What is a religionist


I have watched this 3 times doing my water properties essay. Is that bad? :I

Amazing I like it so much it’s make me feel good and bad in the same time. but good job really wonderful

I am learning Malayalam by combining different words and making wierd swears………. No mallu messes with me for that reason and now I am actually getting good at it

Greatest philosophie channel i know of and realy smart guy. Thanks for the thoughts

Its funny westerners always try to exclude iberian peninsula when iberians are celts…

I’d appreciate any feedback that you might give me. 🙂

Our planet is dying 🔪 🌎 ❤️

Thanks, the video was help

Because superhero movie directors can’t make good movies for the life of them

Human Resources HR

John I have to say this video really relates to me right now, you see I did pretty terrible in high school for lack of motivation and interest because I too thought it was all just grades and meaningless cramming before finals. But now that I’ve started college I actually WANT to learn, and I don’t care as much about my grade as I do the knowledge I’m absorbing that I can then use in my day to day life to be happier. I love yours and Hank’s videos and they’ve inspired me to learn even more and helped me do just that. Thank you guys. 🙂

Coping With Bipolar Disorder

Please upload that video..ASAP.

Not answering is not a trick.

So the government would want to set a price ceiling so that they can ensure that people buy (since supply is low, people will scramble to get the product when they do see one).. where as a floor deters people from buying so that a surplus purposely builds up (for later uses like in droughts or depressions)?

This is why psychopaths rule the world.

Thank you for uploading, it really help to me😃

I thought it said intersexuality

This guy reminds of TheRadBrad a bit

Excellent video and thank you for sharing.

What an ethnocentric list.



Dune ♥

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Sa pue la tantouse cette chanson c’est fou

Once you master the art of, you’ll see through the lies.

This is great, but slow down. You guys talk too fast.

Let me know if you want any other topics covered cheers 🙂

You have no idea what you’re talking about.

Sr chapters notes onlne avalable h ya? urgent h…..

Yas! the moment I saw this vid I immediately thought of that line in Everyday by David Levithan!!!!

1. Keisha’s Song by k dot

I understood you more than my teacher

Where are thesis statements, topic sentences and examples? You missed all these essential things.

Great story. but, here’s another. my brother, who was just watching the regular news found a story where there were a couple people n a mental hospital who spoke Klingon. So, the only way th@ the nurses & doctors & perhaps family members could ever get them 2 do anything, is if everybody spoke Klingon

It is so easy to destroy your opponent ent with planetary thrusters. if your on the same planet just build thrusters and abandon the planet and set the course to blow it up.

1:03 =( My God.

Such a shame.

Writin a story but cant become focused

I like number 5



You don’t need sex to keep love alive.

This is a good learning video khan.

But which language out of those would be easier for an English speaker to learn? I thought I should learn the easiest and then move on to the others.

Nice moustouche

@sabLeya123 Thanks! I’m glad it’s helping you out =)

Thanks a lot for this video. I had to watch and listen 3 times. It is very helpful.

Reminds me of the dark souls series

Hey this was great!!! I was wondering if you can do an analysis like this for what i wrote… I would really appreciate it or if you at least told me what you think! Thank You!!!

Underrated sidekick



“In the moment when I truly understand my enemy, understand him well enough to defeat him, then in that very moment I also love him.”

Funny how The Washington Post attracts the Trump haters, LOL!

If you love this game I would reccomend you check out SpaceChem ^^ But I have to warn you: SpaceChem gets pretty hard really fast!

I feel the feeling you talk about, but it is caused by the depressing music and the sad faces I had to look at…

I’m interested… I know you say that the “most primal” goal of humans is to seek pleasure, and that this is common ground for everyone, however other philosophies disagree with this. For instance, Buddhism has some roots in the idea that NOT chasing after pleasure is what equates to true happiness. I would love to have a video on something like this.

Sorry to disturb but can we use the commentary of any poem as the versification of the poem.

Is he the guy from always sunny?

3.Other resting stances…for instance when someone rests with their elbows on a surface, or when someone leans up against something..

I wanna hug him

This is actually very good!

You are amazing! You are a true artist!



Soon to be a movie by Warner Bros.

Great video dude

Does it really count as counting the infinite, if you never finish?

I am Mohammad Haider from Afghanistan. I have a question if you explain me in detailed explanation about Limited Company in Example of Microsoft. Because I have doubt about that If Microsoft is a Large Corporation so if it ownership limited to its Shareholders then what does the Bill Gate Own in the Company?

Crash Course Philosophy?

Ye ye ye prostrate and bow in deep reverence to the greatest of greatest saint o b a m a the munificent, the most refined educated and perfect of men.

Brilliant Video, worth a watch, your voice is relaxing, and you flow from each point to the next really smoothly, love it!

Thank you

Dear Liz how much essay in writting task 2 total? plz hel me

I’m a slave but that’s ok bc so r u

YES!!YES!!! please listen to this man. Thank you for speaking for all of us. Young generations we are the future. Love to this man MUA MUA

The presentation was made very profesionally and I learned some very interesting facts that will be useful for me and a lot of other people who have watched this video! Thank you so much!



Excellent video

Very useful

Sad reality

That aside: awesome vid, guys. Love your work. Keep it up.

3 strikes and you biddin’ for life, mandatory(A)

An amazing thinker.

2001: Space Odyssey?



Why people resistance change more logical question.

Little inferno siii

I wonder if Uber plans to make physical copies of the art book.

Is the law of increasing opp cost due to factor immobility?


If you want to see this in action in the new media then visit Reddit.

I hate how, most of the time, the comments on this type of videos are grammatically incorrect or just plain horrible in terms of writing. That’s one of the reasons I don’t call myself “bilingual” (because I know I still have so much to learn), even though I’m pretty fluent on english.

Wellp, now we have a president who says things like, “you can grab ’em by the pussy” ….welcome to 2017.

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She mean that word as retorded okay. She is abulutely correct

This was so interesting. I just wish I could go back in time and see what kind of person Brutus really was.

Born a NYC Millionaire, handed Millions to play with, and attended Private Schools. His actual talent, which he is very good at, is convincing people he Cares and can Relate to you so you Buy what he’s selling. That’s it.. He sells you a feel good moment, then spends his time convincing you it’s everyone else stopping him getting you, and you getting, happiness. THAT is what gets his followers to believe he should have complete and utter control over everything!! A Dictator.

The concept of Adam and Eve is ideological. Yes we came from someone, but it’s limited adressing it only to a single couple. It’s a longer process that included many subjects, that is primitive beings.

Dear Sir Ambassador Mr. Nandan Prasad,

A levels economics tomorrow! let’s go!

Lol, its not like there’s a thing called a social contract or anything. I’m sure private corporations care about you way more than the Government, I’m sure they’ll make sure no one goes hungry, and that little dick the dictator next door doesn’t turn your town into his personnel drone hunting ground.

“If the immutable character of sex is contested, perhaps this construct called ‘sex’ is as culturally constructed as gender; indeed, perhaps it was always already gender, with the consequence that the distinction between sex and gender turns out to be no distinction at all.” (Butler 1999, 10–11)

One of the greatest rappers alive but he still a man and he still bleeds like I do and I am not one (gangsta)

This is a great documentary and the cinematography is absolutely beautiful!

Sir pls make pol science video

What does he mean by 11-16 minutes?



This game seemed too interactive with everything to be possible, I’m not surprised it got cancelled, but it’s a real shame.

Thank god gotg 2 & spiderman homecoming had good color grading

Someone please tell me!

Both accents are good. He sounds like he came from California in his Yankee voice Lol.

I think part of Rick HAS to believe in God in some way shape or form, but knowing as much as he does know, perhaps he feels less distant from God in terms of power and prestige and just as he treats everyone he really loves like dirt when things are same old same old, His relationship to God is just the same. The only tender moments are when he’s gotten all the malarky out of his system and its time to really St. Michael down on some last minute forgiveness.

United Kingdom (London, Northampton, Exeter)

……………… I take it that one Chapter is what took “The Lovely Bones” off the list. Otherwise, this is a good list.

I only listen to real black metal

It was very easy for me to follow you, keep going on.

If Trump is such a disaster. Why is he leading in the poles? This is what the conservatives refer to liberal double talk. He’s losing because he’s winning.

There are so many wrong things with this video, i don’t know where to start…

Can we start an essay with although?

You forgot two important indoeuropean groups, the Tocharians and the Thraco-Illyrians.

20:18 truth

>”Immersion doesn’t work”

– The Trial (F. Kafka)



AM I the only one who hates the dc color grade like it’s more ugly in my opinion

But its just a theory….. A game theory

Normally I don’t comment, but CTG took a capital L for this one. Put some RESPEK on Martin’s name.

Rlly good video do moare so I can sho erewon hat th mat enfinits my prarnts proud me

It’s about how today’s students, who are digital natives, are being taught by yesterday’s teachers, who are digital immigrants, using old methods.

I saw her face in 1:48

Would you push it?

I dont know why..this video is so cute!

Donald NEEDS to watch this

That being said; then I announce the meaning of my life for this very moment to just simply and successfully comment this sentence without explaining myself too much and how I ironically and intentionally did my best to make this come off as absurd.

Taking my final exam in 20 minutes thanks for all your help Mr. clifford you’re amazing

5. Caucasus wasn’t Indo-European and isn’t IE now.

Understand the slavery system we are all held in. Unite, end wars, use money as less as possible. Trade, barter. Build your own tribe, look for each other.

About the last case study. My opinion is that they should be charge with murder. It is a sad case. The 3 sailors got no choice but to murder the cabin boy and eat him to survive. To them, maybe it is alright to kill the cabin boy because he is dying, he’s an orphan and other supporting reasons. However, we can’t deny the fact they did murder the cabin boy.

Equally no matter what their symptoms be. Your voice & kind words

Aggressive male behaviour

@SubconsciousGatherer Well that is a rather elementary understanding of this story suited only for children.

The words will change the meaning from countries to countries. The same English words might have different meanings from Africa or other countries. The word might be have a positive meaning in British but might not have positive meaning in some countries. For some reasons, the meaning of the word might not be the same as the origin. I like Mr. Crystal’s video.

As for itself, I might find myself understanding that a shirt like that could be perpetuating objectification of women (even though I highly doubt that at this time). What I cannot accept and certainly not approve of is the manner in which shirtgate played out. Making a grown man who also happened to be a genius cry on camera for something so banal, so unimportant as the shirt he was wearing for a few minutes on an interview. A man who just achieved the unachievable and landed a spacecraft on a comet, I mean just think about that.

The background music is giving me anxiety omg



When the day comes when you realize you cant eat money thats when you’ll know its worthless. Lets just take care of each other. We’re all the same, we’re all human.

Best. speech. ever. thanks alot!!

Thank u Miss Liz, that is very helpful as we far away from the native speaking countries

Bhai acc. bhi karvado

This video is pretty fucking hard to watch.

I’ve been subscribed since 20k subs 😀

Ha. Yeh Lance Armstrong had emotional fitness… and a big bag of drugs.

Mosaddegh was a democratic leader, even the NY Times honored his planned reforms…G Britian does not want a nationalization because they had some exploitating contracts for the oil and all almost all the money went to G. Britian not to the benefit of iran,

I would like to know if the DVD has Spanish subtitles, if anybody knows, please? IT’s for a gift.

(A) Marginal product of capital must be 10 and the daily wage for labor must be $50.

Age of Empires IIl

Im pretty shure you should get some hilarious bloopers out of these videos jajajajj

This is a lesson worth sharing. Good.

Finally! Economics CC!

Charlemagnes the real faggot here



Powerful Tony. Loved it.

Who came here cause of presentable liberty

Black niggers are the most racist people on earth. This video is a proof.

I enjoyed this while studying for my test. Reminded me of childhood videogame music.

And what is striking is that they may be respected warlords,

What Super weapon the Human faction would have… NUKES OF COURSE!

Great video keep going


Imagine what would happen if in the same vein you set up an academic field that takes white culture as normative,

@DimebagVision You misinterpreted me on both counts – I didn’t criticize students texting, as you initially stated – nor did I criticize “texting right after class,” into which you backpedaled – If you read the whole reply in context, you see it was aimed at the **priorities of students.** (i. e. recreation>studying) You’re focusing on a mere illustration and making an unrelated, irrelevant point – That I am against texting after class, which I’m not, nor did the context of that statement imply.


Shallow Hal

40:20 fat cunt

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It helps for the first time I listen to it but I was so sleepy the second time listening for it to write my essay >.< now i gotta take a nap cuz i srsly can't type anything else for my essay

S. A

People should not be afraid of expressing themselves even if there is a camera pointed at them, if he likes the shirt, he should be allowed to wear it. He should not cover in fear of offending someone.

To the author of this video: Just because you can cut different camera views does not mean you should. I had to listen to this video in the background instead of watching it because that cuts are distracting. And sound quality is too low with constant background noise so even listening is not easy.

Courseherog@gmail.com. I’m a legit student doing this small gig! thanks

A Long Walk to Water – Linda Sue Park



Shkreli was so graceful. Can’t say the same for some of the interviewers tho…


I really like Stephen Fry, and he makes some very good points here, but 1) he is, in a way, attacking a straw man. I am guilty of pedantry, but that doesn’t mean I have no appreciation for innovative or creative use of language. The whole reason why I love PG Wodehouse is because of his unorthodox use of common words to express even the simplest things in a hilariously fresh, descriptive way. This tirade of Fry’s groups every pedant into extremes with no allowance for degree. I cringe at “five items or less” but love verbing nouns. And 2) with regard to Stravinsky and Picasso and just about every other avant-garde artist who came on the scene, they fully understood the traditional “rules” before they broke them. Their genius was in how they were able to take traditional notions and turn them on their heads. This leads to 3) clarity IS ultimately an issue. I tutor college students who know so little about language, they are completely unable to make their thoughts comprehensible to their audience. When they write, they randomly slop words on the paper with no more consideration than an elephant slinging paint onto a canvas. They have no idea of the fine shades of meaning between words, nor do they have any concept of simple grammatical rules that ensure that someone who is outside their heads will understand what they have written.

I’ve been attempting – and failing – to write an essay for over a week but I’ve now finally managed to complete it, with the help of this music. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

That looks very cool, that’s exciting stuff!

I got the last laugh

Best lecture sir

Attacking in self-defense because of speaking your mind,(???) first of all, stupid, second of all, just no, and not being able to attack back, stupid.

Nah I don’t feel threatened by SJWs or feminists. I’m annoyed that they blame any injustice or inequality contrived of warped statistics on oppression. It’s a tough world sometimes. Be the tough bitch that you all so embolden and prosper in spite of it. All I know is my mom came straight out of the Philippines got through school, worked a lot of different jobs, using her knowledge started a company and is now worth half a billion. She got a BS in Marketing and she’s one of the ditsiest people I know. What got her through was her infectious passion for life that draws people to her, unstoppable drive fueled by a mother who gave everything to get her to America and… well… balls. To risk everything for an idea she believed in and fought for. No one could tell her no.

It is that we are one with nature and are not seperate beings which are encountering a foreign world. Giving each other names is a useful invention for social communication it but doesn’t depict reality. When we say that somebody has a big ego, we mean that he is full of himself. But even the ego in the sense that one thinks there is a thinker seperate from the toughts, a feeler seperate from the feelings is delusional. Enlightened people regain the same state of conciousness as a baby before it was told what society expects of it. The tricky thing is to realise that “I” can’t do anything to regain the oceanic feeling of the baby because the adult point of view is entirely based on the fiction that one is a seperate being. When one says that I am a Zen-Buddhist, it has a certain touch to it that one doesn’t really understand what it is about. One doesn’t say “I understand Zen” because a person who really understands it would formulate it differently due to the realisation that the ego doesn’t exist. Our physical organism is one continuous process with nature while the ego is our idea of ourself.

c. Keep prices stable (inflation rate)

Do you want lost your time? read this comment

I recommend you to take a second look at Iran’s history. some of the facts in this video were inaccurate. maybe change your references. try to look at it from a different point of view. know that you are responsible for these videos. You seem like a good guy so please take another look and if you change your mind make a second video. thanks

Vee. say it again.

“The purpose of human life, not matter who is controlling it, is to love whoever is around to be loved.” – Kurt Vonnegut

Very good