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1990 – You speak Clingon loooser hahaha!

What ever makes you happy just do its your life my love you live it how you want to live it!! Xx

Me and my twin invented a language when we were younger up until we were I believe 13 close to 14. Mk bye.-⭐

What about the dragon language from skyrim?

Looks around


All hail the Stiefvater!

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“Trump speaks like us”.. probably referring to midwestern/rural country folk as compared to coastal/urban city-dwellers…Trump doesn’t use academic vocabulary, uses exaggeration and hyperbole, and goes on tangents…

You were able to teach me in 6 minutes what my professor couldn’t in 3 hours.

Bless you, so helpful

Hey Vlogbrothers please check out the book, “Autism The Fight In Side,” Written by A. E. Bower. The book is about having Autism, and serving six years in prison for a robbery that the main character did not do. The book is a bio-pic Non-fiction. You can view the book at, and or buy the book for the listing price. Thank You.

Man this guy can spot any fucking sound

Im a giraffe do I get +69 privilege points plez dad

Adrienne is better

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The commentators enthusiasm alone makes me want this game. “throws money at monitor”

You shouldn’t have sped it up so much



Thank you, Emma. what you teached is useful to academic writing.

Sir, SBI PO 2017 k liye vi naya topics mei descriptive ka video bana dijiye please…

@ilovefakenames – okay.

1:42 i dont get it… Phones arent bigger than humans

Eu escrevo igual o Eminem. Eu juro.

It’s so good to hear this type of message. Where can I hear more of your talks?

Words! Mere words! How terrible they were! How clear, and vivid, and cruel! One could not escape from them. And yet what a subtle magic there was in them! They seemed to be able to give a plastic form to formless things, and to have a music of their own as sweet as that of viol or of lute. Mere words! Was there anything so real as words?

Who is this guy?

So if the author is dead, why is the English teacher alive? If the author didn’t intend any symbolic meaning, and you didn’t pick up any symbolic meaning, then why does it matter if English teachers and literature critics see symbolic meaning?

Dahhh! Neitzsche didnt advocate nihilism, he experienced it for sure but half of his philosophy is about overcoming nihilism just as the whole western world was sure to have to do because of the death of god. Meaning gods importance in our lives and thus provision of meaning was diminished also! Do check your references crash course!

Uh, excuse me, i dont mean to be that guy but, empathy is utilitarian.

I like this

I feel like someone could make this video a meme…

I feel like I recognize it, but I just can’t place it…

My life is a lie.

Next thing they gonna say is lil pump a genius

Women r way better @ running hr depts then men r!!!thats just a fact!!!!women r better @ hr then men r!!!!

Shkreli takes CtG’s bs pretty well. I like CtG, but outside of hip hop he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Https://m. in=apolloyoung/sets/die-young

This is so helpful!!

I love you



Thanks a lot for your lessons, in my opinion “exercise” can be replace by “physical activity” ??

He speaks more IGNORANT than anyone I know. However it is not his speeches that concern me as much as what he actually DOES NOT DO! He is not an effective leader abd he is a conman liar. The FACTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES.

😰Seriously, dude. Was this something you prepare or did you just rhyme that many times in a row by accident?πŸ˜‚

The answer, a question?

I love this man! If you haven’t already, check out his written works too! He’s the best starting point for anyone new to linguistics, because everything he says or writes is brilliantly constructed and easy to follow!

Monotonous πŸ˜•

So sad so true

Spaseebo, Russian motha fuckas xD you’d have to know Russian to get that one

Well that was a fucking horrible ending to a wonderful video.

Wild-born African grey parrots are thought to live longer than those raised exclusively in captivity. Life span in the wild is up to 80 years; one specimen is known to have lived to 90 years. Captive-bred African grey parrots average 50 years, but some parrots may die at 30 or 40 years of age.

I really don’t understand it. I don’t understand why there has to be a difference in genders. ): It WOULD seem a lot more peaceful without people bullying others for being ‘outside the norm’, but why would gender even exist if that wasn’t the case. I… hate the human species for having created such a stupid concept. ‘Girly men’ and ‘tomboys’ shouldn’t exist. They are people who like certain things.

Thankful I don’t have a Southern accent. Having to listen to my grandmother (who lived in NC) when we went to visit drove me insane. The only word I have trouble with is “water”. I say it like “wahdder”. I have a friend from Seattle who says it perfectly.

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His ear looks very red

It’s not funny cus it’s true

Why do I always imagine this guy to be a wrestler rather than a life-coach. I think with such physique he could’ve kicked a lot of butts.



I’ve watched a couple of these In-Text Citations MLA videos… this is the best one yet. Thanks so much! It was exactly what I needed.

/watch? v=9Cz8ZwaJe24&list=FLghkPciP1_vvQPEu2yoa-cg&index=1

They need work because of their family steve cutts is a lier


Being male or female isn’t abstract.

I’m not smart enough to understand half of what he’s saying, but I love this anyway. Also, Navajo has now become my new favorite accent!

His last words were “You be good, I love you”

I would taise my hand to answer against the proposition of a lotery too:

Dershowitz hates Chomsky because he calls the jewish treatment of Palestinians “apartheid”. And that punctures your “He hates everything that’s not jewish” argument, that you completely just took out of your ass.

Very well explained topic on HRM. Thank you.

He cant handle someone be straight up with him cuz hes a white male in a suit hes so used to two faced rappers with that dress up in trash.

As much as I dislike Deluded Donny’s speaking, Jennifer Sclafani got me to stop cringing and actually listen to the Orange Orangutan speak. I don’t think I could listen without her but I was really impressed with her analysis.

Holy funking shit I’m buy this game

1. Trolly driver – Flip the switch and kill the one guy. Five against one. Simple as that.

This is great, I like it so much. hope you could upload more like this. thanks

15:00 – 15:04 is that Jeff Bezos?

Germanic (from Proto-Germanic), emerged around 3300 BC,[11] earliest testimonies in runic inscriptions from around the 2nd century AD, earliest coherent texts in Gothic, 4th century AD. Old English manuscript tradition from about the 8th century AD.



Your videos are saving my IB HL.

She said that it will result in the deduction of marks cause you are deviating from the topic in the first line of a paragraph.

U explain very well sir I love the way u explain eco…..

What the nature of homosexuality is, how it is created, what makes a man’s psyche gay,

Oh i remember him in my childhood

Show this to feminists and liberals and see what happens

I need 8 million more vids like this

Just eat it instead of doing math with it

Sooo… She’s a cunning linguist. Got it.

Will there ever be a video for Jacques Lacan

I’m glad I know quite a few languages and not just a couple. πŸ™πŸ»

Love it, very funny

Nice day!

How was the new equilibrium calculated?? (ie. P=$4, Q=80)

I believe there will be ‘Teams’ but not mid-game Diplomatics.


I realized that he doesn’t even need a microphone because he’s a megaphone himself πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚





Thugger Michael Jackson

Loving this video

Will any robot ever be able to copy Enya music though?

I really need more videos like this, he is amazing

Read more

I saw this one facebook and subbed immediately, this is brilliant

Atlas shrugged is one of the best selling novels of all time the fact that it wasn’t in the top 3 is disrespectful the fact it didn’t even get an honorable mention is flat out pitiful.

Thank you πŸ™‚ I improved on this in Gestures and Body Language 2. It is nothing but pictures

Thanku sir

Trump does NOT talk like the most uneducated person ever encountered. I have met people who stopped going to school at 8 years old and were infinitely more intelligent and well spoken than this pile of retarded dog shit

But when we hear Donald Trump speaks, …

Excellent video! If you like rhymes and structures I suggest you dig into spanish, argentinian and chilean rap, specifically the rap battle scene. Structures and flow is really important and appreciated over here. Zasko, Compareflow, Ricto, Sweetpain… those are all considered “estructuradores” who rhyme each syllable of the 4 bars while improvising.

Great video!!!! Thank you.

The typical fallacy of invoking “expert opinion” to validate a claim that has no factual foundation. Trump doesn’t speak like everybody else does; not everybody else speaks like he does.

Except the “boogieman” is not so much refugees and immigrants now but Donald Trump. Almost every media corporation is pro-immigration and heavily anti-Trump

I wish I had a mentor like him…!

or we just give a big hug, sometimes we even hug a person we don’t know very well, if the situation is seen as appropriate,



Gooooooood broooooooo

Bob Neufeld breathes life into many of Emerson’s transcendental writings via richly narrated audiobooks. He also does THE definitive narration of Dostoyevsky’s Notes From The Underground.

None of charlemagne’s BS worked on this cat, and he exposed his illuminati ties…. Out of everything, that was the most significant take away from the interview…. #backfired

Akkadian, Chinese, Arabic, Persian, French use to be trade languages between various countries. So English will cease to be a world language sooner or later.

I’ve been through a lot in my life

Man. It’s amazing any economy even works since it relays so much on you buying stuff whether you need it or not; where in for individuals, the goal is always to save money and invest on your future

Is “knowledge acquisition” synonymous to “education”?

I have age of12 it shows19 25

I love this and your channel so much

Thanks to you millions are being brainwashed for the nwo and UN Agenda21 you’re a disturbing troll, fame and money over truth.

I want to make my writting beautiful using cut marker….for main headings



We should also take in to account that we measure ‘better off’ against western consumer patterns on the whole, which are commonly proven to unsustainable for the rest of the world to replicate, and generally excessive. Countries like Cuba might have less powerful economies because they don’t trade as much, but that doesn’t mean they have a lower standard of living just because they can’t buy 3 cars and buy all their vegetables from New Zealand. Consumerism doesn’t equal health, happiness and sustainability.

HINDUISM religion of the devil. Only Satan and his demons can promote such cruelty. Enough said.

The invention of science is philosophy

The World misses you Steve x

Lots of folks going on about existentialism and such, so I might as well pitch in. Existential crisis only really bugs me because of mortality itself (I’m one of those surprisingly rarer folks that would happily live forever). The MEANING of life side of the crisis, to me, is very simple – To be happy and to make others happy – or at least happier than they were when you left them. It’s something you can’t ever hope to be all that good at, but you try. I think this is actually why I get so passionately annoyed at some subjects, because since my ANSWER to a large part of existential crisis ITSELF is centered around making other people happier and more well off, when I see folks do things counter to that it REALLY bugs the ever-living hell out of me.




Stay in school, kids, and you too can be pimpin’ it ripped and righteous.

Man in these contexts simply means Human. Person, or Individual.

Thanks man really helpful

Friendless Childhoods.

Dimming down the coloring might make sense in some films, but a live action movie based on a comic book should look BETTER than the real outside world!!

I need to talk to Stephen Fry

This was so helpful, thank you so much! before watching this i was totally lost of where to begin, loved the way you explained everything by making it very simple!

Word by word: I hope you have well slept)

And there we go seven deadly sins is born as a anime

Because hes a jew

It’s not the best but Island of the Bule Dolphins is a pretty great book

He ripped the dollar into 6 pieces not 5

High expectations? That’s wonderful. Firing your inferiors because they don’t meet impossible standards? Vile, cruel, unacceptable.

I learned more in this video series than in all of my marketing courses


I love how his voice for sugarplums sounds like GRU from Despicable Me.

Why would we listen to this person about anything? Why does her experience as a lesbian give her any more merit over any other person? I would say that her view on gender or bianary issues is scued and should be vigoursly disputed.

I thought women do there eyebrows to look clean 😐

Please do a video comparison between paper book and PDF

Thanks! I’ve always thought Iran/Persia to be one of the most interesting places in the world. I hope to visit Iran one day.

Did you know that when Pangaea Ultima happens the carbon in the atmosphere is going to be all gone causing plants to die to kill animals that feed off those plants and killing off anything that feeds off of the animals and/or plants.

Brennan and Clapper are a part of the swamp that needs to go.

You are an oxygen thief and a blind one at that.



Than you for your volunteer lessons

Nailed it

Bhaiya thank u… Soo much bahot accha gaya exam…. Shrif apke chakar mai…

Thank you for mentioning kids who had to wear masks because of us

If you’re still wavering about the intelligence of animals, re-examine the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami that struck the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia, and devastated Sri Lanka and many other nations. More than 200,000 humans died while animal corpses were nearly impossible to locate. If they weren’t caged up, animals took off before the disaster struck. Ravi Corea of the Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society told Fox News, “There have been no reports of elephant carcasses, deer, leopards, black bears, sloth bears.” Fox also reported that Corea “drove through towns like Galle, which are full of stray animals, and ‘didn’t see any dead cows or goats.’ ” There’s no doubt that surviving animals were thinking: “With all your mathematical skills, extensive language and technology, you two-legged imbeciles didn’t know there was a 100-foot wave coming? Idiots!” And the animals weren’t being instinctive when they fled the scene before the tsunami hit. They were simply paying attention. They were aware of their surroundings, unlike the instinctive human robots who stroll this earth. When it comes to technology, humans are brilliant. When it comes to awareness, humans have the mental acuity of a dingleberry (dried piece of shit stuck to the hair surrounding an asshole). And when it comes to decency, humans are on par with viruses.

Issue redundancies.

And then people say that feminism is obsolete

A country should never be ruled by religion, because religion can’t be measured. Rules aren’t strictly followed

My English mock is in an hour lmao

“By the makers of Little Inferno”…. and I’m sold already.

Fucking dope! tomorrow got exam! found this! heaven! thanks alot

I didn’t understand this sentence ma’am.

But what does it tell about a GOP-and its voters – who hitch this uncouth horse to tow their waggon?

Be humble, sit down


Do more

1:06 Hey it’s Escalation from gears of war.

The choice of the background song, “time of your life”, is so appropriate considering that most of this Keynesian economics is based on J. M.’s premise: -“we are all dead in the long run.”

I live for these videos

You’re right, the “chest” is something I look at first. Am I right?



My gap year was the best decision ever even though it was a last minute decision!

Translative – To turn into something (fΓ‘vΓ‘ – to turn into a tree)



Or perhaps someone who is habitually angry it seems; upset at every turn in life and unable to see the positive in any situation regardless of its presence.

Pls translate to spanish por favor

Bhut jbrdst

I don’t agree with general narration of this video. The bad thing is that this video doesn’t show growing purchasing power for less work hours, because of that its manipulating things and adds some negative imagination about future, and scares people that they will lose job or living standard / resources etc.. If robot makes my job for me, then I can spend all that money (time too) my robot does, for other things, which leads to creation of other jobs (can be for robots too who cares, who does job when you take money for that work). There always will be something to do for people no matter what, because human needs are infinite because they grow all the time. I guess that video is another one promoting ‘left side’ of political scene, as this channel does it a lot. I’m sure they will promote Universal Basic Income in next videos or other leftist idea to again rise taxes. If it’s not true, then why are this channel showing only one side of a coin? People decided to work less and spend more time doing other things, because they can now, and its natural trend. They could spend it to increase work hours, but they dont have such need. Maybe at some point some of us wont have to work at all, but I’m sure they will do something in their lives anyway, like they will spend more time with family, explore world (universe is big) etc. and those things might be called ‘work’ then.



Your hairdresser might care.

It is philosophically trite to posit people result from their acts,

Let’s water flowers with this-im wonderful-nim ‘chayem’ (Instrumental) [‘e’ is like the schwa]

This pissed me off

I was assigned to watch this video for my Info Literacy / Library Research class at Tri-C in Cleveland, OH. I enjoyed the video as it did not have any distracting chatter or boring monologues. The information was shared via handwritten and typed signage held up by the students of a very very large class. The signage gave interesting comments about information. I wonder how much their info stats has changed in just 3 short years? What’s the chance of a sequel Professor Wesch?

The man has mental problems, lady.

White guy: “wow this is some artistic and motivational music”

This vidoe has tones of information that now

It was fantastic to listen to your lectures – Thanks from Mumbai, India

This animal showed that cognizance exists beyond humanity. Jackson wrote a bunch of forgettable pop songs. This bird added to our comprehension of what it means to be alive, Jackson just made some music – they aren’t at all comparable.