Damn millennials

This test is absolutely retarded lol I don’t have the mental age of an old man just because I like to life healthy and enjoy classical music

Sick people thought they are god… Lol


What balls this guy had.


Hey thanks for all your videos. I prepared lesson 1 to 3 watching them but cant find the rest on youtube. Are they there on Youtube or elsewhere or paid? Please let me know.

Hey YouTubers, have you seen Lean Body Maximizer? (look it up on google) You will find out about the crimes we commit against our bodies. With “Lean Body Maximizer”, you will discover how to burn fat quickly.

What is this bullshit propaganda from Google!?!?

Is this channel related with brainpickings?

I speak french, English, Arabic and wolof

Now say it with a british accent…

@Zzozze……exactly! Take away the fear…..and you take away the need for religion. That is how christianity get so many people…try and scare them into believing….but those of us who are educated know better……

Seriously, how do i get a thug notes shirt?

This made my boring… uninteresting day to a much sunnier one. Hope more ELA teachers see this video.

I love your videos so much. You’re literally the only reason I’m passing economics. Thank you!

This video is over-exaggerated


How to make idiots out of the audience 8:18 onwards xD

Both mcdonalds and the show rick and morty incepted the idea of sezchuan sauce in your head, makes you go petition for it, asking for it, you think its “your” idea but its not, its manipulating the weak minded, this is ALL for promoting the 2018 mulan movie, hahahahah thanks mcdonalds i really learned a lot from this, this is a brilliant marketing scheme

My Mexico is there on the GDP list :’)

Interesting video if you manage to filter out their own ‘propaganda’ Al Jazeera squeezed in.


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