Because knowledge is meant to be free. If you’re paying, it’s not for knowledge – it’s for a degree.

This video is triggering. Tumblr will hear about this.

Maybe his plan to deport 12 million Mexicans is to make the USA so unlivable that most leave on their own.

4: it gets voted up by other stalkers and sexually deprived teenagers with sweaty palms

Sssh 🙂 Don’t say anything becuse you did the same thing.

Thank you, this is perfect, i only wish you put time stamps in the description.

You actually made me cry

I think this was why I liked The Avengers but had a hard time recommending it to anyone.

Your unexpected jokes truly make the difference, Tom. Thanks a million and keep up with the good work!

This video sucks!! i tried to some of the given experiments but none of them worked!!i dont know how u guyzz made it possible to levitate the bag/tried to move the can/levitate the styraform plates! this is not working for me! i have used the same cloth as u used! if u can please replay to me!!! i think this is not legit…some hoax video…..

Looks fantastic. worried by all the comments though. i hope this rocks hard!

I’m doing this as my final English essay in my English Composition 1 class. This sounds like a hard essay to work on.

I love the Marvel movies, but something always bothered me and I think you just pointed it out!

What a wonderful lecture! tnx anymore

You all need to read Alessandro Baricco. Especially “Ocean Sea”

— Tony Robbins,

Can you do the outsiders?

Too much informations and too much pressure, right? Perhaps it is true anyway.



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