Really good explained, thanks to them 🙂

Will it be wrong to use both words with resembling meaning or should I only use one word?

Cormac McCarthy’s books are Gnarly!

Excellent as always! Thank you very much for your simplified and detailed explanation.

We like to know if it’s true what he has stated in this interview that he was refused entrance in India because of his name and his picture, etc..


This video is great; entertaining, informative and funny.

“I love wolves…even though they’d probably kill me but…’s fine…”

I’m preparing my self for IELTS exam that’s why i’m asking someone whom can i converse English fluently. I ‘d like to know people that want to make conversation. I need study partner to practice with. if you are good in English & need to practice feel free to add me. This is my Skype address: russellshrabon…..Thank you in advanc

He is wrong. i think the untouchables are born from the head that’s where the black is….stupid religion only can survive in india where their reasoning power reaches….feel sorry for them


On Id

Thank you, that really helped me a lot!

Could be proud of, and I realized that was all that mattered. I derived great

Or the spur with one workman – since it was almost certain that with

“Studying Concentration” This is not the purpose of classical music. It is disgraceful to the composer to listen to their music as whitenoise. One listens to this form of music to enjoy, break down, and focus ON the piece(s).

You are the best Emma. I love you ❤️

People if you want to make a change join the million mask march held by anonymous every year


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