No one ever created a “communist” state. Authoritarian dictatorships were created with the name “communism” hung on the front. Stalin or Pol Pot had no intention of creating a “communist” state. They intended to seize power and create regimes and legacies for themselves.

Wish some one would love me instead of shamming me or hitting me or breaking me or telling me i am to fat where is my love my own mom never loved me women have hurt me both mentally and physically but yet i donate toys to kids that have barely any thing i have rebuilt over 300 computers and gaven them away with my hands i love life i love the stars i love so much but i have no true love 🙁

Does anyone have any recommended methods, videos, or apps to learn Russian? Plan to use the techniques of this video.

Both mcdonalds and the show rick and morty incepted the idea of sezchuan sauce in your head, makes you go petition for it, asking for it, you think its “your” idea but its not, its manipulating the weak minded, this is ALL for promoting the 2018 mulan movie, hahahahah thanks mcdonalds i really learned a lot from this, this is a brilliant marketing scheme

I’m in love with woman at 14:00

And sean sounds like gru from dispicable me

Passed. These SPHR practice test questions are the best! Thank you very much!

Did he snort coke before this? His eyes are wide open man.


XTC was no good for drowning out the morons at the back of the bus.

So minangkabau (a native language from indonesia) is closer to polynesian than to asian?

11 billion…wow, better start to grow something on my yard

They predicted number1 xd

These all are big hallow glass spheres.


This is poorly documented, probably put together by an intern and never checked for facts…Setting Romanian, which is clearly a Latin language with Latin influence dating from early AD as Balto-Slavic completely discredits your effort. As always Business Insider doesn’t seem to check any of the facts before publishing something.

Good god this is depressing


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