This is what I imagine with the @LockSchuppen, an entrepreneurial think tank where people can really strive to their inner strengths.

So I must speak 7 languages BUT STILL I’M DUMB AS FUCK

Thank You.

Us humans working is great enough the robot can just help around or play not harm or anything that deals harm like help cooking or comfier you when sad.

Dear sir, the oldest language in the world is TAMIL, it takes a many decade to you speak fluently 🙂

This was uploaded about a month before he died.. He will always be remembered as great human being. You thought me something today.. Life’s precious. RIP wherever you’re now :'(

Very nice


Thank you so much. I was having anxiety on doing my Psychology Critical Review assignment but the way this video delivers all the information that doubles well with the provided guidelines, I feel much more at ease. Even just looking at the word differently from Critical to Evaluation helps bring concerns down so much. Thank you again for making this video available.

Surely the coolest man alive

Sir you are doing a great job..keep it up!


Why they chose to reconstruct Proto-Romance *octo instead of *opto? Is there a hidden logic here?

I laughed so hard my cat thought I was crazy.

Umbrella Corp lol

Cute kids! love it

I think this dude was on cocaine.

God I love Bernie’s accent.


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