5) The Picture of Dorian Gray

1:24 imagine giving a tedtalk about why people won’t listen to you and a guy is literally sleeping during it

Nice Presentation….

I will watch all of your videos, as I homeschool my son.

Matrin Shkreli picked apart the Breakfast Club…

>> the problem with ‘updating’ the system is that it does not correct anything & ignores the underlying problem.

We are DESTROYING the earth

Why should children be content with fewer rights than adults?

Dayum, you guys are going east.

I am watching this for my english IGCSE…thanks very much…..but are you saying REPUTATION PARAGRAPH or something else?

Hi Rachelle, thanks you for your explanation. But, what is the difference between abstract and journal summary?

Even though the content in this channel is a very good source of information, I wonder why there are so little videos about women. Almost everything here is about men who have done something important, and it would be nice if you could give some attention to women and girls that have been remarkable to science, history, philosophy, etc. We are usually forgotten when it comes to these fields and this is not fair. I’d love if you guys did something about it, which would only turn this channel to something even better. 🙂

7:10 what did he choose?


It’s probably not obsolete, but there are aspects of it that need to evolve in order to prepare students for an evolving world. And the rate of that evolution is increasing, so think hard about it and make some of those changes.

Are there even people who cannot speak 2 languages? I mean – you learn them in school?!

Cun-langs? 😀

Trump won all you snowflakes can suck it!😁😁


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