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How would you write a personal statement for law with psychology?

I was wondering if you could read “Inside the Queen’s Chamber” by F. G. Srebot. It is my first book and I am currently working on my second. It is a Conspiracy Mind Thriller. it is very different!

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I’m a Southerner (I’m from Southern Britisch Columbia) and I LOVE his accent, hate most of his politics. Donald Trump is my HERO!

Like most things in movies these days, intertextuality has been WAY! overdone.


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English(Young Thug)

Very good lecturer prof. Dr. Armin Trost i keep it.

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This video just pisses me off! I know it’s not real but still. And what’s up with the face in the thumbnail?

Explain by English

“Nihilism” the word I was waiting for, for describing Rick and Morty.

Bullshit for kids and idiots!

Her argument is only true if certain aspects of human nature are exclusive to either of the sexes, which is of course, horseshit. Men can be caring, empathetic, and compassionate just as women can be cold, callous, aloof, and combative. All we need to do to eliminate this “behavior creates gender” confusion is to remove the incorrect assumption that certain character traits only, or should only, exist in one of the genders and the societal biases that foster such beliefs.

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When this woman dies she will have achieved nothing positive. A lifetime of spouting Leftist propaganda aimed at destroying society. Absolute garbage of no use whatsoever. A “useful idiot” at best.

STID: 10216011

I don’t think it matter I’m worried about the story not about its colour

Jurassic Park

@shewolfen1 – wow… are you in his will or something? why are you yelling in CAPS? no more caffeine for you OK?.

As a Spaniard and a learner of German, the Austrian dialect seemed to me waaaay easier to learn in all its fields: grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary as well.

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He is the One Who is Custodian of everything.

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This sophist piece of slimy facial expressions doesn’t speak anything about real problems. How about speak of parents hitting their children and neglecting them you good-for-nothing academic jerk.

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I literally just tried to turn up my volume cause jack wasn’t screaming at meXD

…and then we have the fan theories….Pixar, Tommy Westphall, Scooby-Doo…

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And yes, by the way, i DO have a Rick & Morty tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It’s for the ladies’ eyes only – and even then they have to demonstrate that they’re within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand. Nothin personnel kid 😎

Please review the captions. There are inappropriate words.



I literall burst into tears when he described depression and anxiety: because someone gets it, someone in a high social status gets it. Thank you, Mr. Solomon, for understanding.

Oh thank god For you thanks for giving me a concept of what is a conceptual framework

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Then : Top o’ the morning to you laddies my name is Jacksepticeye.

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Also see planet money’s T-shirt project for a case study in trade http://apps. npr. org/tshirt/#/title

He’s a great speaker too.. Very clear!

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Is this real?

Simply brilliant

Also, we need much more laws and surveillance and pornographic indoctrination,

What I love about this is how interactive it is!

See Trump? THIS is how you tell jokes. Not that monotone nonsense you were doing.

If you’re a serious truth seeker and want to know the TRUTH OF LIFE, go to TruthContest◙Com and open “The Present”. This book could turn our world around.

Ah yes… The (((Kurgan Hypothesis))) courtesy of that Bolshevik Jewess Marija Gimbutas…



What if th illuminati is behind this video. and media-government is OUR common enemy!!!!!

Honestly… I’m 42 years old and I’ve been trying to learn French my entire life. I still cannot although I have picked up some words but cannot build a sentence with them… except a dirty one. Thanks for sharing… Now can someone give me a study drug please.

Slave labor was NOT cheap.

Some temples are so rich but they wnt help poor they don’t know the meaning of dharam, hindus love to pile money some in temple an hindus love swiss bank so fuckers don’t blame others, hindus hate to give, so it was been taken, bkoz bhagawan wanted it that way

@sakura0223 Looking at it that way, there isn’t really such a thing as altruism. But altruism is just a concept. Altruism is when your ego is directed to and derives pleasure from seeing/making others happy, with little to no interest in anything but the sense of satisfaction you get from seeing others happy. Altruism is very rare. There’s almost always another reason behind a charitable action. But that’s certainly not wrong. Altruism is overrated (and a bit of a myth).


(Ooh, give you up)

I’m so happy I came across Jack at this time… I was 7 when I started and now I’m 11 and in middle school, and both me and him have grown so much and I am very greatful that my BOUNCING BABY BOY has had one of the most amazing carriers on YouTube with the least hateful fan base 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Seriously? they did not put the missing $28 bucks in themselves?

Yes, you can argue that it removes incentives to work, but as far as I’m concerned: just come up with a different type of incentive to get people working. It doesn’t always have to be just about survival. It can be about status or success or accomplishment or money.

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*the uvular trill is used in quite a few norwegian dialects as well as in danish


8. Education Department Project Topics and Research Materials for Final Year Students

3 finals tomorrow. Good luck to all.

First of all, I must say it is rather presumptious of you to assume what my life has been like. The pain would astonish you. Seriously

Why is this guy not my teacher?



Malkovich is speaking pokemon, dude

Women, be careful with that leg spreading advice!

We love Thug but y’all reaching.


Ollé gona no es sólo de little Inferno si no también de world of goo

That was the most ridiculous thing i have heard. If this is her job she needs a new one. Most people speak like an uneducated confused child??? Who paid her to make him sound normal?

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Then what do you say to a hindu you converts to christianity and denies the hindu lord and chooses a profession outside his caste, shouldn’t that throw off their caste position?

Distribution of income, what “people think”… those phrases are only relevant to statistics based on past, based on random group in random time – not include reasons for it. This is not the way to explain anything…

Very well explained topic on HRM. Thank you.

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Good working order allowing the choice of the main track with five workmen

You seem like you know what your talking about, so can you please make a video detailing the inner workings of TV & Movies? like how they filmed and shot. similar to this video but more topics i guess. people would watch this. its unique and no one else makes videos like this!!

Brutus ain’t noble

How can we apply more than one theories to a research

Great video! very easy to understand. Thank you very much!

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Its total annihilation, on planets, and using smaller planets and planetoids to blow up bigger planets, so its like Planetary Annihilation!!

Iconography seems to be more apropos to what you speak, intertextuality is in the medium of text, not the visual.

I looked at all the main ones, this is the one that appeals the most to me. I liked Buddhism, but this idea that the ultimate aim is worldly abandonment didn’t really fit for me. I look at life with a sense of gratitude, nature, relationships, friends, art, literature, film, music, memories, and I think how lucky I am to be able to partake in spite of tribulation. I think that this makes a lot of sense, its the rituals, the deities, the burning of money & requesting the intercession of ancestors that I find irreconcilable.

Way better teacher than Phil from Leyton Sixth Form College



I want to watch the world burn.

Buddhism: when a religion without a creator is more reasonable than any abrahamic faith.

This reminds me how much i hate uneducated people

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Yay I am creative!

I agree with the last student, I mean, you can’t kill someone to steal his money so you can feed your children who were about to die, even if the one you kill had no family. I think he is making a good point

Thank you so much for this video, and all the other videos you make. so helpful. a few of your videos taught me more than a whole semester at university! and love the tips to remember everything!

I’m going 12 at December 27 and they said 4-9

2:49 – 2:53 welcome to tumblr

Went to a shrink once….the only public shrink in my city…she arrogantly said CBT would solve all my problems….I walked out and continue to feel like dying every single fucking day

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Invaded and stolen by the proto-Semitic androphagi of Scandza called

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This is an amazing way to teach theme!! My students got it and LOVE it!! Thank you so much for turning on a light bulb for both my students and I!! I will use it forEVER!!

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2. Stop the negative self talk. You’re shooting yourself in the foot, tell yourself “I am the greatest!”. You’ll be surprised at how much that helps you keep going.

Yes, let’s all be “free” like the Hottentots. I’d rather be a “slave” with 21st Century technology.

I found your tutorial very interesting, although I am not doing the course. Keep up the good work. Kind regards Tom West author..



P. S I know it would be difficult, but I know it’s the subject I will actually put a lot of work in. Also, I’m picking French, Law and psychology for my a levels

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Quick question, im using his philosophy for a kritik in my debate neg case, how does the government today appear to be kind?

The thumbnail is fucken hilarious. I thought this video was going to be discussing and analyzing her left eye.

I and many of us have “grown balls” without jobs what can we do?

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Why will firms stay in a position where there will be no economic profit? whats the point of the firm then?

Actually we are forced or else we fail social studies… and our teacher is mean…

I’m so happy you started Econ video series. Please do as much as possible. 🙂

Not all heroes wear capes

Wasn’t the music in this video from x-men first class!!

OMG thank you so much James!!!! I really needed help in essay’s as I always score 18/30 or just above 15 and this video helped me a lot. I gotta subscribe to you!!!

Well that was fucking depressing.

What’s there to explain? She’s a spineless void of integrity and brains tart!

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I feel irritated when I watched her gesture and tone. She did not gave any smile on her face. Indian guy are being so over smart

Who to our Western eyes seem perfectly natural and masculine in all respects.

Wanted to create for themselves the right to punish — or wanted to create this right for

How can we apply more than one theories to a research

This guy looks like Daniel Tosh’s normal brother



Dick Astley’s gonna give you up, let you down, run around, desert you, make you cry, say goodbye, tell a lie, and hurt you.

Utilitarianism is non-egoistic, therefore non violent/aggressive. Wrong list.

Thanks buddy! Didn’t know the arms part. That will help 🙂

Please never stop. your work is masterful

Que bien una nueva serie de mi youtuber favorito gona89 besos y abrazos saludos desde México

Wtf is up with the sound in the beginning?

Distribution of income, what “people think”… those phrases are only relevant to statistics based on past, based on random group in random time – not include reasons for it. This is not the way to explain anything…

You drinking the milk made me nauseated. I can’t stand the smell of it. not even by association.

LOL at 9.40 Iwhen you said lets find out i had an ad and i was lke dont leave me in suspence lolz


I literally plagiarised this entire video for a math presentaion. Got an A 😀

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I’m not surprised. He was a Democrat.

Great Gatsby #1, you’re damn right watchmojo

Hey guys,

‘The only reason to not kill oneself, was so as not to hurt other people’. Lost count of how many times I’ve resorted to this talk. I’m scared I will lose faith in that quote and I’ll do the unthinkable. 🙁

Please nobody be a jerk because I asked, but I’m curious. Is Buddhism purely a religion, or more a philosophy? I’m asking because I’m a devout Christian, but I have incredible admiration for Buddhism.



Awesome videoooo Allocation of resources ka mtlb kya h

I’ve backed Shenmue 3, but not planning to back any future games on kickstarter or indiegogo. I just don’t really trust for the games to come out as planned or at all. Even Shenmue 3 seems pretty risky to be honest, but what can I say, nostalgia

Normally I don’t comment, but CTG took a capital L for this one. Put some RESPEK on Martin’s name.

You Dont have to change others. Change yourself. If everybody changes they’re self, then there you have the solution.

Damn son, impressive work as always.

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Sorry, I can’t stand to listen to her hit the microphone anymore. Can somebody please just transcribe the interview so that it can be read?

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Wait, is this not for secondary 2?0.0

Using this method, only 2 data slots are used. 3 less than your method.

I got a book for you JOHN GREEN IS ANNOYING by John Green

Linguistics expert??????

Is it just me or are both buddhism and daoism identical?

You know the rules and so do I

What an ignoramus! “None of them is. . .” of course Seriously, I think that his approach is illogical: he pretends to rejoice in the wonder of words without regard to their meaning or how they came about. He uses “and” instead of “or” in a list of words, thereby excluding the flexibility of the words in that list. . .

Queen Anne: Guilty. You may eat the first person to die, and if someone wants to volunteer to eat less and die as a sacrifice, allowed. Again, I’d cite epistemic limits. If ship showed up 5 minutes after Brooks’ murder, the conviction is that he murder.

Da fat one

That is a big lie

(or not..if we see anarchy as final destination of every system)





It is important to bear in mind that deng xiaoping ‘s argument is not so fair to the people of china. Suppose the capability of cat defines itself, instead of colour, then why does modern china only open itself up to economy, but exclude politics? Other political parties can also be great “cats”! on the other hand, the inconvenient truth about the strong growth of modern china is the peasants who bear the cost most, can you imagine how they are treated in urban areas? can you imagine how their rights are oppressed in urban areas? read Prof. Pun Ngai about her findings on how our phones are made and the stories behind workers.

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Mind blown. excellent tpr method at the end!

I need a little more information, because my teacher is a little complicating. He says to write an introduction, you have to have a hook, a necessary background, then transition into thesis, and then state thesis. I don’t get it.

Thank you so much

“Quintessential Intertextual”… Over-elaborate, pretentious pop culture commentary. I’m surprised he didn’t choke on that Thesaurus.

Thank u Liz it is so helpful

Did this really get cancelled?

For the Glory Emperor of Man, in the Dust Heretics!

I understand fascism. You just assume absolutism on my part. Forced multiculturalism (of this level) against the (majority of a) peoples will, already living in a place; would be a form of fascism. Particular groups and misguided liberals they work through being the body of those fascists.

Nietzsche is definitely not a nihilist!! He saw that nihilism was a problem with the modern times as a result to “God Is Dead”. Nietzsche had a lot of ideas about how life had meaning like the will to power, the übermensch, or the concept of new values.

Good day

Why was everybody so grim?


Finnegan’s Wake: James Joyce

@Poseidon51295 Yeah, I went to Korean private school when I still lived there for 1st grade. Got my ass whooped and they made me call my mom in front of the whole class crying to tell her what a screw up I made. When I moved to America the following year, I spent grades 1-6 relearning what I learned in that 1 year of Korean school. For mathematics at least. We also had hands on practice on biology and botany. Which I didn’t even start in the US until high school really.

Fun fact: Female strippers in Atlanta make more money than doctors. Let that sink in

The gargoyle by Andrew Davidson

The music is so different that it’s distracting me instead of helping me focus. . . I guess I’m truly on my own.