Are they high?

Science please!!!!!

Realmente sirve :v

Watch Irwin shifts an island ecconmy

Thanks a lot

So copy and paste me to back me up on these people reading the comments when they should be working

9:18 By any chance did you donate that to John Oliver’s church Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption? Either way, I know that’s worth about 40 cents.

I clicked on this vid just cuz he looks cute

So true

Thanks to you, I’m droppin’ mad literary references like nobody’s business

Maybe should we learn/teach earlier about death to children?

I don’t understand why people care so much about offending women, men are objectified just about as much as women these days, and are insulted and joked about much much more, women are in fact much less discriminated against in western society than men if you really look into it.

Name of the ‘Gandi’ movie, pliz

My son just watched this and ripped up a dollar bill to make two. Lol.

I only listen to Thug when he does a track with Meek. His verse on We Ball was fire 🔥

Moving to Korea in 2 weeks really nervous. Thanks for the video.

Maybe it’s.. intentional?


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