We are currently reading Romeo & Juliet in my Honors English 9 class. Just finished Act 2.

I was sitting here watching our new “leader”……… and I thought “Obama wouldn’t ever say these sentences, and the republicans would have shredded him.”

“We all want what we can’t have” idk who said this but it definitely applies to me.

Happy or miserable,

John Green Could you do animal farm?

I want to thank you for the videos. I would love to take some of the workshops. I am a first year teacher who has an ECOT in October. I would love to see if I can email and speak with you from time to time. Thank you and I need a workshop in September, I’m coaching basketball all summer.


Fight against social injustice was started way before India got its independence. Raja Ram Mohan Rai, Jyotiba Phule, Mahatma Gandhi were leaders in the past who created awareness in the society to stop this injustice towards women and uplift the backward class people. In today’s India, constitution was created by Dr. Ambedkar who was from lower cast. Government has made policies to give reserve quota in all Education institutes and government jobs for backward cast people. Many elected members in Indian Government are from backward class. After 60 years of Independence and such reservation policies, quite a number of lower cast people are economically doing very well. Their next generation is educated and doing very well in their profession. However this video shows, if you look in villages and certain areas the social injustice still continues. This is one reason there are more people in India, converting their religion to Christianity with in past decade. When these people apply for admission to prestigious college or government jobs, they do not declare that they are Christen, they still apply as “back word class” and get preference over other candidates who have better merit.

I know it is outside the scope of your analysis to indicate whether the way Trump speaks is deliberate craftmanship or oblivious clumsiness, but I think you would have come to some different conclusions if you had coordinated with a psychologist to include analysis of his non-verbal communication. This would highlight the evidence of his narcissistic personality that shines through not only in what he says but also in how he says it.

I speak 4:Tamil Hindi Gujarati English and a little bit of french

Thanks Emma, it was a great learning. However I have couple of questions: 1) When I start with I agree that “Para phrase” the topic and write down the essay is it not binding me to highlight only the positives (In other case if I start with a simple definition of Education and then further elaborate I can write both pros and cons)? 2) You also changed development of country to country’s development whereas I have read somewhere that we cannot use possession of things with non living things, for example: George’s book and in other example like cover of the book and not book’s cover. I may be wrong. Please share your expertise.

Adrienne Hill is an environmentally unfriendly economist *throws strawberry after eating it*

I find it more.. realistic in a sense.

Your videos have helped me so much. Thank you, Mr Clifford

No.1 should be brood war.


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