Six world religions


Pakistan :))

Such a thing as a ‘prototypical’ gay man, even if he is a recent creature of history.

Bill Gates, CEO, dropped out of university.

This teached me gooder languaging

You fucking slavic and mongol mixed rats can`t claim middle eastern Peoples heritage, “Israel” has never existed, and the real “whites” are the Middle Eastern People our history proves it and Roots are in Anatolia stop splitting my nation for your new age zionist ideas, this is not your History, i look on Race and non of you looks like someone from anatolia, so stop claiming it you filthy fucking we wuz kangs gyspy jews.

Steve Jobs was genius at peddling others ideas. Starting in 1999 & by 2005 the Japanese were already using their cell phones for payments, download apps & music, pictures, social networking, & web. Like how we use it in 2013. He went there to study their cell phone culture (Keitai culture), then came back, repackaged it as the Iphone & sold it to the world. Had a Chinese firm done this it be would be labeled copying, but since he was an American it is called creativity & ingenuity.

There has to be a love button on YouTube.

Love it would like to see more

In fact it is pronounced both ways depending on the historical background and geographical location. Look up the information in standard historical literature and both are used, although certain regions prefer the “K” sound.

Please do coen brother’s film Fargo, Frances McDormand did a great job there.

You will have lots of viewer trust me, people just doesn’t know about you:)

Stop throwing stones at her in the name of comment…what if copied, she was unique in her own way…

It is an insightful and fun video about null article! I have learned a lot. By the way, apart from the aforementioned situations that an article or a noun marker is not needed, is my example given below another situation?

Please upload more videos regarding IELTS.

I add a lot of space… But that’s because my explanations short. So I make it look long.



Good Day?

Interesting, but the timeline is widely hypothetical

I think Rick’s “origin” story is true, but he is not above using sentimentality for some real revenge.

Don’t ever stop making stuff. Thank you.

Well explained the concept of recruitment and selection. These two are main elements for the growth of an organization.

According to Heritage foundation freedom index (in 2015)

Any Order of reading these that you would recommend? Please and thank you!

Even though you pointed it out. I don’t give a shit about colour grading still.

The Divine language from The Fifth Element is not just gibberish. If you watch the directors commentary version of the Ultimate Platinum edition, it’s stated that Mila and Luc Besson (Director) combined Russian and Latin to make the language and that they are both fluent in it and can converse with each other.

She’s horrible! she obviously loves fRump

In love with that striped shirt

Too Much Damm Talking, I almost fell asleep

Do car companies “steal” from one another when they invent the next incarnations of the vehicle?

Russian accent, Sean Connery in The Hunt For The Red October

Auditory Constructing



Cramming right now because I’m looking at a solid two

Is there a link available to the handouts referenced in the video?

(He came here from Mr. Bruff ๐Ÿ™‚

Well said kll510. The problem isn’t the older systems not keeping up with modern students. It is modern students & their lack of self-discipline, brought about by their parents ineptitude.

In my worldview morality is subjective and because of its subjectiveness there is no right & wrong.


10. – Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets


Well, some parts are real af but anyway this video is made for retarded people who dont realize that our age is the best ever and people who cant enjoy life with peace and in democraric country are still talkin shit bout everything, ok we destroy our planet but you just talking shit and provide no solution man, our economy grows and if we dont work, if we dont build of we dont learn from books in school our society would be fcked up very soon, so stop complaining bout every shit you aint in touch with and enjoy your life cause this man kind have done amazing thing to move us forward and you still dont realize that world cant be best for everyone, life aint fair world aint fair bur anyway I bet my shit that the author knows shit bout economy sociology and stuff so guys please god bless you and enjoy your amazing life and dont listen to shit videos which talk bout problems but without providing solution, there are things that cannot be changed and couse od them we live so great

Any philosophy that scrutinize ‘Truth’ is a moron.

I only have one Question

Thank you really

(18 U. S.C. ยง 1519.) from 2 to 10 years in the slammer. Sweet.

Know this, bigotted Indian: the world is ever changing: doors which were open to you in U. S. (which gave u that success) will soon close. We are changing our Visa laws to lock out arrogant Aryan-supremecist and Indian-supremecist bigots. AND, pushing to boycott all U. S. corps being clients to Indian companies. There comes a time when sharks get Ripped Apart and eaten by Killer Whales, bigotted slime.

“When you’re buying books, you’re optimistically thinking you’re buying the time to read them.” – Arthur Schopenhauer

Every face is in me.

Hears a scream keeps going wtf

Next up: Why Kyle Broflovskis family has an accent.

Can yield any practical results in terms of actual insight into homosexuality.

I love the movie we are more alike than different thank you

Love it!! Maybe he should have had the actual books in his hands when reading the quotes, not so obviously just one (with a note in it, of course). Minor detail, but somehow it still bugs me…Anyhow, please do more of these!!

Spanish subtitles needed.

So much love from the Philippines!

Individualities and even individuals are fully irrelevant.

You won’t manipulate me to think thug is a genius. Lmao



3.Self Affirmation

I enjoyed this immensely.

Https://youtu. be/lNCvRX7pbo8

I have no god, no love, and no sense of where I belong.

But economists and accountants are looking at profits from 2 different perspectives.

In Spanish: “Mi” turns into “migo” “Ven conmigo” (Come with me) and oh boy, how do you foreigners deal with the particle “SE”? It’s used everywhere and in different ways, it can be impersonal (“se esperan vientos de 90 km/h” “winds of 90 km/h are expected”), reflexive (“se pelearon” “they fought each other”) or just have no meaning at all (“se cayรณ por las escaleras” “he/she fell down the stairs”).

You have a strange accent.


I want to help the environment

Thanks matpat


Disaster is us


He’s stupid and y’all stupid af too if you think there’s deeper meaning behind his “music”.

Umm i am 8 and dint get it


@SplatRT7 Interesting point, but keep the criteria in mind – the student does what needs to be done for an A.



It’s funny how religion got into this. Presented clearly by an atheist who rejects religion on the surface, but also acknowledges that the golden rule is paramount and that there were an actual Adam and Eve. Still he takes time to point out that there is no empathy in haven. How does that even make sense? Why wouldn’t there be empathy in haven? It’s the one place you’d expect there to loads of it, if haven were real.

It’s such an insignificant thing. I’d be more interested to know what Mike Taylor’s opinion of women is. You can always tell talking to a guy if he’s sexist or not by the way he talks about women, especially when there’s none around. For me, if a guy in conversation refers to women as ‘dumb sluts’ or anything like that, that is a million times more damning than wearing that shirt.

I’m really worried about GCSEs I have to choose them next year and I have no idea what to choose ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ซ

Thanks for this video i pass my ielts, i follow your style..tnx again

Was that not extremely ironic? It was entertaining, and I want to agree with it, but because it is of itself also that which it criticizes, my agreement/support would be paradoxical. Also, “actioned” is “ugly” because it is not very descriptive (It is not clear what someone may mean if they just say,”he actioned it that day” unlike the other examples you make a comparison to which would communicate a much richer/clearer/vivid idea in the same context: “he actioned [instead try envisioned/sanctioned/etc.] it that day”) and I think even a futrufied Shakespeare would thirst for a less dehydrating word, but do so not because it is new, but rather because it flushes the opportunity to use any of a limitless potential for words that are several times more expressive.

Everyone has an accent. It’s pretty ignorant to think that the way you speak is the right way. This video should be called, “I make my husband speak like me and then I ridicule him when he struggles with it.”

John green why do you love raping kids??????

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I hope people will listen to you so we can save earth together. Don’t ever stop!

What a blessing this production is for me. I can’t thank you enough! What wonderful spirits have accomplished this movie picture. We are so seperated, that this is a real medicine for our dried out souls and hearts, our blind eyes and deaf ears. God bless! Namaste!

Bjp always raising non issues,

No one wants you to know the world that is shown at 58:35. Because that is the real down side of our consumer society. It generates massive amounts of trash, as one thing after another is used up and discarded. There are mountains of trash in this world yet who has ever seen one? You? Go play on Twitter and Facebook while this planet is choking to death.

Am I the only 7th grader who is learning this in school xD

How boring.

Unlike everyone else i got here because kubz scouts played this and showed up ๐Ÿ˜€

So in another dimension there suddenly appears a giant wad of cash basically a small loan of a billion dollars. . . . .



I didn’t ever think of Foucault as a “things were better in the good old days” kinda thinker. I thought it was more complex way of looking at history?

I cry everytime he pronounces his surname wrong.

โ€œAnd I asked myself about the present: how wide it was, how deep it was, how much was mine to keep.โ€


I’ve used loads of your revision techniques and they have helped so much. Thank you.

Civil war

My teacher puts me to sleep. Your a life saver keep it up.

You might not like him America… But you can’t deny….

One in my class has small handwriting but she is not shy

You are awesome!

COPY THAT!!!! Ohhh?? The lying! LOLZ! Most of my groups does it but I love listening to them and insert my own jokes and stories as well just that sometimes I don’t always know how to make my topic sound interesting luckily I found this video thank you soooo MUCHHHHHH you are a BRILLIANTE UK MAN!!!!!!! Takecare of yourself UK MAN!

I love how the bird throws the object across the room after answering the questions correctly.

Both. Like I said Einstein used the philosophical thinking method called “the scientific method” to come up with his theories.

I am happy to hear that the YouTube bots will replace you.

This was legit my main pet peeve with Civil War and no one understood what I meant when I said it looks ugly but yes it’s the lack of color depth. Everything looks like it’s set on the lowest saturation setting on my tv and it does the movie a huge disservice.




Shallow Hal


This was amazing, thank you!

Now i can write a proper essay

Fuck yea TRUMP!

I don’t disbelieve it. It’s interesting because I’ve heard Tony Robbins’ methods described as pseudo psychological. I hope the ex-president wasn’t incredulous of bullshit :/

Tech in the classroom will help with multi-tasking and make certain things easier for both student and teacher.

“wanna go back… SQUAWK.. wanna go back”

Dear Smrt English, I have used this video for my classes and academic purpdoses. For that reason, I kindly ask your permision, to use a screenshot of this video. Regards

Starting at 2:45 she described the destruction of the middle class as a thing that was kind of okay

Pause video at 00:01, thoughts about Tony, hack fraud… to be cont…

You’re last video was literally a lifesaver! Thank you!

Very niceee

YOUR sentence was incorrect, it makes no sense if you look at it..

It’s probably your introductions and the music that attracts me to want to continue watching your videos.



Funny thought. But did anyone notice when you look up one of the books on this list on Amazon, at least 2 others were listed as the “Frequently Bought Together”?

I’m trilingual, English, Irish and german

Why did it have to be cancelled

Woahhh…. Okay shit…. An AD JUST PLAYED! And I have Adblock Plus. :O

Objectivism is a tad hedonistic and societally unhealthy for my tastes. That whole pagan/satanic selfishness thing kinda muddies that up too, kinda like the current white house administration. The Sophie’s choice bit at would fly right over their heads.

This really helps me out thanks for posting! Snapchat: rachelmcd12

What crap, total bollocks and utter BS is this? Sanskrit is the mother of all languages and Indo-European languaes have much in common and have been so for over a span of thousands of years. There was no script back then, it was all word of mouth and mind you Subcontinent back then was favourable for living conditions for human beings not the icy cold europe. Sanskrit has traces much before than any anatolian blabla…This research is just another try by a prejudiced bunch of morons who would just falsify anything but truth.

The real question is, did he take the shit?

Best concise explanation I’ve seen

I’ve watched a couple of these In-Text Citations MLA videos… this is the best one yet. Thanks so much! It was exactly what I needed.

Hi future me is here

I honestly love your radiating personality. bish can we just be bffs already?!

Thanks & Appreciated for your effort

I’m on a gap year myself and I think the major factor was just how difficult the last two years were for me mentally and physically. The stress of A levels really took its toll on me and i was doing it all by myself with no help from teachers or tuitions. And then my personal life was kind of a mess as well. After giving my exams i was not looking forward to jump straight in to a university. I did not want it, it was shocking. I didnt want to go to a university.

It’s brilliant!

Thank you

Thank you for this lesson. It was interesting. I subbed and liked the video

That’s just perfect!

Can anyone help me with a script of the English subtitle? Thx.

So if I’m completely inconsistent, am I all of the above or none of the above?

….how will you get that book out your mother will kill you

Thank you your voice is inspirational I’m glad that someone saw the same I saw this planet I want to help even if it takes everything



I’m not listening to this to study

Thought economics was math

Yoooou ccaan watch Rick aaaand Mooorty hereee

Really Accurate!

Great message bro

Looks like a dump

Click settings/Speed/1.25 your welcome./


โ€œAnthropology as a field has been far from courageous

I get it.

We will know it more than ever

4 Sailors case-

Great tips..

Reminds me of every anti-capitalist (including fascist) propaganda movie ever made. Yes, many of us see the problems that plague todays society and mostly has in the past, but when has more propaganda ever solved the issue of propaganda?

Love this teaching. Absolutely truthful!!!!

Love your videos ๐Ÿ’—



Globalisation is officially finished. All forms of global cooperation between major world powers are due to shortly cease for the foreseeable future.

I love Joseph Gordon-levitt ๐Ÿ™‚

What is your snapchat

No matter how certain of what you think now, it all turns to dust in the end.

I like this guy

Super informative

Not sure if I should laugh or cry…

Money is a root cause of empathy? And economics has nothing to do with money? Please tell me more.

Thanks so much for this

Lol it’s that simple :3

Call of Cthulhu?

This is why I love Obama

I know this course focuses on practical philosophy. I think something practical could be pulled out of the semiotic theories of Ferdinand de Saussure, and Charles Sanders Pierce. Maybe also Mikhail Bahktin. Learning to interpret language and literature are both very important.

Thatโ€™s why I donโ€™t like them

“Talk not to me of blasphemy, man; Iโ€™d strike the sun if it insulted me.”- Captain Ahab

Gona son los creadores de litle infermo?

Like Christianity, the nuclear family, the military, marriage, our views on sex and social life, and soforth.

Tom Hanks as Walt Disney

I can speak English good but im struggling to learn dutch specially vlaamse Dutch is there anyone who can help?