Based on your class about introduction, I’d like to know if I’m following the right way. Could you give me a feedback?

Whoms MAN is this

Good film to learn English

Thank you so much, u are so helpful

Ahahaha I’m the year below you and you genuinely did help me pass GCSEs, but I’m probably going to take a gap year too so I probably won’t be in the same uni year 😂

Perhaps you should actually study Russian history and the underlying causes of the Russian Revolution, instead of showing everyone on the internet your ignorance.

Harvard will be holding classes and graduation for anyone who isn’t white. Classes will include Kill Whitey 101, Intro to the White Male Devil, White Male Privilege 201, White Men Want to Enslave You 102, and Social Justicism 202

Hey, look it’s a Nexus 4. Love that phone.

Turkish subs please

So nyc

Lol, this is great! Gotta sub!

B j s for payrises

Thank you so helpful

How long will his supporters remain blind — or in denial?

You know no matter what we think a few thousand year tradition of Caste system will not go away. The government is trying but there are so many rural areas in India that are supersticial and old traditions just don’t go away in a day. It’s sad to watch these kids treat and be treated like that. the old tradition is deep rooted in their brain.

Better than most rappers today.

Adam smith actually posited that while increased specialisation would make economies stronger and more productive, it would make the lives of workers more miserable. Think about it, the artisan shoe maker who crafts shoes by hand has a much more fulfilling job than the factory worker who operates a machine to put the plastic caps on shoe laces. This is a hidden, unquantifiable cost of specialisation. These sorts of hidden costs are why economic models fail to describe the world in a realistic manner. I really hope they talk about the limitations of economic models at some point.

That’s a free market system; and it’s thoroughly anti-capitalist.

I died at the Mickey Rooney part! XD


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