What is a religionist



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Never gonna let you down

“You and I should spend more time together.” [Correct]

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Career based on daddy issues

Sure, Tim. Just go to one of the YouTube video grabbers. KeepVid is one I like. It will download any YouTube video to your desktop.

Did he just say, “gooder”?

“Good Artists Borrow, Great Artists Steal”

Bradbury’s work is amazing!

Amazingly well done

None asked for the best thing of this video? What is the name of the TUNE??? Thanks xxxxx

I really love this im gonna do my english final exam based on this.

All I Know Now, by Carrie Hope Fletcher, and

She is mentally ill, she needs me because I’m everything she has. And the same goes for me, I would kill to protect her.

(I dont want to be an attntion-whore though, just writing this because of peer pressure XD)

Stop taking everything they say so serious they definitly dont mean that lifes meaningless he drunk also

This video showed up when i was downloading 4gb of ram memory

I kill u, I kill u all

Buddhism never confronts the question of Origin or destination(where we go when we die) :-/



( A dead person is meat and no morality is above the lifes of the others. Have a nice breakfast!)

It’s just no their generation yet. Cuz 60% is sure not the figure for the last 50 years, when the most of current STEM workers graduated.

Marvel fanboys be hating on my boi Patrick

Become nobel through performativity?

Hey can you do an ideal A* answer on Jekyll and Hyde? ๐Ÿ™‚

When Emma said some students write same words. I thought she was talking about me


Why arent there turkish translate?

What if the lump sum is higher than the fixed cost? Would the surplus bring the MC down? Also if its going down, shouldn’t it move to the left?

Even in year 9 I lost marks from leaving too many points in the 2nd person

Like him or not, Trump is not stupid. He is a seasoned speaker who knows how to motivate people. Don’t underestimate him. He’s a demagogue, but he’s effective at it.

That’s good I understand the bottleneck hypothesis.

What rubbish is this



Meanwhile, I once needed to google “when’s the 6 o’clock news?”

Well, those 7 speaking sins are what helped hurler to rise to power and encourage Germans to go to war

So basically life is just a huge sandbox???

Anyone knows what artificial economy means please?

Please let us stop this madness

Learn Spanish kids! โคโค

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When you mention about trying to break away from using P. E.E I find its always best to write out the same paragraph in multiple ways before the exam and just ask a teacher to mark them and see which structure was best

Very good thank you very much

Is there a difference in the essay planning and structure between ” do you agree or disagree” and ” to what extenct….”? or they are the same.

Could you make a Wuthering Heights video?

Mister swan can I introduce the intro about what im going to write about using commas if the three points significantly are based on the same thing?????

This prob top 3 smartest guests on this show ever…. put some RESPEK on this mans name

The only thing I like is that you go to school 3 days a year.

Charlemagne im gonna bet ur Ass up u stupid bitchasspussey #freeshkreli #forever #freeprishtina

Essentially the coming sequels need to be good, but they also need to be good in a different way. You can only unload that weaponized intertextuality once (in this case). I hope they realize that!

That american accent,, i’m dying

Own new ways to understand something. I have even been brought to tears by the



Wait for the actual game to come out for much cheaper then

Also if you’re doing a Shakespeare play definitely try and find a good TV or film adaptation because these plays were intended to be seen not necessarily read. But find a good one, not all adaptations stick to the original text. For example the 1996 Baz Luhrman Romeo and Juliet is odd as hell aesthetically but a lot of teachers put that one on in class or prefer you to watch that one compared to the 2013 adaptation because it sticks to the original text. The 2013 one is set in the time period but it is really loose with how much it adheres to Shakespeare’s language. If in doubt go for the BBC Shakespeare collection ๐Ÿ™‚

RoSCFan – I can’t reply to your comments (dunno if that’s Youtube, or your settings or what), so I’ll just address them all here.

What I got from your speeches are nothing. You mentioned some nice tips but not in a good manner.

Good job! Keep it up! You are amazing and your explanations are easy to follow and at the same time not to long, loosing everyone’s time.

No one mentions Star wars galactic battlegrounds, it was the star wars rts that was before empire at war came out and was, in my opinion, 100x better, as you could play as a lot of the main factions (rebels and empire to even gungans, and a bunch of others I can’t remember, though it sadly didn’t have clones for some reason) and the maps got to be pretty big, with each faction also having its own story mode, some of them tying into each other

GALLIFRAYN! It made me so happy to see that back there.

Tony is the best! I have a massive collection of coaching videos on my page that you may like to have a look at too! Let me know what you think!! ๐Ÿ˜€

Hyperwebster: F U C K Y O U

What’s the name of the piano track 22:45 please

I think the same. That is how our parents learned, that is how our grandparents learned, and “it has worked pretty well so far”.

I feel I should suggest a book to you. I’m going to say Sophie’s World, it’s more of an adolescents book but it had a profound effect on me when I was 12. If you haven’t read it it’s worth a read.

10:28 thanks

Where are yall from?

I could not agree more with your interpretation of what is currently going on in Hollywood. Pop culture will still be churning out drivel, and that’s not actually the problem. The problem comes when poor excuses for art shout louder than true artistic talent. The over saturation of the movie industry with rehashed story causes a heavy attrition of new, progressive art.

Thank you sir for providing the wonderful video.

Thanks sir video bhejne ka speed aur badhae ek din me Kam se Kam 2 ya 3 video Dale app par umid karke aapka video dekh rahe hai



What did the librarian say to the child

He wasn’t as loud back then hear in this video

In order to restore our government to one which is of the people, for the people, and by the people, we must sever the heavily unbalanced influence of money and wealth from politics, or acquiesce to the notion that people such as Trump will increasingly be given unparalleled power and authority. Failure to do so will lead our country into an abyss where morality, truth, justice, freedom, and liberty no longer exist.

Subee mas subee mas estoo para my(cancion litlle inferno)

“The Crystal Cave,” “The Hollow Hills,” “The Last Enchantment,” “The Wicked Day”–a fantastic spin on the Arthurian legend by Mary Stewart, first book came out in 1970.

– Sean Penn (Harvey Milk)


Can you PLEASE make a video on endangered animals. Listing of all of the endangered animals.

Sorry we are annoying but tell me just how much fun you are having dissecting everything about us that you hate. Then take the millions of years of evolution and creativity it took to make up perfect meanings for each and every one of those noises. When you hear each of them you can tell exactly what we mean. It’s like we make up a whole different language and we can’t even get some credit. We did it without almost any prior knowledge. We are not even out of high school! Sorry this was so long.

I think today also we are taking lives with consent. Take the example of army. Here soldiers sacrifice their lives so rest of us can live a better life

I just enrolled at MBA and one of our subject is Managerial Economics, we only meet once a week with the Professor and so videos like these helped me a lot. Thank you sir from Philippines!

This is wonderful. Thanks for your help!

My computer ran out of battery and died mid essay.

I love science

(on a larger scale, of course)

Chomsky is yet another anti-American who lives in an ivory tower with little real knowledge of what made America one of the only countries of the world where people want to come here, rather than other places. He just doesn’t get it. Sorry, he deserves no respect from those of us who have watched and listened to his self-serving remarks over the past few decades.

Greetings to all my Indo-European and Aryan Brothers from an Kurd



Alex was definitely one bright parrot, but I really doubt he was an exceptional parrot. There are probably many more African Greys that could do what he did. Dr. Pepperberg herself says he was an “off the shelf” parrot

Perhaps Stephen Fry would like to join me in the Society for the Abolition of the Apostrophe, of which I am founder and sole member to date. As a teacher of English language and literature I’ve decided that far, far, far too many classroom hours and way too much brain power goes into making decisions about how to use the apostrophe. Hence my society for its abolition.

When does it come in the store

Hello, I just want to say that I think your channel is fantastic. I’m binge watching every video. I was wondering if you could make a video were you show the model making process

Man philosophy is such a dead-end waste of time

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Love thiz video,,. helps so much in my thesis.


This documentary exposes the more optimistic expectations of an oil-based world, as they could be dreamt of in the 80’s.

I think Age of Empires 2 is the best rts ever made!

You are such a great teacher!

Like his yellow bow tie

Wow, this was really helpful! Thank You!

Could use the word blissful to describe this if it was read by Morgan freeman

Viggo Mortensen (Eastern Promises)


Hi, Liz. I need to practice my writing. can you please guide me to some authentic source. I am saying “authentic” because there are lots of mock tests with a solution, but I found these solutions very normal.

The basic underlying theme is good! But this guy makes wild assumptions about a lot of things!!! One of those things is the “Out of Africa” theory has been debunked! Also Shamanistic cultures have had a Gaian mind (global planetary empathy) for millenia! It’s a good message filtered through institutionalized dogmatic thinking!

Oh and martin, charmandar was disrespecting you all time, you didnt do shit.

Is it right?

We can improve English skills by reading more books, practice make perfect. anyway



Based on your class about introduction, I’d like to know if I’m following the right way. Could you give me a feedback?

Whoms MAN is this

Good film to learn English

Thank you so much, u are so helpful

Ahahaha Iโ€™m the year below you and you genuinely did help me pass GCSEs, but Iโ€™m probably going to take a gap year too so I probably wonโ€™t be in the same uni year ๐Ÿ˜‚

Perhaps you should actually study Russian history and the underlying causes of the Russian Revolution, instead of showing everyone on the internet your ignorance.

Harvard will be holding classes and graduation for anyone who isn’t white. Classes will include Kill Whitey 101, Intro to the White Male Devil, White Male Privilege 201, White Men Want to Enslave You 102, and Social Justicism 202

Hey, look it’s a Nexus 4. Love that phone.

Turkish subs please

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How long will his supporters remain blind — or in denial?

You know no matter what we think a few thousand year tradition of Caste system will not go away. The government is trying but there are so many rural areas in India that are supersticial and old traditions just don’t go away in a day. It’s sad to watch these kids treat and be treated like that. the old tradition is deep rooted in their brain.

Better than most rappers today.

Adam smith actually posited that while increased specialisation would make economies stronger and more productive, it would make the lives of workers more miserable. Think about it, the artisan shoe maker who crafts shoes by hand has a much more fulfilling job than the factory worker who operates a machine to put the plastic caps on shoe laces. This is a hidden, unquantifiable cost of specialisation. These sorts of hidden costs are why economic models fail to describe the world in a realistic manner. I really hope they talk about the limitations of economic models at some point.

That’s a free market system; and it’s thoroughly anti-capitalist.

I died at the Mickey Rooney part! XD



That’s how language works though. It evolves. A hundred years ago many words that we have today didn’t exist and many more had different meanings. A lot of the words phrases and symbols we use today are the way they are, because of misconceptions and false associations made about them hundreds of years ago. “Could of” might be correct in a hundred years. It’s just the nature of the thing. Language is ultimately organic.

Are kya padate ho. maza aa gaya ji. thank u

My god, itโ€™s a nightmare!

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Econ 102 is killing me already.

This is an absolutely fun-looking game! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m going to have to look into it since I love programming and this is also a great way to TEACH programming to kids! Thanks for sharing, Generikb! ๐Ÿ˜€

Dieses Buch = this book, das Buch = the book

Awesome speech!

Ohhhhh cod I fucking hate my generation

Im A Change Women

‘oh, it’s a boat… beating against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past’

We are here on earth to help the other, what the other here are for i have no idea…..

There is a way to get our Sovereignty and Republic back.

See u tomorrow be good I love you:(


@ Siddhartha – Parts 2 and 3 are not available. I enjoyed part. TY. I lived in Southern India for two years and find your video very instructive. I would love to see the rest/

Yeah a statement like “he insults women!” is real nuanced.



This is my favorite BMTH song xD

Frodo’s not human, he’s a hobbit.

WTF is up with teenagers in the U. S?!! This is ridiculous. I am a teenager and this, dispite is very true, so disgusting.


Trump supporters T R I G G E R E D



At what point does the bass drop?

Improvise your defenses.

Sorry you’re so intelligent. It makes it worse. You’re trying to reason through a feeling that is deep within and lost to easy words. There’s also the truth, which you have to come to terms with. It’s a dark outlook, not handled well by many. We have to accept that some of the voices are right, and we’re hearing them because we’re at odds with reality.

Even your short videos are great!

Schools are interested in the ‘survival’ of children, not the ‘thriving’ of children.

I sorry for my comment, it was inappropriate. I did not know he was 85. I am sorry if I offended people. Just meant it as a joke, but I guess many people did not see it this way. I could see this from the negative reactions to my comment and your response. So, again I’m sorry.

Sir so law of returns to scale explain nahi kiya

Can a counselor tell me how to make my child write with love

Instead, and herein lies the trick, the focus is solely on society’s PERCEPTION of homosexuals,

The end aspired by all in silence within

My high school students created a video response finally to your awesome short. It is very inspirational as a tech teacher! THANKS!

Like Zombieland

Great format and entertaining presentation. Best one I have seen for logical process with examples. Thank You

Start reading or apply for training at the closest McDonald’s ASAP



And will there always be a need for real human contact (much like food instead of pills)

Ok! let’s do this! “So first step, you have to understand what infinity is. ..” …. o. o FFFF!!

The joke about breakfast made me tear up.

Mind Fuck. Made me punch a wall.

You just earned yourself a subscriber, this was very cool and informative video, do continue to create more of these videos in the future please.~

Halftime is the hardest fucking song by Thugger๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ

What about rock n roll?

So pretty and sweet, teacher!


… And you’re not so unbreathing yourself. Congratulations! What a small world we live in…


John Green? Are you related to Hank Green?

The all caps comment thing is annoying i have to say

I’m interested in seeing more of this!