Shut up Meg.

I have a new respect for martin shkreli he g af

Dont even talk about socrates, aristotle, and plato

Shut the fuck up kids…

This guy is so gay for Ledger.

“use respectful words” whilst calling people retarded xD

I would argue that if Jim was killed to save the 5 patients, this would be the correct decision.

Can anyone translate that Galifrean on the board?

Idk y but evertime i see Adrain Hill, I think of Hillary Clinton

I just love your videos, there’s nothing else to say.

Well… it is always tricky to give the idea that everyone would learn at the same pace and reach the same goal in 6 months. I have been teaching for more than 20 years and I have seen so many different situations… that I am always careful when people ask me how long it will take them to be fluent in French. But there is one important fact that people should never forget and it is that we can ALL learn a foreign language, and it will take the time that it will take. Especially when we are talking about French language 🙂

I love Young Thug and so many people hate how he raps, people don’t know how good he actually is lmao

Dayum, you guys are going east.

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but think of the proverbial butterfly, whose flapping wings, it is alleged,

Hey! Great vid. Could you do a video on note taking on a book? Like do you underline, use stickies, or what?


“Green” was and is not a government movement or a product of regulations. It is the product of consumer desire. ‘Same with “cruelty free” testing of products, etc. You want clean water, so does your next door neighbor and everyone else. Producers pander to consumer impressions and desires.


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