Doing this for hw

You confuse me

+Nerdwriter1 1:13 movie source?

The water and cup one is not an example of static electricity moving the water.

Just as Automation is bringing about the downfall of the working man by way of massive unemployment,

Except the fact that they’re not white.

Martin is a cool guy.


Hello Happy Wife Happy Family Happy Thank You Much

Thank you

Very helpful. Thank you very much.

Can u upload video about personnel administration

War and peace is so boring I’ve never met anyone who’s made it to the end


Nah i he’s just fucking stupid

Actually thats bullshit.

Helicopter: hewicopter

When he burned up the picture of the dog, I lost it…

The sad part is, we watch this video realizing and understanding that we’re slaves but then go on and continue tomorrow and the rest of our lives AS SLAVES. Making this truthful video useless. No one does anything about it. -__-

You go from India to Europe; Lithuanian is the oldest of the Indo-European langauges, and yet Lithuanian does not even come close to the level of complexity and hugeness that is the original Sanskrit language; not to mention that Sanskrit has terms and words that are completely Indic in origin that is NOT found in the other Indo-European languages. Sanskrit is the oldest of the Indo-European languages by far which negates AMT.


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