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What is Autism exactly? According to the last American APA manual Asperger’s Syndrome no longer existence? And apparently homosexuality used to be a mental illness according to the APA amongst other even more ludicrous things.

When I see a kala Indian trying to look White….

Make one about Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett

‘Baby’s First Explanation of Propaganda’

Shamanism for Life

For my first two college essays, I received a 5+ and a 5- out of a 6 point grading scale. I’ll definitely apply these tips when I go back! The introduction takes me longer than a body paragraph. I just can’t “briefly” summarize my main ideas without giving too much away, so sometimes I type it once I’m done.

Super relajada

Well, the literature review is divided into the following key terms: first is, the whole idea of what the heck in the literature? The literature is simply those major works that have been published about your narrow topic. Now remember I said narrow topic, we are not going to be reviewing every published thing on a broad topic like steroid use by athletes, you could have a more narrow topic like steroid use by high school affiliates or steroid use by baseball players into you going to be reviewing the major works just on that narrow topic, that’s the first thing that you need to know. The literature is published, peer reviewed sources on in narrow topic. Second thing, the literature review is that narrow topic in all those sources published on it are going to be reviewed. What the heck of a review, well review is simply a way of looking at something in taking a snapshot of it. What is that snapshot going to capture? That snapshot going to capture major concepts, the major point, the major outcome, the major whatever in that source. It’s not going to be a detailed write up of that source going to be a snapshot. Once you get all those snapshot done, you going to show the relationship between those snapshot and talking about those relationships you probably going to be pulling them in some kind of time-line situation, maybe not, but the key years is you’re going to be extracting just the major element in then relationship among those major element, may be on a time line type of situation.

So that means everyone who trolled trump in youtube is a linguist in general!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really want to learn korean but im findong it sifficult. i got a textbook and im learning off of it

She thinks natural gender is a social built/cultural? kkk The way she dress and care herself is a social built, not otherwise. I have pity on her.

So, if anyone didn’t understand what she said at 3:50. I shall explain.

BTW Jennifer, that’s not how everyone speaks. That’s how IDIOTS speak.

The fact that this book relates so well to today’s society is scary.

∫\ \___( β€’_β€’)

Speaking sign language

Ever thought that maybe women want to learn science for its own sake and not to make money? I love physics, but never considered a career in it.

I have round connected handwriting

I need to see real world examples before I see a graph. Those supply/demand curves are just abstract lines to me right now, especially when you move them to the left/right. What can I do to get a full understanding of this with it making 100% sense? I get the simple concept but not the deep concept of how those curves represent real life economic fluctuations in supply/demand. Which one triggers what? What is the definition of the relationship between supply and demand?

Homer is mythical? hehe

I’m sub because u just gave me hope that most wont

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Very informative series…

My saviour πŸ˜€ Thank you very much


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