I like Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto

Me hace recordar cuando estudiaba mรบsica amaba tocar a Beethoven

Found this really interesting. Curious where you got all the sources from as I am doing a school project on why there aren’t enough women in STEM and could do with the help

Sir how can I buy these notes

What is -9 +infinity?


I think this woman after studying Trump for 2 years has invented a few terms to be able to put a label on some of his oral skills. she called believe me a verbal bracket. this is what professionals with more than a Bachelors do. they create new terms to explain old behaviors. then they develop a course on it, and charge students to take this course. from now on I will be looking for verbal brackets whenever my friends and family use them. so I have learned something new about something old. Maybe after 2 years of studying him, she could throw her notes in the trash can.

AYESHA SIDDIKA: Thank you very much ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m glad you found it helpful!! I just sent you the notes – they’re for AQA rather than Edexcel, but a lot of people have said that the content is very similar ๐Ÿ™‚ good luck with your AS exams ๐Ÿ˜€ xx

This religion man is an Iraqi one

For a linguist, this dude certainly isn’t very well spoken. didn’t do thug’s abilities justice

@Shocker9 I’ve looked it up on wikipedia and the theory only works where the values of A and B are both in equilibrium. So there wouldn’t be any reason for them to trade at all. Hope it helps and I got it right.

It’s funny how he presumed you haven’t read these books, i guess he think he is the only person who knows they exist, it’s in your face I’m better than you because i read attitude, that irritates me because anyone can read but not everyone can understand what the author is really telling you. Great books are the ones that are written by people who aren’t snobby shitheads who think they are the God of creativity, only a humble man can see past himself to write the truth.

It could mean 2 completely different things depending on the situation. A touch to the mouth is a sign of lying. However, since the mouth is an erogenous zone a person could touch it if they were attracted to someone. It would be easy to tell the difference. If they do this while mirroring the other person it is attraction and other wise lying

The grammatical cases in arabic are very hard and complicated that even arabs struggle with it. The thing is in all the Arabic dialects we silent the ends of the words. So for example in modern Standardized arabic: al bintu jamilatun (the girl is beautiful) but in most arabic dialects we say (al bint jamila) and the meaning is easily understood from the sentence. That’s why I advise people who want to learn arabic to learn a dialect at first then learn the modern standardized arabic because it will make it much more easier.

Who can help me for that pls!


100 years of solitude is the best novel of all time

The bell jar?!


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