Six world religions


“evolving language”

Red camera.. kinda funny to think that marvel is switching to this camera and linustechtips and some other ytbers already use it

Thanks this helped I only hope I pass the OSSLT

Woah… I got this in 60 second.. instead of reading for 20 minute in the textbook!!!

1:15:05 Mujica rules!

Could someone explain the Supreme Court joke?


This is not helpful.

They. Look. Fine.

Well done. I hit like 🙂

I’m in love with woman at 14:00

Martin owned this

I just got called strange by a university professor.



That was amazing!

Or you’re just silly and not trying to understand her point. People aren’t robots.

I have never thought about this!

Has anyone even considered the logical ending of automation and its effects on humanity. When no one can work because every job is taken by robots and AI how do people accrue money. Do governments just hand out money to people and they then buy goods? Where do governments get that money. Do they just print it? What va lue will that currency hold unless you have a world government printing it. If this doesn, t happen then how do companies survive if no one can buy their products? If there are no jobs then what should the education syllabus be. Are we to become a race of historians, art majors? Would humanity stagnate given the need to not strive. Will an idiocracy come to the fore. Can you imagine how teenagers will react to education given that apart from reading and writing the need to learn is defunct

No on in my family sounds like Trump. We have no ties to organized crime. We don’t scam and cheat people. We aren’t insane. We aren’t ignorant. We aren’t lying assholes.

I don’t dot my ‘i’s..??

His videos make me want to help everywhere and do something, but we all have to make a change, this is our earth we need to make it OUR HOME

I have a English 10 profincial exam tomorrow… hopefully I’m gonna pass….

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On the other hand, turning the car, would make the driver ethically responsible for the one resulting death.

Wow what an awesome video…there is only 24hrs in a day but most students us 26hrs. terrible…


English is universally accepted as a required 2nd language for the new generation. The internet is 90% written in English, movies, songs, games, products, high education text books so you don’t even have to try to “soak”. If there is someone from my generation that i cannot communicate in English with, what does that tell me of how they grew up.

These 5 minutes were more informative than a 110 minutes PBS documentary “The Buddha”

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Sorry, I don’t talk like a third grader! Or jump between topics before I finish a sentence. Or put down people who are helping me or on and on and on…

Removing Mossadgh from power wasn’t a codetta, because majority of the people didn’t like him at time he nationalize Iran’s oil and many countries decided not buy Iranian oil. please don’t give too much credit to CIA for that reason which isn’t true.

He speaks his mind charmagne dont know how to turn down sometime, while he is selling you his bullshit..too goofy..idk there was a brother in pharma like that in that time frame..great story he needs a movie so this can motivate other black folk to dive into the pharmaceutical making if there are any. No publicity is bad publicity so i know the wu ain’t mad they prolly laughing their ass off to de bank..

Why is everyone on here a student?

Read Karl Popper, Scott Anderson, or Thomas Hodgkin if you want to educated yourself on the concept.

Short and simple. Love it. 🙂

Next: Field Niggas

Thats so true and the humanity cant anderstud that! Why….

Burn in hell I hope your mother rapes you you lied to me give me Muppets I hope you get crucified Love Alberta

But every major university has a bank of good ideas that they’re eager to help people commercialize, sometimes by giving them cash, so that the university can earn royalties on them.

Balu, j, p, l

The same logic works for the two doctor’s cases.

Inside Soviet Russia

My handwriting is never the same twice

Yes it was on Gambling




And then there’s Marquees Brownlee using red for YouTube videos.

It must first of all be explained by new generations of gay academics and emerging gay anthropologists,

Question,” which was published in 1844. Marx asked:

What about Fahrenheit 451 like wtf

The thing is not that female sexualisation = oppression. The thing is that female sexualisation is often the same as objectification, which does hurt women. Margaret Atwood’s poem “Male Fantasies” from The Robber Bride really sums it up – you feel like you’re constantly under observation to perform as sex icons such as Kim Kardashian perform, for the gratification of men even if, like me (a lesbian), you aren’t attracted to men: you’re still programmed by a society that proliferates images such as those on that guy’s shirt to crave male approval. In image, yes, but also if we propagate the idea that men approve of women who fit the roles assigned to women, roles firmly of STEM, it becomes increasingly difficult for a women to be taken seriously in anything outside what is perceived to be her role.

All of them still go by Kinsey, or if they don’t, won’t critique this creepy weirdo,

Midterms next week. >.<


He’s right about the coup thing. The clergy DID stage those demonstrations…this is actually taught in Iranian history classes.

The best ever. Thanks a lot

Also: zwische de Baa (between the legs) ~ zwischen den Beinen

There was no julius ceasar

Sir why we are taking demand on x – axis and price on y axis?….there is a rule that we have to take independent variable on x – axis and dependable variable on y – axis.


That Matt guy looks like he is stoned.

Does anyone know what language he is writing in?

The best music to start studying

Run for prize

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Young thug is cool once you figure out what he’s saying

This video shows how the u. s. And europe are doing rn.

Thank you from Hong Kong!

All these mental doc’s always exploit the most extreme cases! don’t most institutions have a special building for extreme case and where the patients of botched lobotomies live??



Damn millennials

This test is absolutely retarded lol I don’t have the mental age of an old man just because I like to life healthy and enjoy classical music

Sick people thought they are god… Lol


What balls this guy had.


Hey thanks for all your videos. I prepared lesson 1 to 3 watching them but cant find the rest on youtube. Are they there on Youtube or elsewhere or paid? Please let me know.

Hey YouTubers, have you seen Lean Body Maximizer? (look it up on google) You will find out about the crimes we commit against our bodies. With “Lean Body Maximizer”, you will discover how to burn fat quickly.

What is this bullshit propaganda from Google!?!?

Is this channel related with brainpickings?

I speak french, English, Arabic and wolof

Now say it with a british accent…

@Zzozze……exactly! Take away the fear…..and you take away the need for religion. That is how christianity get so many people…try and scare them into believing….but those of us who are educated know better……

Seriously, how do i get a thug notes shirt?

This made my boring… uninteresting day to a much sunnier one. Hope more ELA teachers see this video.

I love your videos so much. You’re literally the only reason I’m passing economics. Thank you!

This video is over-exaggerated


How to make idiots out of the audience 8:18 onwards xD

Both mcdonalds and the show rick and morty incepted the idea of sezchuan sauce in your head, makes you go petition for it, asking for it, you think its “your” idea but its not, its manipulating the weak minded, this is ALL for promoting the 2018 mulan movie, hahahahah thanks mcdonalds i really learned a lot from this, this is a brilliant marketing scheme

My Mexico is there on the GDP list :’)

Interesting video if you manage to filter out their own ‘propaganda’ Al Jazeera squeezed in.



Very good video

Should analyse the difference between the color grading in tha amaz Spider-Man and the home-coming one

His mumble rapping is just an excuse not to rap

Who watched the hole video without skipping

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Nice teaching style very nice……………………

Dude, star trek impressions was very funny….lol

For example, look at the US curve they give us. Let’s say the US spends all of it’s resources making shoes. Then, let’s say that the US wants to allocate just enough resources to make 1 more plane than it currently is(currently not producing any planes). Then, the point on the curve would shift up 1 unit, and over to the left until you crossed the ppf curve(the intersection where everything is optimal). When the curve is steepest, it actually makes a lot of sense to produce more planes, because the opportunity cost is very low.

Ryan u the real mvp

I bet over half of this videos 7 millions views is from people watching it again to try and understand this amazing video. I gave it 4 views.

Lol………… she spent entire interview time in one ANSWER.

5:10 XD

For English conversation anyone can add me on Facebook or whatapp. reply me here your Facebook account or whatsapp number. then I will creat a group.

A style perfectly tailored to address and reach a broad audience the public. Despite keeping it simple he still manages to often say nothing at all. The type of TV shopping channel sales talk that his voters might be used to.

Dammit, it’s raining on my face again.

Wow, I loved this. Everyone should watch it.



If a person plants an apple tree in his back yard and uses the apples to feed his family was there an increase in GDP? Should the person have to declare the value of the apples as income and pay tax? If I trade my hockey stick for your baseball glove was there and increase in GDP? should I pay tax on the exchange? What if I sold you the hockey stick and you sold me the baseball glove and we both made a capital gain?

Superb sir

When I see a kala Indian trying to look White….

But all the same bless you


I love that wolves by 1d was playing in the intro

Finallllyy a channel that talks about the British exam system rather than the american one! So useful Thank youuuuuuu keep making these!!!

Why is everyone bitching about the price? The lowest is $40. Considering most AAA games cost around $60 ($50 if on PC) with this being developed by the same fuckers that made TA and Supreme Commander 2 I say that $40 is a damn good price. If you are complaining about the $200 for the best package then don’t buy the $200 version, or the $90 version, or even the $60. Honestly, if I had $200 to blow on this game then I totally would because I’d love to see this game expand even further.

This seems pretty simple. i wanna play this

Hi! Good day! Is it okay that I use your instrumentals for a video that I’m doing to sell the products of herbal medicine, from a company CF WELLNESS.

So should have been included. Absolutely outstanding performance – the accent changes over the life of the film and character from Cockney to Posh English accent, and he does an incredible job of it.


This is the boring video

Starcraft? You gotta be shitting me. AoK defined the genre and was the ultimate achievement of RTS. Counterunits meant you actually had to use strategy instead of mindlessly going through a clickfest rush.

2. Many of these modules don’t even run on logic or words. So trying to reprogram those modules with words or ‘clever phrases’ is never going to work if they are causing you problems.

Other languages need to be spot on or you’re just speaking jibberish to people. Hurray for English.

So, after the Dosteovsky video, could you do Joyce or Nabokov?

Thank you so much!!! This makes way more sense!

He speaks more IGNORANT than anyone I know. However it is not his speeches that concern me as much as what he actually DOES NOT DO! He is not an effective leader abd he is a conman liar. The FACTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES.

Very well explained and very helpful. Thanks a lot ACDCLeadership

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Wowwww! Where were you when I spent sleepless nights writing essays for my AP Eng/Lit classes lol. But now That I’ve found you, I will never let you go.. Lmao on a more serious not, Thank you Sir James, for you just made my psychology paper a whole lot easier to write. Definitely hitting that “Subscribe” button.



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Haha im sorry for you losers who funded that half ass game.

Is that Robert de niro with a beard??


If any work gives to me someones, firstly i am so confusion, tension because in my inner says ” you can’t handle that work”.

A video on the message of the BHAGAVAD GITA might be also better.

Text Statistics

The Best Introductory Tutorial I have seen till now! Thanks a lot…! The way you explained was incredible.

Writing a 7-8 pages double spaced essay answering several questions regarding the major contributors to international relations and political thought in the ancient world and their philosophies, also have to compare them: Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Augustine, Pericles.

And I really don’t care if I’m nameless

One reasoning no one gave was that: By pushing the fat guy onto the trolley to save the others, you’re completely ignoring the fact that – 1. You might be Killing someone even though there’s a slight chance of the trolley stopping at the very last moment, and perhaps it won’t end up killing others rather just injure them.

If the machines learn to do our jobs better than we do them and can therefore both produce the resources required by us and them, then humans will no longer have to work because the machines will provide them with whatever they need or want and can still produce the resources needed by the machines themselves in order for them to sustain.

I’d say a true free market can’t exist. It’s impossible. In a true free market, corporations could get away with pretty much anything. Big corporations would eventually dominate the markets they operate in, driving smaller competitors out of business and becoming capable of deciding whatever happens in that market. At the end of the day, they’d effectively have become a kind of government.companies like Comcast or Time Warner are excellent examples of this. There are many areas where only one company serves, and they’ve essentially agreed which are belongs to what company. Starting competitors will be met with lawsuits and other practices that quickly run them out of business. Imagine what would happen in an even more capitalistic society. They’d have even more power than they already have. A likely scenario would be one in which the ISPs could charge even more, could get away with poorer services, and perhaps gang up with the local construction companies, and include their service in any home and office by default. You couldn’t even buy a house without also taking a subscription that you can hardly even afford.

I WANT THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!

I just bought one of your shirts!

Is this vid. true???????? ugh dont know it

Dear Crash Course…Nietzsche was never associated with any nationalist groups, he actually was very critical about the rising nationalism during his time (just check his criticism against Wagner). Parts of his work were used (after his death and by nationalists who approached his sister) in order to give some ethical “wight” to the fascist ideology. This is just a popula hoax which unfortunately was used by you.

I’m trying to achieve a B in literature

He used technique to make his lecture more effective by depreciating the students at first that you don’t know what native englishman speaks




“if everyone was fat, we’d be closer”

Im not a jew and say the over pronounced T at the end of the word, like, imporTanT

I thank you

Never gonna run around and desert you

John – I know you’ve done lots of book recommendations, but I’d like to ask for a specific one! One of the things I love most about your books is that you’ve created such a world within each of them, it’s fun to just fall into it while you’re reading. The Harry Potter books and lots of other popular, captivating books are that way. But since I’ve now read all of yours, can you recommend any others – YA or otherwise?

I’ve bought your ultimate package last week on Thursday or Friday, don’t remember the day. However, I’ve passed my CLEP exam! Thank you, you saved me $750 for the Microeconomics college class. Cheers!

You are wrong implying that everyone wants meaning in their life. As far as I remember I have neither searched for meaning or cared whether or not there was any, it simply does not matter to me in the slightest. I just do what will make me or the people I care for happy now or in the future. That’s enough, I don’t need a meaning or a purpose. The only things that have meanings or purpose are things that have been made specifically to do a job, I am not such a thing so why would I need a meaning or purpose? Sure you can give yourself your own meaning if you want (though it won’t really mean anything), and while you waste time deciding that I’m just going to get on with my life.


Aka nostalgia

-after a long journet, intense battles and moral dilemmas his hopes are crushed and his situation gets much more complicated


Thank you! Your flee map approach helps to organize and maintain structure.

I don’t keep a knife under my seat

Of course there is a “cage”. But the point is, there will always be a cage, and you can only try to make it bigger. If you remove the cage, someone will come and put you in a cage again, meaning, if the gouvernment falls, a new gouvernment will rise and probebly limit our freedom again

Should you read the texts explained in the series independently along with their videos? (or at least the ones independantly readable)



For advice on how to write research questions, please see my YouTube video “Choosing and Narrowing Research Topics”– For the “differences between qualitative and quantitative research,” just Google that. Conceptual framework comes after you have established the theoretical framework. Again, Google that: “conceptual framework theoretical framework”

“And if you don’t stop verbally assaulting us we will be forced to attack you in self defense”

I play dnd with his kid lol

The comments is full of coders and programmers and I’m here making squares and rectangles with JavaScript.

** Consent: Still guilty. The ‘do not murder’ principle is predicated in the ubiquitous and equal value of human life. To violate this value makes the murderer beg the question of why his life (the murder’s) is valuable enough to consume the murdered.

Had to end sometime.

Oh god no President Trump wants to bring jobs back and keep undocumented felons immigrants out of the country. lol

Thank you emma

Like you said advancement of a nation.

1. ‘the main idea of this paper is…’

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Series of unfortunate events

2: go to your 4th wall

Who the hell is this ‘linguist’ claiming he’s just talking like an everyday person? Seriously?! I’ve never spoken to anyone in my life who was that incoherent and insane sounding (excluding homeless people ranting on the corner). Even when you’re listening to his speech instead of reading it, it’s very difficult to understand what he even means. You kind if get the gist of his rambling occasionally, but most of the time you’re left scratching your head because of all the double-speak.

This video is hilarious. Vox hasn’t a clue about reading body language. lol

The guy’s voice is unbearable though

Stronghold? :c

Wow, I think this is the first time I saw a guru researcher. I like your video, It helped me translate the body language I do, I thought differently of it though I didn’t know it translated differently

This helps alot especially because I just recently finished reading the scarlet letter so it’s helps me better understand with her thesis

MAGA, sounds but is not

And there it is!

Animals have the immediate use of empathy, as it exists as an instinct. They have consideration for their young, others in their community, and empathy is also used toward the self, you can have empathy for yourself, actually it is recommended. With the use of the tool of concept, we can expand the usefulness of the instinct of empathy. You are wrong to consider animal empathy as inferior to humans, they only lack conceptualization, if anything our empathy is inferior to theirs.