Funny thought. But did anyone notice when you look up one of the books on this list on Amazon, at least 2 others were listed as the “Frequently Bought Together”?

I’m trilingual, English, Irish and german

Why did it have to be cancelled

Woahhh…. Okay shit…. An AD JUST PLAYED! And I have Adblock Plus. :O

Objectivism is a tad hedonistic and societally unhealthy for my tastes. That whole pagan/satanic selfishness thing kinda muddies that up too, kinda like the current white house administration. The Sophie’s choice bit at would fly right over their heads.

This really helps me out thanks for posting! Snapchat: rachelmcd12

What crap, total bollocks and utter BS is this? Sanskrit is the mother of all languages and Indo-European languaes have much in common and have been so for over a span of thousands of years. There was no script back then, it was all word of mouth and mind you Subcontinent back then was favourable for living conditions for human beings not the icy cold europe. Sanskrit has traces much before than any anatolian blabla…This research is just another try by a prejudiced bunch of morons who would just falsify anything but truth.

The real question is, did he take the shit?

Best concise explanation I’ve seen

I’ve watched a couple of these In-Text Citations MLA videos… this is the best one yet. Thanks so much! It was exactly what I needed.

Hi future me is here

I honestly love your radiating personality. bish can we just be bffs already?!

Thanks & Appreciated for your effort

I’m on a gap year myself and I think the major factor was just how difficult the last two years were for me mentally and physically. The stress of A levels really took its toll on me and i was doing it all by myself with no help from teachers or tuitions. And then my personal life was kind of a mess as well. After giving my exams i was not looking forward to jump straight in to a university. I did not want it, it was shocking. I didnt want to go to a university.

It’s brilliant!

Thank you

Thank you for this lesson. It was interesting. I subbed and liked the video

That’s just perfect!

Can anyone help me with a script of the English subtitle? Thx.

So if I’m completely inconsistent, am I all of the above or none of the above?

….how will you get that book out your mother will kill you

Thank you your voice is inspirational I’m glad that someone saw the same I saw this planet I want to help even if it takes everything


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