It’s a simplified map. I very much doubt the person who made it thought that English is a Celtic language. Strange that they identified Scottish and Irish, but not Welsh/Brittonic. I assume that’s what the light green represents though??

No joke run for president plz good run for president we need someone like u.

God bless you, Amy Goodman.

I have ever seen


Sir pass krra dia apne

Plz sir, I request you

– Park

Thanks for this video Nerdwriter1. I’m glad it’s being noticed that a lot of the big budget films of the last few years seem to lack anything new, groundbreaking or original. They all seem to deliberately invoke nostalgic material because they know that nostalgia sells. It seems like no one in Hollywood wants to take risks any more with films. These films, upon viewing, may seem like an instant sugar rush but afterwards they seem pretty hollow and without much depth. And yet despite this, we’ll still go to watch the films which will make a killing at the box office. I think you’re right as well in saying that intertextuality is something that should be used sparingly – the odd reference here or there can be well placed on top of an already strong plot, instead of the weak plot interspersed with several references to distract attention away from the former. Looking forward to your next video!

What, are you twelve? You must be, if you call Judith Butler a ‘retard’ (or anyone a ‘retard’, for that matter) … and if you think that ‘homo’ is an insult. Hopefully you didn’t think that was clever. Bored now. Disengaging.

Great… it must really be a blessing to be a student at Harvard….

Sir comp ki koi essi videos ho to bataiye

Check out part 5 where I build – step-by-step – a small study model, here’s the link: https://youtu. be/itD5U_WIqao

I still believe this constant alternation between apparent meaning and blatant contradiction is nothing more than evidence of his sporadic failure to hide his growing care for family and his attempts to hide behind sarcasm with snide remarks and cynical overreactions.

Lovely! where was this during my college days

Instructions unclear… Got my dick stuck in a ceiling fan…

Sir plz upload the macro chaperts and thank you so much…

It’s typical for you to close your eyes and cover your ears to the voice of reason.

The Inmates at 19:50 must of been pretty damn surprised to see Stephan Fry coming for a visit.



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