Pff cuanto se demoro en subir este vΓ­deo πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


I can understand 5 languages but I’m fluent in 2! just thought of sharing..

How did I not see this until now? X’D

Amazing ^_*

I only speak Englisch pretty good and I can speak french fine.

Thanks too much

Mr Bruff is amazing I got an A* in English literature because of him solely. I was so happy when I got my results a few weeks back. Really appreciate him.

8. The Second Sex – Simone de Beauvoir

Semper Fi

For the first question in the class, i would rather turn to other sides and kill myself

It was really very enjoyable to learn how to make a wet mount using a glass slide. Actually, I am a eleven years old girl in class sixth of Allahabad GHS school. I have just read how to make a wet mount in a book and I want to see it practically so I log on and I saw your video and I understood. Thankyou very – very much.

It’s our choice. There is demonstrably no biological limitation. Inversely, a lack of empathy is demonstrably a mental disorder.

I pronounce it “nigh-dout.” I don’t know if its Minnesotan or just lazy.

Ilysm btw πŸ˜€ x

You’re a smarty pants

At 643 its all messed up. it shows the government only giving. TAXES. (taxation is theft)

Never gonna make you cry

Words well said Kristain

Well.. she’s kinda bubble head….

The Paradigm Shift Live Stream with Bob Proctor & Sandra Gallagher


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