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Economic is a very good subject. In the human civilization economic has a great role. This is only one subject where you can’t explain any effect of economics just like a scientific formula. where science can say 2 molecule of hydrogen react with 1 molecule of oxygen peoduce 2 molecule of water. this is a universal truth you cannot change it, can’t deny it. But in economics every formula is correct and for supporting of that formula enough exemple are present in world human society. So as per rule of economic no body can able to claim that this formula is the ultimate and there will be no other formula can be derived. This is the majic in economics.

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Uhhhh tl is also prominent in inuit societies

Mianownik (Nominativus)

Who else watched the animated adaptation first when they were kids and forever after imagined Romeo and Juliet as adorable seals? 😛

Fear isnt there because lack of practice

I believe your turkish example has a typo. It should be (ben) evde bir kitap okurum not (ben) evde bir kitap okudum.

Isn’t the scientific accomplishment enough. Can’t a guy be a “bad ass”, just by landing a probe on an asteroid. Does he have to wear a tacky shirt show where else he want to land a probe, too? The ubiquity of porn culture is eroding everyone’s dignity, not just women in traditionally male workplaces.comic book porn shirt makes him look more like a boy than a grown man. It’s time we all grow up.

Unless you have a super computer than can use raw power to get through the huge performance issues, do not buy this game.

Hiii plzzz make more videos…if possible plz make separate section fr env sci videos cz I’m studn it

Dude looks like Glenn Howerton

!I am now learning my third language

Thnx fr thz Definition..Ur wording nd Example r Damn easy…..or bahut ache se samajh Aya..😇

The time scale is a total bullshit. Czech and Polish divided from West-Slavic dialect in 10th century (with first written record in 12th century in Czech and 13th century in Polish). Slovenian and Serbo-Croatioan in the 1st century? Just LOL. (They divided very slowly during middle age from Old Church Slavonic). Ukrainian divided from Church Slavonic in 16th century, not in 11th. Slavic languages in South European and Central European territories before the Migration Period? Just LOL.

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I was so hoping hank would be doing this video

Just Abuse Straight White Men and Shun The For Your Own Self Pleasure.

Maybe you should do next time with colours



Problems –

Fuck! lmao I have good eye contact communication but I sometimes stare for too long and not look away 😂. Too confident 😎

Sandal makes me google so many things :p

What is an emotion?


Easy to understand boring subject

What if we all spoke the same laguage? wouldn’t this make communication easier and faster?

Can someone help me learn Spanish please? I do appreciate that if someone help me.

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Hetep India


He shared some good tips here. I am working on my 3rd language and was thinking of forgetting about it but this has helped me reconsider and continue.

This is not bad at all. The only thing we need to change is the base of our sociaty, money. We will need to base our economic on ressources instead. We won’t need money anymore. So, all poeple will do is learning, becoming better at what you love while machine’s running everything.

U have taken which cloth to wipe

He’s still going through it

As much as I can understand the desire to treat an illness, I think treating it too soon prevents people from having emotional intelligence which in turn makes them less likely to be able to deal with their symptoms. When it comes to depressive illnesses, suppressing such emotions immediately seems detrimental to the individual’s ability to learn and understand their condition. If your emotions are suppressed early on, how can you learn to see the onset of a depressive or manic episode? Stephen can notice patterns in his behavior now but if he were medicated as heavily as those children I don’t believe he would be able to do so easily.

Let deitys be able to fight each other i wanna see death star vs kraken god or whatever the hell that thing was. I think having an instant win is kill joy. Also could you do like a planet side DLC? that would really make this game funny

I wonder if this guy uses the D. E.N. N.I. S. system when he picks up chicks.

I just plain suck at research!

Well I know this really isn’t the point but, batman killing would actually end up in more suffering as shown in several what if stories

Sir, first of all very helpful video indeed and i request you to please upload the pictures of your note.



I’m going to use this to take both the micro and macro CLEP. Thank you.

دوزاری تو هنوز نیافتاده بعد از ۳۷ سال۰ حکومت اسلامی ساخته روس و انگلیس و امریکا هست۰ وقتی میگه مرگ بر امریکا و اسرائیل، یعنی من نوکر امریکا و اسرائیل هستم، این یک شعار بچه خر کن هست۰ وقتی میگه من حافظ اسلام هستم یعنی من اسلام رو از ریشه میکنم۰ چند میلیون خر مذهب رو توی عراق و سوریه و افغانستان ویمن به کشتن داد و چند تا امریکای و اسرائیلی رو توی این ۳۷ سال کشت؟ چند بیلیون پول مملکت رو دزدید؟ خریت هم حدی داره. اینها یک مشت دزد و پدر سوخته هستند در لباس اسلامی ، گرگ در لباس گوسفند، دنبال گوسفند هایی مثل شما که خون ایران رو بمکن۰مملکت رو کرن برده ی آمریکا و اسرائیل و ایران شده جنده خونه که توش پر از جنده ها و بچه کونی هست.

It looked like what a 21st century human being would explain to a cave man, only the cave man happens to live in the same era!

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Keep up it thanxyou so much

So Vsauce… I need someone with a higher background in math and physics than myself to help prove my theory on division by zero. I call it the ‘apple pie theory’. Are you up for it?

Great video!! there are many benefits:

Btw, the newspaper calls Khoemeni a “mad indian poet” since his family was from India.


What does he speak coz I can’t understand anything?

Classes. are very clear plz upload more classes

TED Talk please do german subtitles

Is that the first movement of the moonlight sonata first movement I hear in the background?

Wearing that shirt is not some subconscious “gratification of social dominance”. I severely doubt he or anyone else’d wear that shirt with bigotry in mind. The politically correct and socially fair-minded and kindnessminded will see that in it maybe, but the guy in question is one of those “attitude” people. That attitude should not promote bigotry or sexism, but it does because the PC-minded have decided that it does and the protests you will see against it are not misogynist in nature, they’re responses that has gone off the rails in the last couple of years. It’s only discrimination when people decide that it is, and that just makes me question whether people aren’t being a bit too sensitive at this point. I could understand if he wore a shirt that said “WHORE” or one with PoC that said “N*” then that’d be a clear sign, but a shirt with some good-looking, objectified women? Come on. There’s room for that… unless we decided there suddenly isn’t.

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We must end the reign of the international bankers

Naguib Mahfouz’s Cairo Trilogy is my favorite

Simply amazing



Does the UC endorse the advertising shown at the start of this video?

Me estoy cagando de risa po la intro XDXDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDjaajaajajjajajaaaaa

#7 “LOL it can’t be right period.” it is wrong according to Jesus

Hello this was a bit too fast and can you please explain it slower! THANK YOU!

Hey Thug Notes, I was wondering if you have a review on Native Son by Richard Wright? I’d love to see what your thoughts are on it.

I didn’t know you could find all these quotes in a book about ‘Adolescent Psychiatry’ 😉 (Lovely video nonetheless)

@Opportunist00 Geez! Hang in there man!

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“The bible got this one right” – false.

I love that people get soooo triggered on just Trump being president. these people try to demonized all Republicans and put the Dems on a pedestal. crazy

Kal means sword.

There are 171,476 words in the dictionary

Yeah, but the idea of suffixes to tell how information was acquired is an inspired idea. It’s unique among the languages I’ve read about.

Duaet sınav burdan cıkıcak yoksa seni nah dinlerdim😄

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I’m trilingual (I speak Telugu, Tamil, and English but I can kind of understand Hindi)



This authority-backed queer crusade is heavily focused on the ‘oppressor’,

Beauty ❤

Great video but maybe it can be better if you talk slower. anw great explanation too! 🙂

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It’s funny that all you haters are calling an overwhelming number of Americans stupid and ignorant. Check the map the night President Trump won the Presidency… It’s ALL RED with the exception of California and New York (shocker) and small pockets of blue. You Lefties don’t stand a chance in hell!

Please suggest kijiye ki ham economics se net dena chahate hai.. Economics me 60%bna hai

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Bhai thoda communication skill sudhar mere bhai….. u r good in knowledge we want ur knowledge but in good format of communication.

The ISO name for Mexican currency is “MXN”, not “MEX”, and I’m fairly certain they don’t use the dollar sign for pesos, sloppy work for an economics show.

Thank you so much, this really helped me prep for the AP Test!

What are you thoughts on anti semitism in English literature?




There’s nothing noble about the feminist oppression narrative. It’s about power. If you think it’s noble, you’re naive in the extreme, and the only appropriate response by egalitarians is to oppose it. It is, itself, an oppressive movement because it seeks to force people to conform to a particular way of thinking.

If biology doesn’t confirm gender, then why did this woman claim to be lesbian, lol?

“Although many people usually surmize that diet is the most effective method of improving one’s health. In my opinion, daily exercise is the most important key to health improvement.

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We people can`t change creation… but we can only change our behavior..



Chomsky denounced the USSR as a totalitarian dungeon


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You have really inspired me to take a gap year after I finish college in 2019!!! You are so so amazing and I love the content of your videos! I wish you so much luck Xx

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This is a good peace of work,,I like it, I actually had problems using this method to write any essay I was given as homework. Because it was not argumentative essay..You stress so much on argument

BTW, a great selection of books only a few of which I have read. Good fodder for the coming winter. For what it’s worth – Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy. Gassho.

Someone told me that Bethesda released a video saying they would block “unofficial content for future games. The link brought me here. They played me like a damn Fiddle.

Sir kya aap ugc ka pura syllabus complete karwaiyenge?

The only relevant feature that is added to the modern understanding of culture,