3. Ulysses – James Joyce (extreme variety of narrative)

So it’s evolving mumble rap?


Cossacks should’ve been in the list.

Imagine watching this high it must be horrible

Where are the pellasgo-illyrians?

Honestly major respect for you to rhyming this whole video its music to my ears man

We are not allowed to use fountain pen..

@mrjuliosays I do have a copy of the research I cited. I will post it in my website after I get the virus cleaned out of it.

How do you act without a purpose, what does it mean to “act” if there is no purpose,? Even if you act without purpose it’s still a purpose.

Long Live IRAN

Tropical diseases and insects in India, as well as their soldiers and

I really like this vid but who else thinks he sounds like lester from GTA?


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