I learned Japanese just so I didn’t have read subtitles in anime, I know I’m a filthy weeb. It did help me get into a good university though so…

Thanks for disproving Will Smith’s bad Nigerian accent. I am Nigerian and that was non-sense. But not all Nigerians use the ‘d’ to pronounce ‘the”. Educated people know to use /th/

Open tablet = > success? Your opinion ≠ fact.

Now we’re all gunna have the same context – reckon the examiners will clock?

Here comes trouble,

Red alert 2. ftw!

I think this looks really good on paper, but then again so did communism. I don’t think it’s possible to unite everyone through empathy. Even if we all could become one big happy country, go walk down the street to the other side of your neighborhood and you will see differences between people’s lives. Just because we all become one country does not mean there isn’t going to be any conflicts and we will all become as he states “compassionate” and “affectionate”

I was writing a story. I was bugged by the lack of sound, i couldn’t think. I put this music on. Ideas flew into my head. Thank you. 🙂

This was exactly what I needed to exemplify the model to the private student I’ve been working with. Thank you for sharing.

And Brazil is good at making coffee.

I need an anger translator! I am so angry that these assholes are still debating climate change and are doing nothing to stop the biggest threat humanity has faced!

Anprim that you? 🤔

Can someone please tell me what the song from the very beginning is?

Imagine your a programmer, and your job is literally trying to make a bot to replace you.

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Hebrew has the possessive which is somewhat like the genitive case. For example we say BAYIT for house, but BEYT-SEFER for school (house of a book). Another example, a queen in MALKAH, but the queen of England is MALKAT ANGLIYA. There are also traces of the dative: BAYIT is a house, but to go home, we change the word BAYIT to HAB-BAYTAH, to the house.

Um! um! um! um! spit it out! spit it out! get to the point! (huh!)

Mr Clifford you save my lifeee!!

Abl. niebieskim piórem / niebieskimi piórami

WHERE IS WARRIORS?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome lecture. You’re the man

Thank you so much for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great video once again!


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