will learn that will make you available for many other types of jobs” something like that.

I partially disagree. I draw sensual enjoyment from words and appreciate the evolution of language. I don’t expect perfect grammar at all times. I certainly don’t always adhere to it. I still feel, however, that we need to adhere to some basic rules. Glaring mistakes can be distracting and off-putting. Think of it like an attractive person who has a bad kissing technique. How is one supposed to derive sensual enjoyment from that?

We should buy this guy a car

Issue redundancies.

The very essence of humanity is the mind. The mind is who we are. Our rationality, our soul reason. That is who we really are. We are shaped and molded by external variable, yes… but two people with the exact same experiences might have different ambitions and choices, they might have different tweaks about them that make them them. That comes from the mind. THE REAL US IS OUR MIND. That is what makes us special, and that is what gives us purpose. Our mind and rationality.

I still don’t know why the formulas for an area of a circle on the thumbnail are there for.

Its actually sex shaming, that thing feminists moan about when women are called sluts. the opposite is to call men virgins. they play directly into the thing they’re supposably opposing which is one of the many examples of why feminism is pretty much entirely nonsense nowadays.

Am I the only one who can’t find The Crucibe?

And there are a lot of minority in Iran

Thank you, Derek!

The important thing in rap, like poetry, is not the rhyme. It’s the meter. Getting creative with word sounds, word meanings, delivery, formations. Visualizing the structure to paint a picture, bringing alive more than just your ears.

2)David Copperfield-Dickens


Woow thank you so much!!

Better than any of the Age of… games

The first was so simple…and heartbreaking…but means so much.

! Deficit Spending and the National Debt! Time Lags

Really help for my IELTS test~



Its like comparing socialism to comonism and explaining that all the killing n war vw the USA was nessasery

Shame on India!!!!!!

Thank you Ema, excellent presentation

I said biiitch

13:06 Then I shall die as one of them!!!

Obama the clintons DONT LIE……………HOLLYWOOD TOLD US SO.

Yeah this is not the right answer! fucking yanks

TLDR: Efficiency isn’t always a good thing.

Thank you so much! i can now finally write my fantasy story without finding new music to change the mood! 😀

Robin Hobb – Ship of Destiny

If Batman is morally obligated to kill the joker what does that mean for the moral obligation of other hero’s? Is Superman supposed to kill Lex Luthor? Is Wonder Woman supposed to kill cheetah? Is the Flash obligated to kill Captain Cold and the rest of the rogues? Is Aquaman obligated to Ocean Master? Is Batwoman obligated to kill Alice? Is Reed Richards obligated to kill Dr Doom? Is Spider-Man morally obligated to kill all the various supervillains he has fought over the years? You can see when you apply the Utilitarian standard to every hero it creates a bad precedent.

IDK why I like it so much

Dude I love your vids, but what song do you use for the endings it puts me in a good mood Everytime I hear it

Put the speed at.5, he sounds so drunk! It’s hilarious, but super helpful video!

Disliked for including an alarm clock sound. What the fuck is wrong with you?

Thank you Liz, your explanations are very helpful 🙂

Romantical music aint for studying bro, you need barroc, Bach makes you better at focusing.

Holy TARDIS of Gallifrey! Is that Gallifreyan writing I see? This is my new favorite web series.

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This is so true,

This is a big service thank you!

There are a few problems with that car analogy.



A E I O U. So this is the alphabet.

It is very useful to Freshers, Who are came out from colleges,

Mr. brown lol

Who the F is this chick?!? Trumptard is “unique”??? Yeah, unique in a way like someone who has an IQ of an grape. As far as his hand gestures, he uses his hands while talking more than my 3 year old neighbor. He’s not unique, he’s mentally challenged.

This video contains the GREATEST FUCKING LINES I’ve ever heard in my entire life, but I cannot laugh, because every one of them is 100% true. That doesn’t stop me from respecting them though. Brace you’re self America, for the next four years, as Luther says, YOU’RE FUCKED.

I didnt know that Santa was mean

Human Resources HR

Real estate did not screw anyone, we screwed our selves! alan greenspan should have not lowered the intrest rate before the ’04 elections, and people should have not been living outside of their means. monetary policy (and fiscal for that manner) has gone to shit!!

“he remembered when the grass was cut” so they had lawnmowers lmao

God bless this man! I remember hearing Jordan Maxwell on an interview with Jameel Rawls not long ago n he said there’s no hope for the human race n he feels bad when he sees young families with their little kids bcuz there’s no hope for this world for them..SO YOU’RE SAYING THERE’S A CHANCE BITCH NIGGA!?

A service, clinically significant and clinically meaningful but apparently you are reacting in your gerbil cage and are to developmentally-and-or intellectually incapable of doing this and realizing that ABA is not the most effective evidence based therapy – and that it addresses merely surface behaviors and not the core underlying factors of reciprocal deepening attacthment, two-way emotional problem solving higher ideation & pragmatic based language.

This subject is an ADD nightmare, thanks for uploading!

Complex join stock darkness


This is beautiful 😢 ❤️

Yeah, and I want the leader of the free world to sound like the

You earn respect for ACHIEVEMENT, not simple SURVIVAL. Best wishes to you



Ty for sharing lessons on Youtube.

We will try to upload some clips in english to give some guidence.

Holy fuck okay but if marvel’s color shit is ugly dc’s colors are about 8 million times worse jesus their movies look like dirt

We are all humans.

Hlo mam I am Bijay lal thing from Nepal. I want to asking some about english. So mam I know clearly writen and good reading but I have been small problem listen and speaking..exjample two guys discuss about in at super market bill paid about and there in bitween at speaking but I am not undustanding he is speaking loungoese… so how do completely this matter mam?



Dr, Mossadeq never left Iran;


I’ve been looking for a way to take notes in class on my computer but when there’s a curve I don’t know how to draw it on Word. What is the thing you’re writing on to draw on the screen like that? Is there something I can use to draw curves and stuff into my word program? Thank you!

Oh my, Im in Junior-High and we are learning this and my teacher wouldn’t even explain this to us students, all he (my teacher) made us write down what he said. I came home and I got a bad grade in social studies. If only you were my teacher.

2- is there a link between migration of people and migration of langages? Scientists used to think so. Then there was improvement in archeology, then epigraphy, then the accumulation of both, then, recently, genetics. And it is not that clear anymore. For example, the Akkadian langage in the Mesopotamian area was adopted by people who were not Akkadians, although it is difficult to trace actual migration and cultural influences that far back in History. It is the same for Latin in the Roman Provinces : there are Romance langages in many parts of Europe where few Itallic Romans ever migrated (think of Romania, the Roman province of Dacia). I won’t speak of Celtic langages spoken in areas where almost no original Celtic people went (like Ireland…).



Thank you mam explains

your energy is contagious =)

Anyways thanks for the information i wish it comes in handy for my test tomorrow


I wonder if there are really owners or are we just programed to enslave ourselves.

What a great video.

Amazing…thanks for doing this.

Parrots > Apes

This is brilliant!)))

I worry our grandkids might see face-to-face human interaction as we see something like VHS today: a nice omage to the past but something that isn’t required or truly necessary.

Hey Jack/Sean my name is Jackson

I don’t even know why I waste my time in lectures when I can just watch your videos!

And whether parents know the theory or not, they’ll be vaccinating their kids anyway,

That explains many things that happens at schools worldwide, if not actually ALL.

Dunn, dunn duunn!!!

I’d like to request Thug Notes for The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. This channel is DOPE!



Products, services, markets, entertainment, technology = good to be capitalist

Amazing that not one student during the vignettes mentioned the “moral and ethical code of man”…Also, Easy fix for the trolley vignette. Slam into reverse… Harvard let me in, but I need a full ride.

Thanks for sharing to us economic students! You have saved me a lot of time.



I have officially watched everything that I can find by Micheal Wesch today. As a university student who has ALWAYS questioned how the education system delivers its content and expectations out of its students, I would like to thank you Micheal for not only teaching your students the benefits of how technology can help us better ourselves but sharing it with the rest of the world. You are a brilliant man, thank you for taking on this HUGE task.

If the federal government reduces its budget deficit when the economy is close to full employment, which of the following will most likely result? The answer is Interest rates will decrease. BUT WHY??? PLEASE HELP (this is APMarcro 2008 #25)

This guy is amazing to listen to. His analysis is spot on, at least from my TOTALLY amateur, non-expert, opinion.

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The ‘zero-sum’ vs. ‘positive-sum’ debate..

So, where can I buy the Collector’s Edition on Blu-ray with English or Swedish subtitles? Strange that it’s so hard to find this.

Pretty fascinating because it seems like I am understanding something about what he’s communicating, the emotional tone. This would be a fun thing to be able to mimic for responding to annoying people. Fluent, smooth, normal sounding sentences that make no sense.

Wow!! YOU GO JADE!! YOU ARE STILL GONNA MAKE IT IF U DO A GAP YEAR OR NOT!!!! Although for me I dont think it will be as amazing as urs if i try it out and it might consume my time BUT HEY YOU GO GIRL!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!GO JADE!!! 😀

Why is this vid not in unit 2 playlist

Great video. Does anybody know what software he uses to draw graphs?

I feel like there’ll be a lot of pushback against robot surgeons

The nigerian accent was SOOOO BADD Will!!

Never gonna make you cry

May you please do a crash course in philosophy? (If you do can you maybe include Rudolph Otto and his mysterum tremendum et facinans, like you’ve mentioned in the fault in our stars and an abundance of katherines.

This goes deeper to even Wittgenstein and how language isn’t just only words. I know Young Thug’s method of getting high on drugs and making and dropping music, but there is intellectual material underneath, whether he himself can understand it or not.



And why do their bloody credits run so fast on films??? why why why????

E las cajas dicen algo una por una en el nivel 2 dice load program descargando programa

Are you 9?

“Dear Ted, What has happened to us? I don’t know. I feel myself in a spiral, going down down down, into a black hole from which there is no escape, no brightness. And loud in my ears from every side I hear, ‘failure, failure, failure…’ I love you so much… I am too old and enmeshed in everything you do and are, that I cannot conceive of life without you… My going will leave quite a rumor but you can say I was overworked and overwrought. Your reputation with your friends and fans will not be harmed… Sometimes think of the fun we had all thru the years…”


It’s a very common thing that I’ve observed amongst our grownups – the tendency to use all caps for emphasis. It’s really not a good idea – it’s like using a red marker in some wonderful kid’s beautifully maintained pencil written notebook.

For 30 minutes and 50 seconds I wanted to brush the back of a grown man’s hair.

Gud one

Gustavo Fring’s accent in Breaking Bad. Worst accent ever. I’m chilean and, while the series it’s fucking great, the awful accent sometimes took me out of the drama. The character was originally from Chile! But the actor does not look like a chilean neither his accent it’s near to crack the chilean, that it’s a difficult one, btw, we are like the irish people of spanish, drink a lot, speak like shit… U can tell that Gilligan made a lot of investigation on mexican culture but in the Chile part he just look out in Wikipedia…

Next time, don’t encorporate history into your videos.

A great introduction and believe that all kids do grow up wanting to be supply chain managers…look forward to watching the other videos.

Oh Jesus… this is a lecture of a University nowadays?… It is just point the obvious! pure common sense, I wonder how this call “professor” will test this students…

Economics is a jewish conspiracy..muahahahaha

Thank you…!!!

But there are some idiosyncratic errors… But… Great video!


I downloaded C&C Red Alert last week, the game I used to play for years in my childhood with PS1. I’m now addicted to it again. Playing skirmishes against Soviet&Allied enemies is just….. so addictive.

Please do a series of this.

The pervasive and routine usage of this queer-word, that really sounds ‘homophobic’,