If he does another video on conlangs I would like to see him do Al bhed form Final Fantasy 10.

(Perhaps you have noticed there’s a very high incidence of famous people dying in car

I’m taking the writing FSA

Thanks Mr. Armin

As someone with advanced programming skills, I can confirm, this is cringe worthy.

Trying to teach myself German before learning Swiss German… I m enjoying it but I don’t have anyone to practice with 🙁

So since a few decades, we hear all the time about the native two-spirit people,

Tom hanks as sully

Conclusion: I refuse to kill anybody, but if I’m on a situation that I have no option but to kill, I will minimize the damage.


Hey Liz I would be thankful if you teach how to write body paragraph and conclusion too. Please!

Φιλοσοφια = φιλος(friend) + σοφια(wisdom) = friend of wisdom

YoUr alive brusspip

I don’t usually like the theme of literature, or language clases but since its from you il give it a try 🙂

Where is Dostoevsky?

Happy New Year! Thanks for all of your very interesting and informative videos. Will you please do a video on the Tibetan language?

Ultimate review pakcet what else can i do i really wanna do smt to show

A terribly cute video indeed! Thanks!

Skinner knew that an ‘innatist’ named Hitler was molded and shaped by his environment. He knew that phylogeny of behavior, as close to innate as he could see, was how we acquire behavior over the lifetime of a species and are born with certain behaviors. He knew that contingencies of reinforcement guarantee what society is or is not. He didn’t invent ‘behaviorist mechanisms’ to manipulate, rather, he learned and showed us what largely controls behavior. Free will is not a behaviorist mechanism.


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